A wedding is a very personal occasion, and no two brides are exactly alike, but all are obsessed with our own dress form, length veil, and the height of the shoe. And because women from all continents embrace the ancient traditions of their families and cultures, each celebration is beautiful and unique in its own way.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered what a bride around the world might look like, this is your chance to take a look at how women around the world dress saying their “I dos”. You will be amazed by the magnificent details that unite them, and the most remarkable you’ve never seen before.

  • Russia


To combat the cold, a bride in Russia wearing a white fur shawl over her wedding dress.

  • Cambodia


In Cambodia, a bride wore a dress and matching headpiece of bright yellow.

  • Ukraine


In Ukraine, it is traditional for a bride to wear a crown of myrtle or periwinkle.

  • Ethiopia


An Ethiopian bride wore a white wedding dress and veil, while a matching flower girl sat beside her.

  • Turkmenistan


In Turkmenistan, a bride traditionally wears a red dress and an ornate headdress. Talismans and a veil looking forward are intended to protect against the forces of evil.

  • Bolivia


A bride wore a long veil and tiara flowers headdress with white and gold separates long necklace.

  • England


For her wedding day, one English bride wore a long silk dress with hooded top.

  • China


The color red is considered a symbol of prosperity and love and traditional dresses in China often come in red with silver or gold embroidery.

  • Sri Lanka


In the tradition of Sri Lanka, brides wear a gold. Red or cream sari and wedding jewelry, as well as a hair ornament. The groom wears a mul anduma, draping an ornate costume can take more than 30 minutes to put on.

  • Spain


In Spain, a bride accessories with a fan as a nod to the tradition of flamenco.

  • France


A Parisian bride and groom wore traditional Western black-and-white looks for their big day.

  • Thailand


During a wedding ceremony in Thailand, brides dressed in traditional costumes of Thailand based on one of six different periods of Thai history.

  • Malaysia


Malaysia Many couples choose to wear the traditional Malay dress to their wedding. Often the clothes are made from a hand-woven songket fabric called.

  • Brazil


At a Brazilian beach wedding, the bride chose to go barefoot.

  • Italy


A bride’s long veil and trail danced behind her on the streets of Sicily.

  • Japan


If a couple chooses a Shinto ceremony, the bride and groom wearing traditional kimonos. In this ceremony, the bride wore all white and wore a white headdress known as tsunokakushi.

  • Macedonia


A bride wearing a traditional red dress with silver coins and gold ropes tied around the waist and gold silk and hand-sewn at all times. Keeping the Macedonian tradition, the bride looked through her wedding ring for the groom.

  • Indonesia


While dresses vary greatly according to regional tradition, most brides wear heavily embroidered brightly colored costumes.

  • India


In many parts of India, it is tradition for a bride to wear a red sari because the color is auspicious.

Common habits of Stylish people

The fashionable friends you envy have some very helpful habits that make looking impeccable, confident, and cool in daily reality. It’s not about a total wardrobe overhaul or dropping tons of cash on the season’s biggest trends. Real style begins at home the moment you wake up. We’ve done the research — all you have to do is read on for the takeaways which you can start practicing right now.

  • Plan Their Outfit the Night Before: 

Stylish people

It’s not magic or rocket science. The pulled-together person you see out had really did try to look that way. And it all starts by taking out the outfit the night before to save you from running in a panic the next morning.

  • Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready:

Stylish people

This will save you from running out of the house with a button unfastened or shoes that do not match, but it’ll also give you a few extra minutes to add a belt or a special piece of jewellery to polish off the look.

  • Dress for the Occasion:

Stylish people

The well-dressed people in the room are always the ones who got the dress code memo. They look polished and appropriate.

  • Sort Clothes for Laundry and Dry Cleaning:

Sort Clothes for Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Keep an eye out for stains can be treated immediately, as well as pieces that need a trip to the dry cleaners or jeans that could be due for washing.

  • They dress for themselves.

They dress for themselves

It may seem a little contradictory, but the most stylish people never dress to be considered stylish. This paradox exists because the highly stylish do not care what others think about their clothes. They wear what they like it, and that’s part of what makes it work.

  • They don’t follow all the trend.

Stylish people

Usually, the highly fashionable people try to keep up with trends, but that doesn’t mean they jump on every one of them. They know trends come and go, they’ll take action on the ones they like. But if they do not want to buy the hottest new trend, they will not, and it doesn’t tarnish their stylish reputation.

