1890-1920 Haute Couture


Early 90s was marked by rise of haute couture in Paris. The Parisian designs were donned by the upper class women who set tone for rest of the world. The corsets and full skirts with hats were popular in this era. The fashion which was adopted found its way through magazines to the world about what was going on and what is being worn. But with the end of First World War, the attention was withdrawn from fashion.

1920-1929 Roaring 20s


With the war taking over, masculinity was mostly retained in clothing as women wore comfortable clothes with shapeless fits, loose clothes and flattened busts. The 20s are marked by “Flappers” which did not fully emerge until 1926. Flappers mostly wore short hair with short shift dress. This style was comfortably followed by the people as it was easy to make shift dresses at home.

1930-1940 Great Depression and World War I


In this era, movies became a media of catching up with the fashion trends. Another war was expected seemingly close and fashion was taken over by more of military style with square shoulders. Uniforms became public wear. There was large scale production of clothes and hence started ready-to-wear fashion.

1950s-The Postwar Era

The designers back then, after the war period was over introduced fitted jackets, slim skirts and full calf length dresses. This made sure that women dressed femininely which was well longed by them. Teenagers for the first time became a force in the fashion market because of a huge influence of movies on them. Fabric like acrylic and synthetic found its popularity as they required less maintenance and even affordable.

1960s-Flower Power


The youth ran this era and it was undoubtedly a colorful decade. British adopted the trend of black leather jackets and America’s answer was “hippie movement”. The youth in America wore bell bottom jeans and tie-dyed shirts. Men mostly were inspired by Beatles.

1970s-Saturday Night Fever

1970s-Saturday Night Fever

Fashion became global phenomena as now travel became easier which meant not only people travelled freely but with them, the fashion too took a tour. There was “disco dance” craze and clothes which shone under the disco lights were much preferred by people. Late seventies was taken over by the rise of ‘punk’.

1980s- Material Girls


This era can be well described as dominated by ‘Materialism’ as the western economy witnessed an economic boom. People became brand conscious and use of credit cards made shopping even easier and encouraged spending. Creation of MTV revolutionized the music industry and with it the fashion too. Musicians through their videos made style statements and hence influenced the fashion too.

1990s –Minimalism

1990s _Minimalism

Fashion became more laidback and comfortable. As contrasted to the 80s style defined with color pallets, 90s was more about the color black and neutral colors. Fashion industry bloomed the most in United States. Grunge, an alternative rock subculture spawned a style of skuffy dressing.

2000s-Back to the future

2000s-Back to the future

The 2000s made us realize that fashion trends are cyclical. The old trends which cycled back is given a futuristic touch and carried by people. The boot cut and flared jeans, for instance are a futuristic version of bell bottom jeans. The vintage clothing still finds its place in the market. The boho and hippie look also made a comeback thanks to the TV media and the influence.

Trends that changed the world for better

Change is inevitable. We have been hearing that nothing is constant but only change. Sometimes change can be for good. Let us have a look at the trends that changed the world.

  • Bye, Bye Minis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Minis have paved way for maxis. As fashion evolved, skirts and dresses became longer. In 1990’s, skirts and dresses replaced casual outfits and hip hop culture. British Designer Mary Quant, a pioneer in Mini skirt, describes it as a way of rebelling. As fashion changed, minis changed to Maxi’s.

  • Punk Fashion:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

The punk scene in 1970 included hairstyle, cosmetics, jewellery and clothing. Punk lovers were usually found flaunting unkempt and messy short hair, torn or tattered tees. This was their way of making a statement.

  • Power Dressing:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Dressing in 1970’s saw a new style also called as power dressing. This dressing saw women and men wearing business suits. It also suggested a way of authority when working in a male dominated profession. Though this trend no longer exists, but it is still popular in a fashionable way.

  • Handbags:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Gone are the days, when handbags used to be vanity bags with built in mirror. In 50’s and 60’s handbags became a fashion statement rather than need.70’s, 80’s and 90’s saw two types of handbags mainly for work and for outing. Today handbag is all about designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Prada among other designers.

