It’s a hidden fact but the truth is your choice of underwear tells a lot about you. And we all ladies accept the fact that we love lingerie shopping. And the one we prefer give a glimpse of our personal mantra and style. This is a girl’s secret identity and is only seen by his partner. Whether she prefers comfort briefs to sexy or lacy panties, every girl’s panty preference gives a lot of insight into the kind of woman she is. A man can only explain that how much a woman look sexy with nice underwear. So, here Fashion trends and tips come up with latest styles which will help you and will also states what your choice of underwear says about you.

Boy Shorts


Boy Short Panties

Image Courtesy- Hewearpanties

What it says about you? : Choosing boy shorts, you are a cool, chill and a sporty girl. You always want to wear what is comfortable. And any day Superman excites you more than those family drama serials. You have that boyish factor in you. Fun loving, innovative and easy-going is what defines a girl who choose boy shorts.

Your celebrity Match Blake lively and Sonakshi Sinha



Thong Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- Aliexpress)

What it says about you? : Sexy woman is all I can say about who wears thongs. They make man go crazy. Always speak what’s on your mind and are straight forward.  You are aggressive and sometimes you might turn into a bad bitch. She’s a girl who don’t give a damn what others think about her. She is happy the way she is.

Your celebrity Match Beyonce and Kareena Kapoor

G Strings

G Strings Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate.com)

What it says about you? : A sexy woman who decides for herself what she wants to do in her life. This girl is free-spirited and dirty in bed.  You feel more comfortable with men, their company is what you find happening. And the one who always have fun in life, by keeping herself busy in hangouts or parties, that there is no room for tension and problems. They are the latest underwear designs in trends.

Your celebrity Match- Miley Cirus and Poonam Pandey

Granny Panties


Granny Panties

(Image Courtesy- Fashionista)

What it says about you? : This type of girl doesn’t try to be trendy and that old look is what she chooses for underwear. This choice clubs perfectly with rocking puffy, skin-fit dresses and super high-waisted pants. They make you look thin and take your tummy in to give a sexy look. This girl is very innocent and did not expect this meeting to end with sexy times.

Your celebrity Match- Alia Bhatt



Bikni Style

(Image Courtesy- mirror.co.uk)

What it says about you? : She will prefer doing anything for herself rather than doing for her man. You are a bit impatient and can’t tolerate if someone is talking senseless. Made for beach and not for that closed office. You are naughty and romantic but no one can take advantage of you.

Your celebrity Match- Jemima Kirke and Kangana Ranaut

Boxer Briefs


Boxer Briefs

(Image Courtesy- wheretoget.it)

What it says about you? : Confident and mature girl.  You think big. A very good and loyal friend who is always there for help. A girl who always does what she wants. You keep your head high in whatever you do.

Your celebrity Match- Deepika Padukone and Nicki Minaj

Sloganned / Words Briefs on butt

Sloganned Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate)

What it says about you? : She is the perfect pinky girl. Who goes from everything pink from clothing to electronics. You are fun and great.  She love pets and just wants to look cute.

Your celebrity Match- Katy Perry

So I hope, you got an idea what to shop depending on your choice and personality. Share your views in comments.

Happy Undies Shopping Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 6 Sunglasses that defines your Personality

Sunglasses are the must have for everyone these days. Today, men and women alike wear sunglasses not only to protect their eyes but also to enhance their personality and accentuate their looks. Sunglasses are great fashion statements and when used in the right way, they can create wonders to enhance one’s style quotient.

There are myriad of sunglasses styles that you can experiment with. It is all about pairing the right glasses with the right kind of look. But that’s the most difficult part isn’t it? Most of the time, it is the pairing that goes wrong and turns into a disaster. But don’t worry peeps! Here is a comprehensive guide to 6 sunglasses styles in trend that all you lads can put to practise this season!


Aviators Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy-campusmediagroup

Aviators are hugely popular these days and can provide your personality with a rugged look. There are many types of aviators with the classic tear-drop being the most basic and popular model. The tear-drop aviators not only provide maximum coverage from sunlight but they are also fabulous for a rough look.

Fashion Tip: If you have a long face you might want to think twice before opting for aviators.

Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Mooshworld

Though these look amazing with formal wear and tailored blazers, round sunglasses add a quirk of older decades. They have been present in the market for a very long time but have recently come back in all the rage.

Fashion Tip: Round frames look best for oval and square face shapes.