  • They get inspired, but they never copy.

Stylish people

Inspiration can be drawn from various places: fashion shows street style photos, store window mannequins. There are hundreds of possible sources!

Style loving people always get inspired, but they don’t need or want to copy every inch of an outfit. They know how to recreate certain styles and vibrates in a way that makes them their own.



Stylish people don’t have a fashion emergency. They will always have a backup outfits in mind for every event. If there are any last minute technical problem with the first, there is always a fall back.


Stylish people

Stylish people don’t assume things. They take the time to try on clothes and see how they feel in addition to what they look like rather than assuming their standard sizes.


Stylish people

Be smart not to step outside your comfort zone. The smartest people know what works for them and stick to it. You will not find them to experiment too much and will always be comfortable in what they wear. They dress like themselves and nobody else.


1890-1920 Haute Couture


Early 90s was marked by rise of haute couture in Paris. The Parisian designs were donned by the upper class women who set tone for rest of the world. The corsets and full skirts with hats were popular in this era. The fashion which was adopted found its way through magazines to the world about what was going on and what is being worn. But with the end of First World War, the attention was withdrawn from fashion.

1920-1929 Roaring 20s


With the war taking over, masculinity was mostly retained in clothing as women wore comfortable clothes with shapeless fits, loose clothes and flattened busts. The 20s are marked by “Flappers” which did not fully emerge until 1926. Flappers mostly wore short hair with short shift dress. This style was comfortably followed by the people as it was easy to make shift dresses at home.

1930-1940 Great Depression and World War I


In this era, movies became a media of catching up with the fashion trends. Another war was expected seemingly close and fashion was taken over by more of military style with square shoulders. Uniforms became public wear. There was large scale production of clothes and hence started ready-to-wear fashion.

1950s-The Postwar Era

The designers back then, after the war period was over introduced fitted jackets, slim skirts and full calf length dresses. This made sure that women dressed femininely which was well longed by them. Teenagers for the first time became a force in the fashion market because of a huge influence of movies on them. Fabric like acrylic and synthetic found its popularity as they required less maintenance and even affordable.

1960s-Flower Power


The youth ran this era and it was undoubtedly a colorful decade. British adopted the trend of black leather jackets and America’s answer was “hippie movement”. The youth in America wore bell bottom jeans and tie-dyed shirts. Men mostly were inspired by Beatles.

1970s-Saturday Night Fever

1970s-Saturday Night Fever

Fashion became global phenomena as now travel became easier which meant not only people travelled freely but with them, the fashion too took a tour. There was “disco dance” craze and clothes which shone under the disco lights were much preferred by people. Late seventies was taken over by the rise of ‘punk’.

1980s- Material Girls


This era can be well described as dominated by ‘Materialism’ as the western economy witnessed an economic boom. People became brand conscious and use of credit cards made shopping even easier and encouraged spending. Creation of MTV revolutionized the music industry and with it the fashion too. Musicians through their videos made style statements and hence influenced the fashion too.

1990s –Minimalism

1990s _Minimalism

Fashion became more laidback and comfortable. As contrasted to the 80s style defined with color pallets, 90s was more about the color black and neutral colors. Fashion industry bloomed the most in United States. Grunge, an alternative rock subculture spawned a style of skuffy dressing.

2000s-Back to the future

2000s-Back to the future

The 2000s made us realize that fashion trends are cyclical. The old trends which cycled back is given a futuristic touch and carried by people. The boot cut and flared jeans, for instance are a futuristic version of bell bottom jeans. The vintage clothing still finds its place in the market. The boho and hippie look also made a comeback thanks to the TV media and the influence.

Trends that changed the world for better

Change is inevitable. We have been hearing that nothing is constant but only change. Sometimes change can be for good. Let us have a look at the trends that changed the world.

  • Bye, Bye Minis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Minis have paved way for maxis. As fashion evolved, skirts and dresses became longer. In 1990’s, skirts and dresses replaced casual outfits and hip hop culture. British Designer Mary Quant, a pioneer in Mini skirt, describes it as a way of rebelling. As fashion changed, minis changed to Maxi’s.

  • Punk Fashion:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

The punk scene in 1970 included hairstyle, cosmetics, jewellery and clothing. Punk lovers were usually found flaunting unkempt and messy short hair, torn or tattered tees. This was their way of making a statement.