  • Haircuts:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

20’s and 30’s saw short hairstyles for women. Women in 1940’s wore their hair under the hat or tied it in a bun. Women also wore scarves and hats or turbans in 1960’s. Men wore bowl cuts like beetles. In 1970, there came an evolution in men’s hairstyles in the form of Mohawk, punk or colored hair. Today women like to keep long tresses with middle parting or wavy hairstyles. Men are seen experimenting with their hairs like spiky or conservative office look and long braided hair look.

  • Bikinis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

One thing that evolved for the better is the swim suit or bikinis. During World War II, fabrics were rationed and women in Europe used to wear bath suits that just showed enough skin at the waist. One piece bikini was transformed into two pieces and over the years there are designer swim suits for all sizes.

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Fashion is incomplete without the right shoes. Shoes have undergone drastic changes since decades. From high and wide heeled shoe to lace up boots in 1920’s, shoes of all types jazzed up the fashion scene. In 1960, black slip on boots made with faux leather was quite a rage.

  • Accessories:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Accessories have always been a must have item in every women’s closet. Lace accents, feathers, cloches and turbans have been a popular accessory for women. Men used fedoras, golf caps automobile caps, panama hats as fashion statement. 

Fashion trends have made a style statement over years. Trends make you and style defines fashion. Trends will come and go but it is important to be comfortable in our own skin.


Spring season is almost here. From culottes to print on print, everything is classy this season. Read on to know more about the latest spring trends and how to carry them on you.

  • Culottes


Culottes are the in thing of this season. They look fabulous in any fabric, be it denim, cotton, or even prints. Culottes can be paired with a crop top or a basic tee for that chic brunch look, or with a sequined top for a glam look. You can also pair your Kurtis or long tops with culottes to enhance the style quotient. Ankle length culottes can even make you look taller.

You can get them in different lengths, according to your preferences.

  • The shirt dress


The shirt dress is a must have. It comes as a savior when you don’t know what to wear for those lunch dates or brunches. It gives you a minimal, yet aesthetic look. You can also pair it up with tights or stockings and boots.

  • Buttoned down shirt


A buttoned down shirt is a spring staple. To take that style quotient up a notch, accessorize it with a bow. This style can be carried on plain, printed, plaid, striped or solid colored shirts. This look is elegant yet chic. Buttoned down shirts can be paired up with formal trousers or skirts for a formal, corporate look. For a chic casual look, pair it with shorts or flared pants or even with culottes.


Sneakers are the IT thing. White sneakers are becoming a rage. They can be paired with a skater dress, skirt, maxis, trousers, shorts, denims, jumpsuits and maxi skirts. Sneakers give you that casual look and are super comfortable. You can even make a sequined glamorous outfit look chic when you wear it with a pair of sneakers. White sneakers are trending the most but even prints such as floral or stripes are in vogue.

  • Plaid outfits


Plaid is also quite popular this season. Be it shirts, pants, trousers or dresses, plaid is seen everywhere. Plaid shirts are chic, casual yet classy. Pairing a plaid shirt with sneakers will give you that perfect everyday college look. Plaid trousers give you the trendy diva look.  You can also do a plaid on play look to look effortlessly fashionable.

  • Graphic stripes


For the spring season 2016, graphic stripes are totally in. even for the majority of fashion shows, designers have played with scattered, chopped, straight, curled lines. These graphic lines enhance your silhouette and can even make you look slimmer.

  • Flared denims


Yes you heard it right, flared denims are back this season. These not only make you look fashionable and trendy but also make you look tall and slim.

What you will never throw out from your closet

“You don’t wear half of this stuff. Just throw them away.” Mother said.

Not happening Mom, I won’t throw any of my stuff whether I wear it or not.”

I am sure every girl can relate with above conversation because I surely do. Be it a 13 year or a 25 year old, we, girls, are really possessive about our clothes. However some of the things are absolutely requisite in our wardrobe.

Throw out from your closet

Beginning with Chambray shirts and plaid up button, these can be wrapped around your waist or can be casually worn as jacket and shirt and they go with jeans, slacks or skirts.

Throw out from your closet

Another necessity is the denims (light or dark), they can be easily dressed up or dressed down. A white crisp shirt in your closet can be layered under sweater or dress and are thumbs up professional as well as a go out look. One item that’s certain in every girl’s wardrobe is black denims; it goes with every color including black itself.