Wayfarer Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Backwoodsfolk

Wayfarers have become a bit out of date today but they are great for providing a teensy and chunky look to any outfit. Its squarish shape gives it a fifties look. It can turn any look into a cool and effortless one.

Fashion Tip: They are great for round faces as they give a more elongated and defined look.

Transparent Shades

Transparent Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Whatmanshouldwear blog

This is recent and modern trend which can be paired with any cool and casual outfit. They are tricky and one needs to take his time while choosing the right transparent shade.

Fashion Tip: For a safe look the peach and blue transparent frames are great options.

Green Shades

Green Shades for men

Image Courtesy- Couponraja

A very modern and edgy look, green shades are great for creating a bold yet cool statement. They look great with crisp whites, blacks and graphic prints.

Fashion Tip: One has to keep in mind the colour of all the other accessories with this look. Keep everything else subtle and you are good to go!

Geometric Shades

Geometric Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- TheFashionStar

Geometric Shades were in all the rage in 2015 and there is no doubt that they will continue to be very popular as latest trends and styles for men in the coming years as well. By giving your face a comic allusion, the geometric frames tend to be a tricky yet versatile accessory.

Fashion Tip: Beware, these are not very compatible with square face shapes and thus should be used with caution.

5 Celebrity Stylists whose footsteps you can follow for Trendy Fashion Tips

Fashion stylists to the stars are often not on the scene, while their creations make the celebrities look a damsel. But, times have changed greatly that these celebrity fashion stylists have their presence marked only with their stunning style works, and they offer even tips for the everyday women. Get to know the 5 fashion stylists who offer fashion trends and tips for you.

Tanya Ghavri

Celebrity Stylist Tanya Ghavri

Tanya Ghavri , works for the film world and fashion industry, has no turning back once she got committed with ‘Aisha’, the Bollywood film. This stylist who is well known for working with Jacqueline Fernandez, Frieda Pinto, Shraddha Kapoor and Kaeena Kapoor, the women known for their fashion sense, suggests to go fun with fashion. Her fashion rule is quality over quantity.

Jacqueline Fernandez styled by Tanya

Jacqueline Fernandez styled by Tanya

Celebrity Stylist

Tanya Gharvi styled Frieda Pinto and Kareena Kapoor

Celebrity Stylist

Tanya Ghavri styled Shraddha Kapoor.jpg

A whit mul shirt, paired with jeans or shorts, accessorized with vintage necklace and a sling bag, shows off the best style. She also recommends all girls to get the wardrobe ready with a little black dress and a nude shoe to get ready for any occasion.

Sapna Bhavnani

Celebrity Stylist Sapna Bhavnani

Celebrity Stylist Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani, is the popular hair stylist of the BTown. Her desire in hairstyling had took her to the heights she is now. Owning the Mad – o-Wot salon in Mumbai, this hair stylist has become the renowned stylist for working with famous clientele list which has the prominent actors like Bipasha Basu, Gauri Khan, MandiraBedi and many men like MS Dhoni, Siddhartha Mallya.

Celebrity Stylist

Sapna Styled Bipasha Basu

Sapna styled Mandira Bedi

Sapna styled Mandira Bedi

MS Dhoni and John Abraham styled by Sapna

MS Dhoni and John Abraham styled by Sapna

Rhea Kapoor

Celebrity Stylist Rhea Kapoor

Celebrity Stylist Rhea Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is on the limelight often for her fashionista style statements, and younger Ms. Rhea Kapoor is the one behind the screens. Rhea’s uniqueness is that she manages to keep her sister getting dressed newsworthy. But this is not all about Rhea’s talent. She ensures that her style and trends keep changing, and not before letting other Bollywood celebrities trying them. Her celebrity highlights also include her cousin Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun Kapoor Styled by Rhea

Arjun Kapoor Styled by Rhea

Sonam Kapoor styled by Rhea

Sonam Kapoor styled by Rhea

Ami Patel

Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel

Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel

Ami Patel, the stylist of top stars like Kangana Ranaut, Alia Bhatt, and Athiya Shetty, is the former fashion and creative director of leading fashion magazines of India, and also into TV and other Medias and has got to do everything with the fashion industry. For her, understanding and decoding the stars is the secret of success, and brings out the unique creations. Stars need a lot more than the individuals and their style needs to be unpaired, and this is her secret of success.