  • Power Dressing:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Dressing in 1970’s saw a new style also called as power dressing. This dressing saw women and men wearing business suits. It also suggested a way of authority when working in a male dominated profession. Though this trend no longer exists, but it is still popular in a fashionable way.

  • Handbags:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Gone are the days, when handbags used to be vanity bags with built in mirror. In 50’s and 60’s handbags became a fashion statement rather than need.70’s, 80’s and 90’s saw two types of handbags mainly for work and for outing. Today handbag is all about designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Prada among other designers.

  • Haircuts:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

20’s and 30’s saw short hairstyles for women. Women in 1940’s wore their hair under the hat or tied it in a bun. Women also wore scarves and hats or turbans in 1960’s. Men wore bowl cuts like beetles. In 1970, there came an evolution in men’s hairstyles in the form of Mohawk, punk or colored hair. Today women like to keep long tresses with middle parting or wavy hairstyles. Men are seen experimenting with their hairs like spiky or conservative office look and long braided hair look.

  • Bikinis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

One thing that evolved for the better is the swim suit or bikinis. During World War II, fabrics were rationed and women in Europe used to wear bath suits that just showed enough skin at the waist. One piece bikini was transformed into two pieces and over the years there are designer swim suits for all sizes.

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Fashion is incomplete without the right shoes. Shoes have undergone drastic changes since decades. From high and wide heeled shoe to lace up boots in 1920’s, shoes of all types jazzed up the fashion scene. In 1960, black slip on boots made with faux leather was quite a rage.

  • Accessories:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Accessories have always been a must have item in every women’s closet. Lace accents, feathers, cloches and turbans have been a popular accessory for women. Men used fedoras, golf caps automobile caps, panama hats as fashion statement. 

Fashion trends have made a style statement over years. Trends make you and style defines fashion. Trends will come and go but it is important to be comfortable in our own skin.

Fashion in Early 2000s

It is always refreshing to go down memory lane, when it comes to fashion.  There are so many things and accessories in your closet which love but cannot wear, as it might not be in fashion.  Early 2000’s saw fashion rehashing the styles from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Let’s glances at what was fashion in early 2000’s.

  • Wire chokers headbands:

 Fashion in Early 2000s

Do you miss your favourite headband? If you were in love with your choker headband or necklace, you will surely miss this part of your growing up days. Wire choker headbands and necklace, surely made many heads turn those days.

  • Single earrings:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Wearing single earring was quite a trend back in 2000. The earrings worn were used to make a statement. It was a hit among runway models. But today you cannot think of donning one.

  • Brooches:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Also known as the decorative pin attached on the jacket, Brooches came with a bang and then disappeared. Brooches are considered a vintage accessory as it is associated with older women. It was a hit accessory back then serving as a style statement. Brooches came in different shapes and sizes.

  • Halter Tops:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Who does not love halter tops? Halter tops were quite a rage in early 2000’s.  Fashion in 2000 saw a mix of global and ethnic culture. Halter tops are the sleeveless tops that tie around the neck.

  • Cowgirl shirts:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Back in 2000, when every other girl used to wear Cowgirl shirts. Cowgirl shirts are the chequered shirts that reminded you of good old days. Though these shirts are still in fashion, but back then it was a hit item.

  • Popcorn Shirts:

Popcorn Shirts

These were puffy kind of tees that fits to your body perfectly. Having this tee in the closet was the perfect ensemble to any outfit.

  • Fish nets:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Fish nets stockings made quite a bold fashion statement back then. Worn originally by prostitutes and strippers in Paris, these leggings were acceptable only in late 1980’s.  Girls wore it under short skirts as a style statement.

  • Frosted Lip Gloss:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Though fashion in early 2000’s seems to be outdated, some things are still cherished. For example, Frosted lip gloss, which were all over the place. Every other girl had their lips painted with frosty lip gloss.

  • Whole denim look:

Fashion in Early 2000s

As they say, too much of anything is bad. Same way, too much of denim is a no-no.  If you look back, you will realize why fashion police slammed denim on denim look.  In early 2000’s denim was aggressively promoted like denim hats, denim skirts, dresses and denim pants.

  • Layered Tank Tops:

Layered Tank Tops

Wearing 2 tank tops, one on the top of the other was fashionable in early 2000’s, but now it is no longer in fashion. It was a kind of flirty fashion statement. Sure, tank tops are still in fashion.


Early 2000’s fashion trends do bring in nostalgic moments. Things which we loved it like crazy are no longer considered fashionable! Having said that fashion has to be enjoyed and lived at any moment, whether it trends or not.

