6 Street-Styles Fashion to carry on Sundays


After spending a tedious week working chores, Weekends ought to be fun and fashionable. Weekends are our most favourite, and Sundays for that matter is just the cream of the crop! Whether you’re seeing friends, family or even a special someone, you should strut on the streets with a sheer confidence on face and the best complemented style for your mood and body. Street style for that fact has taken off in a jiffy and is a widely accepted fashion statement for a lot of women. So, if you’re planning to have an amazing Sunday, remember – The key to having a really good time is in your OUTFIT!

Here are a few trending Sunday street styles that you can casually pull off with ease and comfort.

The Market Hopper


Feel the most comfortable style in your favourite pair of sneakers. Team it up with a knotted denim shirt, ripped denims, or pastel trousers. Put on your the best glares when out for a Sunday brunch with your girlies!

Pop the Prints


If you want to experiment with the splash of colours, go unleashed by wearing a flared floral skirt, with a cute crop top, your best pair of heels or wedges! You are good to go. Prints can define your friendly personality and fun mood hand in hand. Don’t go wrong there.

Dining Diva


If you have a dinner date or a dinner party to attend, go for a bold print on a simple shape. You can put on bright solid hues too. Ideally, wear a nice shimmery pair of heels to accentuate your look. Neutralize the makeup, and avoid looking extra-gaudy!

All Over It


Oversized clothes are a big trendsetter these days. You can carry off baggy jerseys, jeans, pullovers, maxis, suede jackets, or probably anything and not overindulge yourself too much!

Evening Strolls


Sometimes, less is more. Especially in this case, all you need to do is pick up the basics from your closet and play around with your appearance. For instance, a basic white top teamed with a pair of Boyfriend jeans, a bohemian scarf and a cross suede bag is all you need. Put on a spunky pair of slip-ons as well.

Girls’ Night Out


If you are planning to hit a club this Sunday, make sure you look your best! Try crazy styles. From makeup to accessories, and clothes to shoes! Everything needs to be classy if not bling necessarily. Experiment with laces, high necks, low backs or sparkly accessories to keep it sophisticated and sexy.

So Ladies! If you are worried about what to wear and what not to wear for the outing that you have planned this Sunday, you can always try out these simple fashion hacks and be a street-style head-turner!


Who don’t want to look best in college and it all depends on what you wear. Each boy what to look super smart to attract girls and leave a long lasting impression on everyone’s mind with his amazing clothing choices. Boys whether they except or not but too want to look their best and are not exempted from fashion judgments. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who knows how to dress appropriately, in order to appear clean cut and polished. After all your personality defines who you are at your first look and then you never know at what day of college you meet that woman who will make you fall in love with her, so dress best and let everyone copy your style. We have brought you some latest fashion trends for men which you can try to enhance your personality.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Try out a plain round neck Tee with jeans. They are the look for all seasons. Experiment with colors and try those which best suits your body color tone. Even fitted Tees goes best with boys who have hot physique.

Go for sweatshirts

Go for sweatshirts

Sweatshirts look cool. Pair them with chinos. Wear sneaker or sport shoes and yes you are ready. Go out and impress girls!!!!

Jacket it up


How about trying a jacket with a shirt. Go for slim fit jeans and a sexy leather belt. Try sport coat, it’s casual and at the same time classy.  It will make you look like a gentleman.

Take out the athlete in you


Boys love sporty look. It makes them feel confident and fresh. Athletic wear on men is insanely sexy if your choice is right. Go for a nice Polo T-shirt and dark jeans. Sports shoes are must.  You can even try a hoodie; it looks good when paired with T’s.



Go for a V-neck sweater with collared shirt. Make the right choice of color. Your shirt should complement your sweater. Try it in a solid or with a bold pattern for a pop of color. Try Polo style sweater also, they are lightweight and give a smart look. They are even the latest college fashion look which boys love.

Dress like a gentleman- you grown up boy


This look makes you look more attractive and let your college girls go crazy about you. Yes I am talking about formals. A formal shirt with a slim fit trouser and a nice hairstyle is what it takes to brighten up your personality. In footwear, go for a pair of Bucks and Chukkas.

Casual is something we all love


Casual look is favorite of most of us. So go for a casual shirt with slim-fit trouser. For those of you men ready to escape your fashion comfort zone, try on a pair of corduroys. You can also try a classic watch which will add to your look. Casual look for boys is like a lifeline which saves them when they are confused about what to wear.

Gone are those days when only women where stereotyped with fashion and clothing. Today men have become more conscious and have started focusing on how they look and what they wear. Hope the above tips help you to make correct choice for your college look.