Kangna Ranaut styled by Ami

Kangna Ranaut styled by Ami

Alia Bhatt styled by Ami

Alia Bhatt styled by Ami

Athiya Shetty styled by Ami

Athiya Shetty styled by Ami

Anisha Jain

Celebrity Stylist Anisha Jain

Celebrity Stylist Anisha Jain

If you have spotted Parineeti Chopra fresh after her weight loss session, her attires too hold a reason, and Anisha Jain is the one behind this look. One of the latest fashion trends for women that Anisha drives home is, dressing according, age, style and personality, and that’s what she does. Aditi RaoHydari, Tammannaah Bhatia, and Sushmita Sen are other celebrities who she designs for.

Gauahar Khan Styled by Anisha

Gauahar Khan Styled by Anisha

Tamannaah Bhatia styled by Anisha

Tamannaah Bhatia styled by Anisha

Parineeti Chopra styled by anisha

Parineeti Chopra styled by anisha

Remember, fashion is within you and so is a stylist. Get the art of styling from these stylists and style yourself.

5 New Year’s Eve Party Looks that Compliment your Favorite Drink

The New Year’s celebration is still on. It is that time of the year when the party animals get the real voila! Time to party and say bonjour to 2016. Drinks are something that is embedded to any party and all of us have a specific binge on certain stuff so why not try some latest fashion trends that compliments your favorite cocktail.

Here are some dazzling New Year party eve’s outfits in trends that will make you dazzle equally as your cocktail.


Party Looks

This drink is a perfect combination of energy and class and nothing compliments it better than


A red skin fit tunic would be an ideal choice to compliment champagne and a blood lips shall be an icing on the cake. Since the color itself is a style statement, fewer accessories would let the dress speak more. So ladies paint it red!


Party Looks

Vodka is a favorite amidst many. It is elite and has the spunk.

A ‘simple yet stylish’ look would perfectly blend with this colorless cocktail and take you on a high. You could play with your hair do to add the spunk and pencil point footwear would be ideal to highlight it even more.


Party Looks

These small ones are the party bombs, small yet power packed!

Some short attire would be a bang on for these shots. The pick could be a skin fit mini skirt with a crop top or a fit top. Since tequila could get you really high it is better to avoid long drapes because you may simply want to burn the dance floor after a few tequila shots!


Party Looks

MARGARITA, wow the name itself is so feminine. A sari would be the correct hit with this drink. “Saree for a New Year’s Eve bash, are you kidding “, if this is what you just struck you then look at this ladies.

A sexily draped saree can make you look ethnically the sexiest of the lot. But remember it is a New Year bash so keep the accessories soft and minimal.


Party Looks

Beer is a casual and hep stuff so attire that would suit this would be a chick look.

A casual look with a bright denim shorts with a shirt will be good to go. You can also dress it up with a coat to enrich the look.

When it comes to parties we all embrace the feel of being the highlight. But, it’s cool to be stylish than be the fashionista! To look stylish you need to be in what really makes you comfortable and remember to wear the biggest jewel, your attitude. These fashion trends and tips will surely pave way for a fashion brimming New Year!

Discover Latest Winter Collection

Winters are here and all of us are excited to try new looks for this season. We all get ready to change our wardrobe and include the latest winter fashion collection that’s trending this season. Yepme has brought you all that is needed for this weather and that too with a special deal. Buy 1 and get the other 1 absolutely free. Isn’t it fantastic? So get ready to be wrapped up in coats, fur, jackets and hoods. This fashion and lifestyle blog will introduce you to the latest trend in this season.

Winter Men’s fashion

  • Keep A Check

winter fashion for men

Checks are something highly preferred by men. Pair it with the jeans or trousers. You can choose them according to your choice whether the big checks or small. Even the jeans today have patches of checks. You can even pair it up with a long scarf.

  • The oversized coats

winter fashion for men

The oversized coats are classy and also keep you warm in winter. And is a very essential cloth in our winter wardrobe. Pair them with trouser or denim .The man bun is highly in fashion now and will complement this dress up too.

  • The Shearling Winter

winter fashion for men

They never get outdated and are highly on demand in winters.

Iconic item for men and promises warmth. Pair it with a pair of faded denims and a cool t-shirt and just go out and let people follow your style. And the best part is you can wear it in office or in parties. It’s a classic menswear material.

Winter Women’s Fashion:-

Looking sexy and hot is every girl’s wish and the latest fashion trends collection and offer on Yepme (Buy 1 get 1 free) is surely making your wish come true. Enjoy the latest trend and rock the winter with your style.