Bold is beautiful

Remember that girl next door? Don’t traumatize others by being just a boring simple girl whom everybody misses out to notice. Rather be a virtue to girl power by being bold.

Turn your Lips into bomb:

Bold is beautiful

Lips express a lot about you even without letting your tongue make a move. So why not dress up your pout with bold colours as that of sexy red, juicy orange or bright fuchsia. Don’t act reticent by applying those natural and lighter shades rather gravitate into darker colours and leave your lips super pigmented. What you further need is a lipstick that is creamy, hydrating and has a little bit of shine. There is a misconception of applying a matching lip liner as that of lipstick. Please don’t do that sin while choosing these shades rather define your lips with the liner matching you lips. If you have thin lips then choose brighter shades instead the darker ones. Keep the rest of make-up minimal with the gaudy pout so that you don’t end up looking like a clown. Soft lids and bright lips are always a winner.

In your Eyes only:

The Eye liner

Bid adieu to using only black eye liner. Experimentation is fun and don’t hesitate in using the turquoise blue, aqua green or the colour you have been drooling in. They look so pretty and flattering making make-up cool and easy. You just need to select the right colour which compliments your eye colour. If you want a steady control you can choose a pencil liner over liquid or gel ones. To avoid looking kiddish with the coloured liners, your liner should be intact with the lash line and should be cleanly applied. Further complete this look by applying a subdued lip colour and look gorgeous even at daytime. 

Dramatic Eye shadow

Bold is beautiful

For getting that celebrity look, what your make-up bag must have is a bright eye shadow. So girls step out of the comfort zone and try purple, pink, green, peach and other vibrant colours and pop up your lid. Complement this look with the matching blush and highlight your eyes further with black liner and mascara.

The Rock star Girl look

Bold is beautiful

The hypnotizing eyes along with unfearing bright red lip colour can be killer. Be audacious and try the cat eye look by stretching your eye liner towards the outer corner of the eye making a cone. You can apply a thick line of glossy black eye liner or a fine line doing the job, these moderately bold eyes are ready to go with anywhere. Just be cautious that the liner hugs tightly with the lash line and there is no skin peeping in between.

Smokey seductive eyes are very much in vogue so go on smudge kohl eye liner on your lashes and also on the bottom line and further oomph the effect by picking fuchsia pink Popsicle for lips.

So go on girls be chic and cheerful and don’t let anyone overlook you.

Dresses that make you look slimmer

Indian Bloggers

Dress defines the personality of a person; it helps create the first impression. So wearing the right dress at the right occasion is very important. A perfect dress is the one which compliments your body and makes you look smart and confident.

look slimmer

Black colour is one such colour that hides all the excess body fat with ease. Black is never out of fashion and a low black dress can never go wrong. A black dress is a must have in every women’s wardrobe. It makes you look thinner and attractive.

look slimmer

If a person wants to look slim without having to go on a dieting spree than wearing an over sized crop top over a palazzo, or a skirt will skilfully hide extra ounces of our body. It will give an airy feel and look. It will not just make you look slimmer and fabulous but is also comfortable.
Wearing prints needs skill. Right kind of prints and stripes are great in masking the weight of the body. A printed top matched with another printed shorts or short skirt is the safest bet to look slimmer.
A top which is fitted on the top and swingy on the bottom help vanishing extra weight on our belly and waistline. It could also be termed a balloon top and could be worn with a jeans or formal bottoms. It is best suited as a casual wear.

look slimmer

A midi-length skirt teamed up with a loose shirt is a good way to make a statement. Geometric patterns on the skirt, bright colours add beauty to it and also hide weight.
To hide that extra ounces on your hands that makes them look muscular, a person can option for elbow length tops that are tailored to make arms look slim. But during summers if you want to go for sleeve less then design it craftily. Instead of sleeve less opt for kaftan sleeves which have extra cloth looking like a sleeve and hiding your arm muscles but are very airy and the material does not stick to your hand like a proper sleeve.    
Another trick to be hailed as a saviour for hiding our weight and making us look slim is the technique of colour blocking. In such a technique the dark colours like black are used in making that part of the dress that falls on waistline or upper arm muscle or on chest and the rest of the dress are made in soft colours. This is not just classy but beautiful. A smart way to hide the area that often make us look embarrassing and at the same time makes up for a beautiful, eye pleasing dress.