Happy smart and hot college day’s boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aqua Exercises- A new way to lose weight for youngsters and 50 pluses

Aqua Exercises

Exercising is less troubling when you’re in a pool of splashing water. It is something that not only rejuvenates your body, but also helps your mind release stress. Aquatic workout being easy has proven to be more fat burning and healing.  So dive into an all new workout routine and feel the difference.
Below are 5 aqua exercises that will help you with overall body tone.

  • Leg Raises :-

Holding on to an edge of a wall, lift your leg sideward, till you observe pressure on your side thighs. This will help tone your lower thighs.

  • Water abs :-

You can put on a tube for support and let your body float, henceforth lifting both the legs together as well as simultaneously. This will help build strength and tone the waistline and upper body.

  • Jogging :-

Water jogging is one of the easiest but effective workout for weight loss and muscle tone. It is necessary for you to be hydrated before you start water jogging.

  • Flutter Kick :-

Holding on to the edge of the pool, let you body float. Kick you leg upward, feeling pressure on your waist, love handles and thighs and calves. This exercise replicates swimming pattern, and helps you with an overall body tone.

  • Cross Knees to Elbows :-

Bring your elbow down across your body to meet your opposite knee, holding your core tight and then switch sides. You can also bounce on your toe a little to enjoy it more.
The best part about pool workout is that it is safe and easy for the people of age-group above 50. It would not only help their muscles get stronger but also help them stay fit and flexible with their regular body movements. A lot of physiotherapists recommend pool exercises for the senior citizens.

Basic health and fitness tips for water exercises-

  • Make sure you are hydrated.
  • Avoid eating heavy before or after the workout.
  • Let your diet compliment your workout plan.
  • Take care of the safety while going deep in the water.
  • Best workout can be done under the supervision of an instructor.

Famous Clubs for Acqua Exercises

Latest weight loss exercises
can be exercises can be learnt best and practiced under the training classes that goes on in the following clubs of few metro cities in India-

Lifestyle Swim and Gym
Vasant Vihar, Delhi
Budget- Rs 2500-5000
Offers- Gym, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Swimming, Aerobics and Yoga
Phone- +911133107518
You can also book a trial session.

Micky Mehta’s 360 degree gym.
Offers short term and regular courses on Aqua Aerobics
Phone- 9820094323, 23804621
For more info visitmickeymehtahbf.com/

Deccan Gymkhana
Next to Shyadri Hospital, Pune
Offers swimming and all sorts of Pool Workout training
Phone- 020-2567 5994, 020-2543 0071
For more info visit- http://www.deccangymkhana.com



It’s a hidden fact but the truth is your choice of underwear tells a lot about you. And we all ladies accept the fact that we love lingerie shopping. And the one we prefer give a glimpse of our personal mantra and style. This is a girl’s secret identity and is only seen by his partner. Whether she prefers comfort briefs to sexy or lacy panties, every girl’s panty preference gives a lot of insight into the kind of woman she is. A man can only explain that how much a woman look sexy with nice underwear. So, here Fashion trends and tips come up with latest styles which will help you and will also states what your choice of underwear says about you.

Boy Shorts


Boy Short Panties

Image Courtesy- Hewearpanties

What it says about you? : Choosing boy shorts, you are a cool, chill and a sporty girl. You always want to wear what is comfortable. And any day Superman excites you more than those family drama serials. You have that boyish factor in you. Fun loving, innovative and easy-going is what defines a girl who choose boy shorts.

Your celebrity Match Blake lively and Sonakshi Sinha



Thong Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- Aliexpress)

What it says about you? : Sexy woman is all I can say about who wears thongs. They make man go crazy. Always speak what’s on your mind and are straight forward.  You are aggressive and sometimes you might turn into a bad bitch. She’s a girl who don’t give a damn what others think about her. She is happy the way she is.

Your celebrity Match Beyonce and Kareena Kapoor

G Strings

G Strings Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate.com)

What it says about you? : A sexy woman who decides for herself what she wants to do in her life. This girl is free-spirited and dirty in bed.  You feel more comfortable with men, their company is what you find happening. And the one who always have fun in life, by keeping herself busy in hangouts or parties, that there is no room for tension and problems. They are the latest underwear designs in trends.

Your celebrity Match- Miley Cirus and Poonam Pandey

Granny Panties


Granny Panties

(Image Courtesy- Fashionista)

What it says about you? : This type of girl doesn’t try to be trendy and that old look is what she chooses for underwear. This choice clubs perfectly with rocking puffy, skin-fit dresses and super high-waisted pants. They make you look thin and take your tummy in to give a sexy look. This girl is very innocent and did not expect this meeting to end with sexy times.

