The tuxedo guide

The name Bond. James Bond personates the ultimate man for many till date. The credit obviously goes to the deadly combination of action, refined taste and the elegant tuxedo look adding the seductive charm to the character.

tuxedo guide

Tuxedo is in vogue from more than hundred years and evolved itself as an icon of male elegance. It is almost beyond belief that such a regulated and formal dress code has managed to withstand the informal dressing. Tuxedo popularly known as black tie and dinner jacket, requires the knowledge of the rules to pull off the look successfully. One should wear a self tied bow not a long neck tie or pre-tied bow with a tuxedo and else you may end up looking like a waiter rather than a gentleman.

The fabric of the bow should match with that of the lapels and stripes of the pants but you can also go for a velvet bow tie if you are going to an informal event. Tuxedo preferably should only have one button when in single breasted form. You can wear a double-breasted dinner suit but be cautious because if you undo a double-breasted jacket, it hangs and looks awful. Ideally, the jacket should have a closed back with no vents at all but if you’re going to have vents, choose side vents. A centre vent will blow open and show your shirt, which looks cluttered.

tuxedo guide

The shirt that accompanies a tuxedo should always be plain white necessarily not a pleated one. Although pleated shirts are more traditional, but a man looks best in a button up shirt with a classic spread collar shirt and French cuffs. The attire is complimented with a cummerbund or a waistcoat to conceal the bit of white shirting fabric between your jacket button and waistband. Wearing a waistcoat can look really nice and is a good alternative to the cummerbund giving you a much smarter look.

tuxedo guide


If you are getting confused about the pocket square then white linen is ideal, however, you can also go for silk scarf to add on sophistication. Trousers of the dinner suit should completely match the jacket, that means, the fabric should be the same. Pants should be high-waist and should not have any belt loops. Also front pleats should be avoided in the bottoms.

tuxedo guide

Club your tuxedo with black polished front cap toe shoes and avoid wearing loafers. You can also wear a formal pump – court shoe but for the attitude must be as that of bond.

Falling in love is one thing but it is a crime to match one’s tuxedo or associated accessories with the attire of his date.  Get her the moon or the stars of the galaxy but don’t fall in trap of your lady and murder the classiness of your tuxedo complimenting her dress.  The magic begins the moment you put on this upper-class attire, metamorphosing a boy into a man, and elevating a man into a gentleman. It has been rightly said, “Nature created men unequally, tuxedos were invented to even the score.”

Check Suits Fashion

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The way a man carries his suit tells a lot about him. But when a man carries a Check suit, it tells a lot about his metro sexuality, the poise and the charisma. With the right kind of plaid and texture, you can carry your own look and create your own style. Slim fit check suits are back in fashion to give modern look to a classic style. Perfect for all types of occasions, be it, wedding suit, business suit or a smart casual wear. Alternately, one could just wear the jacket of the suit or just a check blazer with a plain shirt and solid coloured trousers. Read on to find out more about different check suits and the right combinations that go with it.

Corporate wear:

Check Suits Fashion

When it comes to office wear, dressing well becomes an everyday struggle, so here we’ve put together, no-effort-needed, check suits for office wear. Keep your basics right and suit up tailored slim cut suits and blazers, Oxford shirts, chinos and trousers, finally give it a jolt of colour in the form of printed ties, socks and pocket squares. For a more subtle look keep the shirt white, tie dark and solid with simple dark laced-up shoes.

Business Casual wear:

Check Suits Fashion

With business casuals you can expand your style and the use of colour. Get rid of the tie, sporting a button up below your blazer looks incredibly sleek and sophisticated. Wear your suit pants as trousers, doesn’t matter if it is of different colour than the blazer, pairing them with a solid oxford shirt and finish the look with a sweater of the season or with that chunky shawl cardigan.

City Prep wear:

Check Suits Fashion

This look is full of mix and match, the right kind of texture without that weighty feeling. This slim fitting with textured line suit helps you get rid of same old blue blazer + khakis look. Give it a try with sharp navy suit jacket along with your patterned suit pants. Same concept, but with fresher execution.

