Trends that changed the world for better

Change is inevitable. We have been hearing that nothing is constant but only change. Sometimes change can be for good. Let us have a look at the trends that changed the world.

  • Bye, Bye Minis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Minis have paved way for maxis. As fashion evolved, skirts and dresses became longer. In 1990’s, skirts and dresses replaced casual outfits and hip hop culture. British Designer Mary Quant, a pioneer in Mini skirt, describes it as a way of rebelling. As fashion changed, minis changed to Maxi’s.

  • Punk Fashion:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

The punk scene in 1970 included hairstyle, cosmetics, jewellery and clothing. Punk lovers were usually found flaunting unkempt and messy short hair, torn or tattered tees. This was their way of making a statement.

  • Power Dressing:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Dressing in 1970’s saw a new style also called as power dressing. This dressing saw women and men wearing business suits. It also suggested a way of authority when working in a male dominated profession. Though this trend no longer exists, but it is still popular in a fashionable way.

  • Handbags:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Gone are the days, when handbags used to be vanity bags with built in mirror. In 50’s and 60’s handbags became a fashion statement rather than need.70’s, 80’s and 90’s saw two types of handbags mainly for work and for outing. Today handbag is all about designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Prada among other designers.

  • Haircuts:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

20’s and 30’s saw short hairstyles for women. Women in 1940’s wore their hair under the hat or tied it in a bun. Women also wore scarves and hats or turbans in 1960’s. Men wore bowl cuts like beetles. In 1970, there came an evolution in men’s hairstyles in the form of Mohawk, punk or colored hair. Today women like to keep long tresses with middle parting or wavy hairstyles. Men are seen experimenting with their hairs like spiky or conservative office look and long braided hair look.

  • Bikinis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

One thing that evolved for the better is the swim suit or bikinis. During World War II, fabrics were rationed and women in Europe used to wear bath suits that just showed enough skin at the waist. One piece bikini was transformed into two pieces and over the years there are designer swim suits for all sizes.

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Fashion is incomplete without the right shoes. Shoes have undergone drastic changes since decades. From high and wide heeled shoe to lace up boots in 1920’s, shoes of all types jazzed up the fashion scene. In 1960, black slip on boots made with faux leather was quite a rage.

  • Accessories:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Accessories have always been a must have item in every women’s closet. Lace accents, feathers, cloches and turbans have been a popular accessory for women. Men used fedoras, golf caps automobile caps, panama hats as fashion statement. 

Fashion trends have made a style statement over years. Trends make you and style defines fashion. Trends will come and go but it is important to be comfortable in our own skin.

Man’s beard and facial hair trends for 2016

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Who says fashion is only for women , even men have the right to look the best. As time passes fashion changes from clothes to hair and the same goes for men’s beard style. They also keep experimenting with their looks from time to time. Here are some new entries into the fashion fiesta.

Let’s look out for some of the out of the league beard styles for men :-

  • The shorter long beard :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

For those who have extensive facial hair growth , this style will perfectly suit you guys out there. While it might take a lot of patience to let your facial hair grow completely but when things will work out, it will be completely worth the wait. It will give you a little rugged look, the beard will follow the shape of the face and the bottom of the beard lies two inches below the chin.

  • The short beard :-

The short beard

If you want a in between look varying from a coarse and long beard to a subtle look , then this short beard look can completely justify your needs. Short beard would not require a lot of grooming and trimming, so it would be easy to take care of them.  A short beard is a versatile style, it gives you a rugged and smarter look altogether. The shape follows the face’s angles and the beard is kept close to the cheeks.

  • The mustache: –

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

Mustache suits most of the men out there, giving them a gentlemen look. There can be various twists which you can bring out in your style. For this style you need to have a more pronounced growth on the upper lips.

  • The stubble :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

For men who don’t want overgrown hair on their face this is something to look out for. Let your hair grow till it gets itchy and see that the growth follows on your bone structure and don’t trim in that area , rest you can wet shave everything else.

  • Sideburns :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

Also known by the name sideboards , side whiskers and mutton chops. Side burns suits most of the face shapes but totally go for ones with long faces. Once you get a growth of almost two weeks shave off your neck and face taking care that you have to leave behind a good bunch near your side burns, followed by trimming off your burns to our desired length and finally cleaning off the bottoms of the burns.

I am sure you would certainly try some of these beard styles till you find the best for you.

Men’s Hairstyles To Rock In This Festive Season

Men are always on the search of upcoming hairstyles to stand out among the peers.  Starting from celebrities to an average guy, everybody is on the lookout for the kind of hairstyles people are moving towards.

Short Sides and Brushed Up Top

Men’s Hairstyles

This is the popular hairstyle among college boys. It has long brushed up hair at the top and short at the sides. It looks great on boys with round faces as the brushed up top part gives the illusion of a longer face and short sides won’t round out the face. It is ready to party hairstyle.

The Side Part

Men’s Hairstyles

The hairstyle works well for men but works best with long hair, long enough to sweep over one side either on the left or the right.  This hairstyle is best suited for busy men as it takes very less or no time to make a perfect look with this hairstyle. It is a great style for men looking for a sleek and suave look.

Angular Fringe

Men’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle is also an emerging trend among models in the fashion industry.  This angular fringe hairstyle refers to a hairstyle with top layer long and cuts at an angle and sides tapered off.  It looks good on all face shapes but is best suited for round faces.