Your celebrity Match- Alia Bhatt



Bikni Style

(Image Courtesy- mirror.co.uk)

What it says about you? : She will prefer doing anything for herself rather than doing for her man. You are a bit impatient and can’t tolerate if someone is talking senseless. Made for beach and not for that closed office. You are naughty and romantic but no one can take advantage of you.

Your celebrity Match- Jemima Kirke and Kangana Ranaut

Boxer Briefs


Boxer Briefs

(Image Courtesy- wheretoget.it)

What it says about you? : Confident and mature girl.  You think big. A very good and loyal friend who is always there for help. A girl who always does what she wants. You keep your head high in whatever you do.

Your celebrity Match- Deepika Padukone and Nicki Minaj

Sloganned / Words Briefs on butt

Sloganned Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate)

What it says about you? : She is the perfect pinky girl. Who goes from everything pink from clothing to electronics. You are fun and great.  She love pets and just wants to look cute.

Your celebrity Match- Katy Perry

So I hope, you got an idea what to shop depending on your choice and personality. Share your views in comments.

Happy Undies Shopping Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match your looks with your age

The thrilling teens –

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style As teens, you can bring the most excitement, just by the way you dress up. Trying funky neon color crop tops, with high waist skirts would go best with your age. Cool denim jackets paired up with your favorite cartoon character T-shirt would never be a bad idea.
Hairstyle Teenage is a trial age. You can easily pick a hairstyle that fascinates you, as well as change your look according to your choice. A perfect hairstyle idea for girls would be shoulder length dinky layers. And boys, you ought to try those perky spikes.
Footwear Collection A pair of your favorite color shoes is something you have to have in your wardrobe, guys.  Other than this, heels have always been captivating! Isn’t it, young ladies?
Accessory you may carry Hand bands and watches, be the most common accessory for young boys. And girls, you might feel compelled to try everything from your mom’s wardrobe, but why not keep it simple. Matching earrings and a cute hand accessory would always be your decent partner.
Grooming Tip Fortunate teenagers! You look naturally groomed.

The blossoming twenties-

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style This is the time where your apparel speaks for you. A pair of denim and tops for casual, dresses and maxis for night parties and an A line skirt and shirt for formals is a nice idea. And boys, enough of those funky pants, get yourself in decent denims or soothing chinos.
Hairstyle Ladies, try fringes for wide forehead and high pony to flaunt your beautiful jaw-line. And the basic hair look for men is always in the latest fashion trends for men or women.
Footwear Collection
A formal ballerina/shoes, party wear stilettos/floaters is a must in this age.
Accessory you may carry-This is something you can experiment with. Try those colorful bangles/bands and stone jewelry/pendants as something new. 
Grooming Tip
Ladies, you must have your eyebrows done every fifteen days. Men must trim their hair, beard and moustaches for a gentlemen look.


The civilizing thirties-

Latest fashion trends

Dress up styleSelect suits over semi formals, keep is easy and lock it up. Ladies choose elegancy over mere beauty; turn up sophisticated by picking up kashmirisarees, shawls, knee length kurtees, loose maxis and evening gowns.
Hairstyle Cut out on experiments. Choose your best and stick to it. Change is slightly with your apparel.
Footwear Collection Formals ought to be the backbone of your wardrobe
Accessory you may carry-Pick stones in earrings and putting on a pearl necklace always gives a rich look.
Grooming Tip Manicure and pedicure are must for men and women of this age, other make up tips for men or women include regular moisturizing and skincare.

The evergreen forties

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style- Dress as per your body type. Loose will always make you look better. Choose simple colors and less vibrant patterns.
Change it and lock it for your forties.
Footwear Collection Pick the ones with soft cushioned soles, focus more on comfort and health rather than fancy.
Accessory you may carry-A decent watch with a comparatively slim belt, pearl jewelry and rings could suit you anyway.
Grooming Tip
Try on those anti-aging creams to hide fine lines and soft wrinkles.
For more fashion trends and tips visit our website.

Stay Young and Healthy

Old age brings along stress, wrinkles, marks and what not. But, time can be rewound by following these stay young secrets we put here at Fashion Trends and Tips. It is so simple to follow and does not require any demanding trainer. Just do whatever you enjoy doing the most.

Get off your couch


(Image Courtesy- Buzzfeed)

According to a research, walking 15 minutes a day lowers the risk of diseases.  Physical exercises not only help in building bones and muscles but also boost brain power. Take out 15 minutes for a daily workout.

Give yourself a break


(Image Courtesy- MyAppleDay.com)

Studies have shown that stress is the cause of premature aging. Stress hormones lead to high blood pressure which causes the heart to beat faster. Stress constitutes a destructive chain of events such as excessive anger, insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart attacks etc.