Throw out from your closet

Whether for warm and stylish winters or the summers, your wardrobe should certainly have some basic color scarves to keep you warm or save from heat. Ready to travel and a basic that always comes handy with everything is a tunic sweater. It keeps you warm enough and comfortable moreover it gives a presentable look.

A leather jacket (preferably simple in black, grey or neutral color) All you have to do is throw it on your outfit and its done.

Throw out from your closet

Summers are coming along, you need to keep printed dresses as prints are always in year after year. I love the long maxi skirts which can be paired with tank tops and can be worn as dresses too.

Throw out from your closet

Since denim makes us hot so it’s time to shift to capri cargos which goes with shirts, t-shirts both.

Throw out from your closet

Cannot forget to mention classic white sneakers, they are comfortable and always go with  every outfit.

Throw out from your closet

Another must is black pumps, you can wear them in summers, winters or fall, can be worn with denims, dress, shorts or skirts.

Throw out from your closet

I definitely can’t buy dozens of sandals to match with my outfits so that brings me to nude sandals as they go with every outfit and give a classy look.

Wait! Am I forgetting something, yep it’s totes, they are very important, throw your laptop, make up and all basic or non basic items in it and comes in handy while travelling. Brand or no brand, a tote is a must in your closet.  Also stock some subtle accessories to mingle your simple look and make it stylish.

These are some of the items that will keep you up with the weather yet stylish.

6 Street-Styles Fashion to carry on Sundays


After spending a tedious week working chores, Weekends ought to be fun and fashionable. Weekends are our most favourite, and Sundays for that matter is just the cream of the crop! Whether you’re seeing friends, family or even a special someone, you should strut on the streets with a sheer confidence on face and the best complemented style for your mood and body. Street style for that fact has taken off in a jiffy and is a widely accepted fashion statement for a lot of women. So, if you’re planning to have an amazing Sunday, remember – The key to having a really good time is in your OUTFIT!

Here are a few trending Sunday street styles that you can casually pull off with ease and comfort.

The Market Hopper


Feel the most comfortable style in your favourite pair of sneakers. Team it up with a knotted denim shirt, ripped denims, or pastel trousers. Put on your the best glares when out for a Sunday brunch with your girlies!

Pop the Prints


If you want to experiment with the splash of colours, go unleashed by wearing a flared floral skirt, with a cute crop top, your best pair of heels or wedges! You are good to go. Prints can define your friendly personality and fun mood hand in hand. Don’t go wrong there.

Dining Diva


If you have a dinner date or a dinner party to attend, go for a bold print on a simple shape. You can put on bright solid hues too. Ideally, wear a nice shimmery pair of heels to accentuate your look. Neutralize the makeup, and avoid looking extra-gaudy!

All Over It


Oversized clothes are a big trendsetter these days. You can carry off baggy jerseys, jeans, pullovers, maxis, suede jackets, or probably anything and not overindulge yourself too much!

Evening Strolls


Sometimes, less is more. Especially in this case, all you need to do is pick up the basics from your closet and play around with your appearance. For instance, a basic white top teamed with a pair of Boyfriend jeans, a bohemian scarf and a cross suede bag is all you need. Put on a spunky pair of slip-ons as well.

Girls’ Night Out


If you are planning to hit a club this Sunday, make sure you look your best! Try crazy styles. From makeup to accessories, and clothes to shoes! Everything needs to be classy if not bling necessarily. Experiment with laces, high necks, low backs or sparkly accessories to keep it sophisticated and sexy.

So Ladies! If you are worried about what to wear and what not to wear for the outing that you have planned this Sunday, you can always try out these simple fashion hacks and be a street-style head-turner!

Revamp your flats with these DIY tips

Forget Diamonds! Shoes are a women’s first love. But with the prices always soaring high, we ladies often find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have new shoes to pair with a new outfit as well as not enough money to buy new ones. So ladies why not recycle those old and boring flats and turn them into something trendy and classy!

Here are some really cool DIY projects which can give your shoes a whole new makeover!





All you need are some sequins, a single co loured flat, a glue stick and a pair of tweezers.

Using the tweezers apply glue on the back of the sequins and stick them to the shoe. Repeat the process till you are satisfied and ta-da! Your sequins shoes are ready to go!



women's shoes

A pair of flats and a scarf is all you need to do this DIY.