Caesar Haircut

Men’s Hairstyles
This is most suited hairstyle for short hair and is easiest to maintain. The spikes are easy to make with a small amount of dabbing gel and can be achieved in a matter of seconds. This style is highly recommended for men with the square face and best suits on formal.

Side Part Pompadour

Men’s Hairstyles

The side part pompadour has been a very famous hairstyle in fashion history and is making a comeback.  This hairstyle can be achieved with hair of various lengths.  The hair can be kept long or short at the top according to the length.  It looks both casual and trendy but at the same time it can be brushed back to look business ready.

Fade Cut

Men’s Hairstyles
This is the most classic go to look hairstyle in 2015. Fade cut refers to hairstyle with longer hair at the top and sides and back hair are tapered off to give a clean look without losing the style.  It is messy but clean and gives hair a thicker look. It’s an ideal choice for men who wants a unique style  suiting on every outfit.

Undercut Variation

Men’s Hairstyles
Undercuts are so in trend in 2015.  This hairstyle comes with endless possibilities like choppy side part, tapered backs with various disconnections and fades. It is best suited for guys who are going for more trendy or hipster look.

Medium Length Messy Hair

Men’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle is best suited for men with a broad face and  bit long hair to give a messy look. It works wonders for men with wavy hair. It suits on all kinds of outfits but looks best on casual.

BeFriend the new Trends!

Why make college life monotonous when you can experiment the best of things now? We went to a few places and ransacked to bring you the latest trends and guess what? This time we have the whereabouts of these attires too!

Look #1 Chic much?


Top – Mango (stores in Select Citywalk, Saket; DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, Gurgaon; Pacific Mall, Rajouri Garden).

Pants by Zara (Only available in Select Citywalk store)

Accessorize from Janpath (You can get it at any local selling point) just remember to wear the right accessorize with your clothes. [Long pieces generally go with this look].

This look can best go with light make up -Refer to “Say Yes to MakeUp” to know more.

Look #2 Cropped out?


Achieving this look is easy. The crop top is from Forever 21 accompanies with the Zara pants that acquired a lot of fame over the summers.

#2.1: Cropped out with shorts?


You can also try this look with high waste shorts. Try new colors like the one shown below

Turquoise teal shorts

#2.2: Cropped out with skirt too?

Watch Taylor swift pull off this look in the sexiest manner possible. You can try the same look (Crop top and a slit skirt)

Slit skirt is available on Forever 21 stores, crop tops can be found in Forever21, Zara, Mango stores. You can also find crop tops in Sarojini market.

Look #3 Crochet up


Crochet tops are best worn with denims. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the same, you can always try and experiment. You can wear them at a friend’s regular birthday party too (if you plan to keep it low profile yet trendy). You can find crochet tops in “Forever21”

Add on #1 Hat it out?


Hats are the new go to for college students who try and stay away from the sun and wish to save their hair from the dust out there.  So if you fall into that category how about “Hat it Out?” there are various Hats that you can try with your looks. You can find Hats in Forever 21. The best deal you ask? They’re quite affordable!

Add on #2 Lost in the braids

Hatting (Read as: Wearing a Hat) is not your go to for the day then you can tr different hair updo’s one of them is a braided tail.

Here’s how to achieve that look:


A. Start with untangles hair

B. Gather your hair into a low pony and put on an elastic.

C. Divide your hair into 2 sections – down the middle and above your elastic. Pull your pony through the division your created.

D. Pull tight and adjust

E. Braid the pony
F. Roll and pin up your braid

Add on #3 Stare through the glare?

You can wear different type of shades (You can choose from over a variety of shapes, colors and sizes)

You may want to look for for: 1) Tea Shades 2) Mirror shades 3) aviators 4) Wayfarer 5) Oversized shades


So have you befriended the latest trends or shall we take you through the journey again? 🙂

Remember to wear a smile and keep it trendy.


My friends have been asking me about this year’s latest hairstyles trends for men. So I thought about sharing some of the latest hairstyles in fashion this season. Last year was great for men’s fashion and we saw many hairstyles like Slicked back hair, Undercut, Pompadour back in fashion. Have your pick from this year’s top trending hairstyles:

Fringe Haircut:

video credit:Jim Chapman

Runway models at various global fashion weeks were seen flaunting fringe for their unique styles this year. So this is going to be the most popular hairstyle this year.  In this haircut, the front hair is cut in such a style that they fall on your forehead. You can wear this style in many ways check out the video.

Slicked Back Hair:

video credit:Jesse Minty

This classic hairstyle was last year’s most popular style for celebrities and this year also it’s going to be one of the top trending hairstyles for men.  It’s totally opposite of the fringe and gives a nice classy look. You can get this hairstyle by combing all your hair back, diagonal, across with or without defined parting. You can also use matte hair products to get non-sticky natural soft slick back look.

Fade Undercut:         

video credit:Toni Guy

This vintage haircut is great for summer. In Undercut hairstyle the sides and back of hair are clipped short or shaved and top hair is kept long. Fade is a gradual change in the length of the hair on the sides and back. You can style the top layer as you wish.


video credit:Anchors Hair Co

This hairstyle of men and woman which is named after seventeen century’s Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. In this hair style hair is combed upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, and sometimes combed upwards around the sides and back as well. Elvis Presley made this hair style popular in late 1950’s and is still a favourite of celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Bieber.


video credit:multizoozable

It’s a combination of Pompadour and Top Flat hairstyle of 1950’s.


These are few top trending hairstyles for men this year. Please share if you have have tried some and share your video if your is something new. We would like to include your video in our blog.