Meditation or a relaxation state is the best remedy for this problem which involves repeating a prayer or a sound. It relaxes the body and also prevents age-related changes in the brain.

Drink Red Wine


(Image Courtesy- recipecorner)

A small amount of red wine a day can induce an essential element, Resveratrol in the body. It is found in grapes skin and assures longer lifespan. It reduces liver problems, the risk of diabetes and hence reducing obesity-related deaths. The grape seed procyanidins in red wine lower cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases.

Do Yoga


Yoga provides energy, flexibility, better posture and less stress. Yogic breathing establishes a connection between the mind and the body which further has anti-aging advantages. It detoxifies the body, oxygenating the cells improving the digestive, reproductive and the immune system which leads to glowing skin and reduced illness.

Drink Green Tea  

Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy

(Image Courtesy- Dailymail)

A cup of green tea a day not only manages weight but also rejuvenates body metabolism. It prevents lung and breast cancer. It is known to prevent remissions, colorectal and also Alzheimer’s disease. Regular intake of green tea keeps the brain sharper.

Eat a Superfruit


(Image Courtesy- Healthy motivator)

Pomegranates and Goji berry has anti-aging properties and protects the body against many diseases. Pomegranate juice reduces cholesterol and blood pressure preventing heart diseases. It also protects the skin from UV rays. Goji berry is a superfruit constituting more vitamins, calcium, magnesium, amino acids than other fruit which stimulates the growth hormone, enhances memory and improves sleep and immune system.

Do Mental Aerobics


(Image courtesy- CTVNews)

Do Brain exercise by solving crossword puzzles or other brain games which improve the functioning of both the brain hemispheres? It revives the brain and also prevent cognitive decline.

Feel the Love


(Image Courtesy- SuperTV)

The feeling of love boosts up mental and physical health. It releases hormones like oxytocin which release stress, improves the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Do not overeat

Stay Young and Healthy

Maintain a regular diet which not only maintains a figure but also boosts up metabolism. Drinking a glass of water before or after the meal prevents over eating and dehydration.

Look at the brighter side


(Image Courtesy TheWorldAsHome Blog)

A happy heart always looks beautiful. Always notice the positive side and never forget to smile.

Top 6 Sunglasses that defines your Personality

Sunglasses are the must have for everyone these days. Today, men and women alike wear sunglasses not only to protect their eyes but also to enhance their personality and accentuate their looks. Sunglasses are great fashion statements and when used in the right way, they can create wonders to enhance one’s style quotient.

There are myriad of sunglasses styles that you can experiment with. It is all about pairing the right glasses with the right kind of look. But that’s the most difficult part isn’t it? Most of the time, it is the pairing that goes wrong and turns into a disaster. But don’t worry peeps! Here is a comprehensive guide to 6 sunglasses styles in trend that all you lads can put to practise this season!


Aviators Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy-campusmediagroup

Aviators are hugely popular these days and can provide your personality with a rugged look. There are many types of aviators with the classic tear-drop being the most basic and popular model. The tear-drop aviators not only provide maximum coverage from sunlight but they are also fabulous for a rough look.

Fashion Tip: If you have a long face you might want to think twice before opting for aviators.

Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Mooshworld

Though these look amazing with formal wear and tailored blazers, round sunglasses add a quirk of older decades. They have been present in the market for a very long time but have recently come back in all the rage.

Fashion Tip: Round frames look best for oval and square face shapes.


Wayfarer Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Backwoodsfolk

Wayfarers have become a bit out of date today but they are great for providing a teensy and chunky look to any outfit. Its squarish shape gives it a fifties look. It can turn any look into a cool and effortless one.

Fashion Tip: They are great for round faces as they give a more elongated and defined look.

Transparent Shades

Transparent Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- Whatmanshouldwear blog

This is recent and modern trend which can be paired with any cool and casual outfit. They are tricky and one needs to take his time while choosing the right transparent shade.

Fashion Tip: For a safe look the peach and blue transparent frames are great options.

Green Shades

Green Shades for men

Image Courtesy- Couponraja

A very modern and edgy look, green shades are great for creating a bold yet cool statement. They look great with crisp whites, blacks and graphic prints.

Fashion Tip: One has to keep in mind the colour of all the other accessories with this look. Keep everything else subtle and you are good to go!

Geometric Shades

Geometric Sunglasses for men

Image Courtesy- TheFashionStar

Geometric Shades were in all the rage in 2015 and there is no doubt that they will continue to be very popular as latest trends and styles for men in the coming years as well. By giving your face a comic allusion, the geometric frames tend to be a tricky yet versatile accessory.

Fashion Tip: Beware, these are not very compatible with square face shapes and thus should be used with caution.