Casual Friday wear:  

Check Suits Fashion

Casual Friday is a time to wind down and get ready for the weekend. What better way than to dress up in your comfy casuals where you wear a suit, but doesn’t feel like a suit. You can pair it with a t-shirt, with a thin layering cardigan, and a pair of classic white sneakers for that subtle yet elegant summer look.

The weekend wear:

Check Suits Fashion

Feeling a little adventurous, then opt for the sporting checks or the window paned checked blazers. Make sure it is trim enough, so you can wear it with just about anything, including a t-shirt, jeans, and hooded sweatshirt.

With the new trend of patterned fabric in men’s wear, one can breathe a vestige of fresh air to the otherwise monotonous suits. With a variety of prints available in checks, stripes and windowpane, you get to experiment with colours, textures and the look, make sure to opt for that slim cut with versatile look.

Guys – Match your shoes right

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Walking into a room you can create a positive impression with your style and confidence. Your dress speaks for your personality. But the whole smartness can be wiped out in a fraction of second, if on the second look your shoe makes you look odd one out. Just as our clothes, shoes are also an important part of overall personality. It is important to match the right kind of shoes with the right dress. Wearing right shoes not just enhances the look and style but is also vital for comfort.

For traditional occasion or for formal business meeting, for a weekend trip or for an adventure outing shoes does a lot more than just protecting the foot. A shoe gives balance and adds style to the whole look. A shoe guide is there to help you select the best shoe. Colour, shape, size and quality of shoes are important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the shoes to be worn for a particular occasion.

Match your shoes right

For official occasion when men trend to wear suits, a formal shoe goes as the natural choice. Whole cuts, medallion toe whole cuts, cap toe bals and perf toe bals are the best shape and design to go with formal dress. Black and brown are the most preferred colours. These shoes in shades of black and brown will never go wrong to impress upon the client in any business event and are best suited for all the official occasion.

Match your shoes right

For men who are going for job demanding them to always follow formal dress code, can go for plain toe bluchers, monkstrap, wingtips, longwing design. These designs goes well with formal dress and at the same time are extremely comfortable and best partner of your foot for long working hours.

On a long weekend trip and for young people opting for casual wear there are multiple options to choose from. Loafers, classic sneakers, classic high top, slippers and camp mocs are few options to choose from. To suit perfectly with your best attire, shoes can be matched with the colour of the dress or one can go for neutral colours like brown, black or white.

Match your shoes right

Men need to worry as much as women to get the right match of shoes .A sports shoe, desert boots, sneakers, formal black shoes, brown boat shoes and  lace up brogue are a must have as they could be matched with any dress and occasion. Bright colours are very much in vogue and make a statement of its own. For the youth it’s a sign of their young energy and vibrant spirit. Be bold enough to break out from the neutral shades of black and brown and try out new shades in shoes.

On formal occasions, not just shoes, but socks also need to be perfectly matched. Although socks are not much visible but a mismatched colour of socks quickly stands out and could become a centre of attraction that can cause a lot of embarrassment. So it’s better to make one’s own shoe style and not leave any chance to make a good impression.



What you wear in office has a great impact on your clients and people working around you. In this busy world and hectic schedule, no one thinks of a change in their office attire. There was a time when every professional no matter what business they are working in, generally put on a suit (black and white) each morning and follow that monotonous look in their office.Because those mono colors makes you look boring and safe, staid and dull. So, just follow these latest fashion trends and tips for men which can help you to try something new especially in reds and blues.


Guys it’s the right time to get out of those old stuffs of black and white; and have a change in color. Men can opt for the different shades of red as red enhances our attention to detail. They can also go for the blue color as men looks dapperly dressed in such attire. Reds and Blues are in the list of latest fashion for men.



Bags are no more only a girl thing today; thereare varieties of bags available to choose from for men too. Men should also go for the bags in which they can keep their necessary office things and when it comes to color they can go forblue as it looks decent as well as stylish, so grab the one which best suits your look!!