  • The Shiny Shimmer

winter fashion for Women

It’s the month of December and to be more precise a month of parties. Shimmer is something that attracts every women.  Buy a shimmer coat and pair it up with plain top and high waist jeans. Or you can do the vice versa. Get a shimmer top and pair it up with a blazer and you are ready to rock the party tonight.

  • Oversized Sweaters

winter fashion for Women

Wearing loose sweaters with skin fit pants or leather pants and a nice pair of shoe is the perfect choice.

  • The Knit sets

winter fashion for Women

Knits are the to-go option for winters. Just wear this with a nice pair of shoe and you can go for a bun or open fair whatever suits you the best. The knit set comes in shimmer for party look or printed for casual look and many others. You can choose your look according to your requirement.

So, Yepme is all set to make your winter trendy with latest winter trends. Are You?

Decorate Pooja Thali this Diwali

Diwali marks as a very special day in the Indian festival calendar. This fashion blog helps you give some ideas to decorate things yourself and make this Diwali interesting. It is a day to celebrate the victory of good over evil. It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) that’s marked by four days of celebration, which literally illumines the country with its brilliance, and dazzles all with its joy. During night, Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, is worshipped and female decorate Pooja thali. So, let us see some of the DIY ideas of decorating the rich Pooja Thali.

1. Mirror mosaic thali decoration

This type of decoration needs ready-made mirrors of different shapes and sizes, acrylic glue and acrylic paint. You can take a melamine plate and paint it with different acrylic paints and designs, red and golden colors being more prominent.

2. Painted thali decoration

This type of decorated thali would require the major use of different colors of acrylic paints and a melamine plate. You can purchase acrylic paint tubes to making the designing more convenient. You could also make use of different colors of glitter tubes to add to the decoration of the thali and make it more beautiful.

3. Laced thali decoration

This type of decoration is the typical decoration of a Pooja thali. You can make use of different kinds and colors of fancy laces with golden and gold-silver laces being more decorative. You can first decorate the thali with acrylic paints and glitters and then make use of laces and ribbons to beautify the thali.

4. Colorful beaded decoration

If you could add some jewels to your royal plate then why not! The market is full of different colored beads and artificial jewels which are usually used for designing a garment, but can be used to decorate your Pooja thali. You can use the beads and jewels already there in extra at your house or purchase them from a shop nearest to you. All you have to do is decorate your thali the way you like it and then make use of the beads and jewels in elegant patterns that go well with the color combination of the color of the laces, ribbons and acrylic paints.

5. Velvet cloth thali decoration

Velvet signifies royalty in its finish and appearance. Velvet fabric is available in many different colors where red, green and yellow suit the festive mood of Diwali. You can purchase the velvet fabric, cut it into pieces that fit the shape of your thali and paste it with the acrylic glue. Colored beads, jewels and laces look very beautiful on velvet.

Thus there is nothing more special than decorating your own Pooja thali and celebrating the day with love and compassion for your partner. Hope you like this fashion blog on various designs you can try for decorating your Pooja thali.


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Wondering which winter styles will keep you warm but also leave you looking fabulous? We are back with the latest winter fashion trends from the runways to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the coldest of months. Roll out yourself in latest fashion trends for women with the hottest winter styles .. robe coats, shearling jackets, knits and much more ..

Robes are IN:

Robe coats

This winter stay warm and cozy with the ultimate ROBE COAT!  It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style – easy to wear and makes you look stylish. You can wear them with most of your outfits. So go ahead and have your pick from a range of these awesome coats which are available in mixed blend, wool, printed and variety of styles.

Statement Jacket:

shearling jacket

Waist length shearling jackets are trending this season. Shearling is made with the sheep skin or synthetic fibre also known as Faux shearling.

Warm and Trendy:


Over all knits in neutral shades and knit dresses are here to keep you warm and trendy.

Turtle Necks:  


Turtle necks are back as this winter’s staple wear. These are great for layering, wear them with coat or a jacket or just throw a scarf and you are good to go…

Love the Leather


Leather is the flavour of this season. Leather leggings, pants…jackets are a must have for fashion lovers.

Faux Fur:

faux fur

Keep the chill away and look glamorous without feeling guilty, with these warm Faux fur outfits and accessories. You can sport this trend in many ways … wear a  Faux Fur coat or  club  your outfits with a faux fur hat or a scarf or a purse.

Share your fashion and lifestyle statement for this winter. Fashion trends and tips would love to know new innovations.