So here’s how you do it:

  • Cut a piece of the scarf into four strips.
  • Fold the strips in half and stitch them. You will have four scarf tubes at the end of this step.
  • Now start stitching the tubes on the shoe. Stitch half of two tubes, one from each end.
  • After this, you will be left with the unstitched end of the tubes which you need to tie a bow.
  • Stitch the bow from below so that it doesn’t drop off.


And it’s done!



women's shoes

Add a sassy look to those boring T-shaped flats. Just tie a bow with a ribbon and stick it on the shoe. And you are ready to go!



  women's shoes           

Try this amazing techno styled flat makeover. Just buy some studs and stick them on your flats.  You will be amazed with the outcome!



women's shoes

Gold is the colour of the season! Renovate that old converse by painting them with golden paint. You are ready to rock this season!


women's shoes

Let’s take it up a notch.

Try these creative doodling shoes. You need some neon fabric spray paint, fabric marker and plain white shoes.

  • Start by spray painting the shoes in a random manner such that you have a multitude of shades on the shoe.
  • After the paint dries start doodling the shapes of your choice with black marker.
  • Allow the marker to dry off and you are good to go!




Ombre is such a cool trend! Try this amazing cool DIY for a summer look.

Things you need:

  • Fabric Paint (1 white+1 color)
  • Plain white sneakers
  • Paint brush or a sponge.


  • Start off by painting the lower half(heel side) of the shoe with your colored paint.
  • Next mix some white paint in the colored one to get a shade lighter
  • Paint the next quarter of the shoe.
  • Mix more white to get a shade lighter
  • And paint the remaining of the shoe.
  • Let the paint dry off and you are ready for the day.



women's shoes

All you need for this DIY:

  • A pair of flats
  • A Scarf

Start by cutting the scarf to an appropriate length.

Ones done make a knot on the shoe as shown in the picture

Start circling the two ends of the scarf on the straps of the shoe.

Shoes styles that you must carry this season

It’s a well – said phrase “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world’? However, our designers have definitely put their minds this season to prove it right and to make us more financially negligent when it comes to buying shoes. Certainly, trying these different styles of shoes for this summer is not such a big deal for all the fashionistas, in fact some of these styles are already adapted by most of us. Who’s to say we can’t buy extra though? I think we can all agree, when it comes to the feet-adorning comfy-soles. All women love to spend, and own as many pairs as to match their outfit. So let’s get this thing rolling and sort out which shoes we MUST buy and wear this summer.

Sneakers, Fashion

Sneakers This style of shoes has been around since, well forever it has been in the fashion focus of things. You can pair it with anything that crosses your minds. Right from skirts to sequined dresses to suit trousers or sporty attire. It’s no longer a gym or geek’ish shoe, sneakers now go to Fashion Weeks and even on the red carpets. This summer the white sneakers and thick soled ones are a massive hit, even the dazzling styles that just pop against a completely mismatched outfit is eye-catching.

Gladiators, Fashion

Gladiator Sandals– Thin or slightly thick soled sandals made of thousands of straps that cage the feet all the way to the ankles or even knees – are the shoes to wear this summer. If you wanna walk for miles, and miles, and miles, while looking stylish chic, then gladiator shoes are the best option. Black ones are quite the dark edgy statement, nude ones elongate of course, and white ones with fewer straps look kind of elegant and posh. Colored gladiators like silver & golden are the evergreen styles.

Stilettoes, Fashion

Stilettoes As its well said “Opposites coexist. Extremes meet.” Contradictions give birth to great styles. It is in for all seasons, so if you pass by a girl within 70 sec wearing shoes on the street and then one in stiletto heeled pumps, one must ensure to walk confidently in their sneakers or ballet pumps confidently. Neither of them are off-trend! You must know that the stiletto pumps trend is something which is lasting forever, and we all know, stilettoes look so much better than chunky and can make any outfit look absolutely trendy.

Ankle-strap-stiletto, Fashion

Ankle strap Sandal The sexy shoe was on a roll last summer and still its demand is rising high up and its, trending since big time. You can team up this footwear almost with any sort of attire, literally with anything. Nothing says sexy quite like an ankle strap silhouette. Find your favorite pair of strappy sandals, ankle strap pumps and ankle cuff booties and style with up with your gorgeous dress for amazing look.