Tie should always be there in amen’s list particularly when they go for buying the office attires.As it looks very adorable and give you a professional look. You can go for red or the blue color as these color looks very attractive. Just imagine how classy it looks when you wear a red tie on white shirt.

Trousers and pants


When it comes to choosing bottoms for office, there are very less options available which suits the professional office look so now put those oldies black and white for a while in your wardrobeand go for the blue ones, there are different shade of blue available in the market.The color you choose creates an image of you. So make sure you create a positive one.



This is one of the complementary accessories which boys love to wear. It looks professional and also helps you to have check of time. Go for some new shades of watches like red or different blues. They look decent as well as stylish.

These are some of the suggestions that can make you feel good and fresh while going office. As the latest trendy look makes you feel confident and you will be able to work in a better way. So guys just try these different combinations of red and blue and let your colleague takes tips from you for various dressing and accessorizing options. Be the one who have his own style statement and let others follow you. So just mix and match and have a happy going stylish office life.


Who don’t want to look best in college and it all depends on what you wear. Each boy what to look super smart to attract girls and leave a long lasting impression on everyone’s mind with his amazing clothing choices. Boys whether they except or not but too want to look their best and are not exempted from fashion judgments. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who knows how to dress appropriately, in order to appear clean cut and polished. After all your personality defines who you are at your first look and then you never know at what day of college you meet that woman who will make you fall in love with her, so dress best and let everyone copy your style. We have brought you some latest fashion trends for men which you can try to enhance your personality.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Try out a plain round neck Tee with jeans. They are the look for all seasons. Experiment with colors and try those which best suits your body color tone. Even fitted Tees goes best with boys who have hot physique.

Go for sweatshirts

Go for sweatshirts

Sweatshirts look cool. Pair them with chinos. Wear sneaker or sport shoes and yes you are ready. Go out and impress girls!!!!

Jacket it up


How about trying a jacket with a shirt. Go for slim fit jeans and a sexy leather belt. Try sport coat, it’s casual and at the same time classy.  It will make you look like a gentleman.

Take out the athlete in you


Boys love sporty look. It makes them feel confident and fresh. Athletic wear on men is insanely sexy if your choice is right. Go for a nice Polo T-shirt and dark jeans. Sports shoes are must.  You can even try a hoodie; it looks good when paired with T’s.



Go for a V-neck sweater with collared shirt. Make the right choice of color. Your shirt should complement your sweater. Try it in a solid or with a bold pattern for a pop of color. Try Polo style sweater also, they are lightweight and give a smart look. They are even the latest college fashion look which boys love.

Dress like a gentleman- you grown up boy


This look makes you look more attractive and let your college girls go crazy about you. Yes I am talking about formals. A formal shirt with a slim fit trouser and a nice hairstyle is what it takes to brighten up your personality. In footwear, go for a pair of Bucks and Chukkas.

Casual is something we all love


Casual look is favorite of most of us. So go for a casual shirt with slim-fit trouser. For those of you men ready to escape your fashion comfort zone, try on a pair of corduroys. You can also try a classic watch which will add to your look. Casual look for boys is like a lifeline which saves them when they are confused about what to wear.

Gone are those days when only women where stereotyped with fashion and clothing. Today men have become more conscious and have started focusing on how they look and what they wear. Hope the above tips help you to make correct choice for your college look.

Happy smart and hot college day’s boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dress Differently this month

Winter season makes you look sexier than the other seasons do. This fashion and lifestyle blog gives you ideas of different looks that men can wear this winter. You have one more season to impress that pretty girl with your wits and humor and up to date and elegant wardrobe with an updated winter fashion trends for men.

Here is the list of these top 7styles for you to take this season.


  1. The Shearling effectDress for Month

From the Brit brands Hackett to Stuart Vevers at Coach, one of your favorite celebrities and models would have taken up this style. And this might be the single most addition to your wardrobe when the leaves have now almost turned yellow.


  1. Checkered JacketsDress for Month

With the checkered patterns taking a big leap this year on the runaways for the Autumn/Winter Season; these can be your biggest rescue from the metaphorically block-color cell block to designer patterns of check. These checkered jackets bring out almost all the looks from the intense to the funky style, depending on the combination you are choosing.


  1. Green, Your own colorDress for Month

Green is the new black! This season, green jackets are highly popular and must be teamed up with the perfect rugged jeans to bring out a fascinating look. It should be carried out with the neutral colors of black, beige, brown or complementary colors like navy and burgundy.


  1. Keep knit-wearingDress for Month

With the biggest variations of the knit wear, from the plain and block colors to the vivid patterns, it can be used under the suits for the formal looks or party wear or even casual and funky looks.


  1. All you need is “graphics”Dress for Month

No one is asking you to throw the sweatshirts in the trash bags but it won’t hurt to bring on the graphic knitwear in your collection of your wardrobe.


  1. All-plain Leather JacketsDress for Month

Leather Jacket is a part of the trend that is never out of fashion. It is consistent like the first decision to wear clothes. Leather jackets do have their own fashion statement and carry their elegance.


  1. Leg WearsDress for Month

To team up with the extra-ordinary jackets, there is indeed a need of the perfect leg-wear! There is a varied collection of pants, jeans and trousers that are setting up varied fashion trend this season!


The above said collection is the “must-have” for men this winter season. Keep yourself updated with Fashion Trends and Tips for upcoming trends and styles. We know that smiles makes a person look more beautiful but a shabby look wouldn’t help, until it’s the latest trend! 😉

Items that will increase the life of your clothes and shoes

Well, the changing times have led to burgeoning in the rate of changing fashion trends. Earlier people used to invest in clothes and shoes because the fashion currents did not flourish at contemporary rates. This constantly changing fashion has given rise to cheap quality clothing being manufactured at a rapid speed. Especially, the youth always wants to stay updated in terms of fashion, they keep a check on what they adorn and how they appear. Style and fashion has become an imperative part of our lives and so, they sometimes compromise with quality over quantity.  This means that we need to take a little extra care of the clothes and shoes bought of a comparatively inferior quality, which actually is not a Hercules task.

If, you want to expand the life of your wardrobe rather than having to replace it in no time again then look around your home and you can find ample of stuff to assist you in the same task.

Some of the easy methods that do not cost big bucks to increase the life of your apparels and footwear are given below:

Wash with Care, Fashion Trends and Tips


The fundamental and most common tip for giving long life to your clothing is keeping a few simple points in your mind while washing them. Always follow the color separation method, wash light, dark and white colors in turns. This might take a little extra time but it’s worth it. Also, turn them inside out before putting it inside your washing machine. Avoid dryer whenever possible, it squashes your clothes and depletes their luster and shine. Other than that, always read the washing instructions carefully mentioned on the label.  In addition, wash them in cold Water because that also helps in increasing the life of your clothes.

Cleaning Regime, Fashion Trends and Tips


Your footwear needs time to time cleaning. Wash or dry-clean your shoes at least once in a week. What’s the most important is, do not forget to read the washing/cleaning instruction that are usually tagged along the shoe or any label placed inside the shoebox.

Use Alternatives, Fashion Trends and Tips


Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes, pants or shirts for two consecutive days. Let your footwear and clothes air out. It is an important step because it helps in keeping them odor free.

Clothes on a washing line, Fashion Trends and Tips

If you plan to wear the same set of clothes again without washing, which happens usually in case of woolen wear, then make sure that you hang them out of your closet in open air for an hour or two. Once the body odor leaves your clothes, it is equally important to fold them in a proper manner before setting them in your wardrobe. The same rule applies to your shoes; let them rest out of your shoe-rack for some time after wearing and before placing them in the rack.

Just try these tips and let us now in comments if any one of them worked for you or if you have some other tips to share.