Fashion in Early 2000s

It is always refreshing to go down memory lane, when it comes to fashion.  There are so many things and accessories in your closet which love but cannot wear, as it might not be in fashion.  Early 2000’s saw fashion rehashing the styles from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Let’s glances at what was fashion in early 2000’s.

  • Wire chokers headbands:

 Fashion in Early 2000s

Do you miss your favourite headband? If you were in love with your choker headband or necklace, you will surely miss this part of your growing up days. Wire choker headbands and necklace, surely made many heads turn those days.

  • Single earrings:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Wearing single earring was quite a trend back in 2000. The earrings worn were used to make a statement. It was a hit among runway models. But today you cannot think of donning one.

  • Brooches:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Also known as the decorative pin attached on the jacket, Brooches came with a bang and then disappeared. Brooches are considered a vintage accessory as it is associated with older women. It was a hit accessory back then serving as a style statement. Brooches came in different shapes and sizes.

  • Halter Tops:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Who does not love halter tops? Halter tops were quite a rage in early 2000’s.  Fashion in 2000 saw a mix of global and ethnic culture. Halter tops are the sleeveless tops that tie around the neck.

  • Cowgirl shirts:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Back in 2000, when every other girl used to wear Cowgirl shirts. Cowgirl shirts are the chequered shirts that reminded you of good old days. Though these shirts are still in fashion, but back then it was a hit item.

  • Popcorn Shirts:

Popcorn Shirts

These were puffy kind of tees that fits to your body perfectly. Having this tee in the closet was the perfect ensemble to any outfit.

  • Fish nets:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Fish nets stockings made quite a bold fashion statement back then. Worn originally by prostitutes and strippers in Paris, these leggings were acceptable only in late 1980’s.  Girls wore it under short skirts as a style statement.

  • Frosted Lip Gloss:

Fashion in Early 2000s

Though fashion in early 2000’s seems to be outdated, some things are still cherished. For example, Frosted lip gloss, which were all over the place. Every other girl had their lips painted with frosty lip gloss.

  • Whole denim look:

Fashion in Early 2000s

As they say, too much of anything is bad. Same way, too much of denim is a no-no.  If you look back, you will realize why fashion police slammed denim on denim look.  In early 2000’s denim was aggressively promoted like denim hats, denim skirts, dresses and denim pants.

  • Layered Tank Tops:

Layered Tank Tops

Wearing 2 tank tops, one on the top of the other was fashionable in early 2000’s, but now it is no longer in fashion. It was a kind of flirty fashion statement. Sure, tank tops are still in fashion.


Early 2000’s fashion trends do bring in nostalgic moments. Things which we loved it like crazy are no longer considered fashionable! Having said that fashion has to be enjoyed and lived at any moment, whether it trends or not.

Outshine with these essential accessories this spring

Spring is acknowledged as season of growth. So if birds are ready to chirp, flowers ready to bloom then why should you fall behind the race to become frolicsome. With the rising temperatures when the lightweight joggers which are made from 100% cotton, seems the only option to wear on weekend activities, accessories can become the finishing touches to the outfit. But when your outfit consists of a lightweight T-shirt and a subtle pinstripe shorts making you feel as close to naked as you can get,  they’re the only touches that you can add making you look stylish even in your comfort zone.

So let us help you upgrade your style with the following accessories that every man should own this season.

  • Sunglasses

Spring season accessories

It is time to part your ways from wayfarer and club master sun glasses and spend some bucks on the round ones for this spring/summer season. But this shape is not suggested for those having round faces because it can make you look dreadful rather than stylish. They can try the age old favourite, aviator sun glasses which look fabulous on almost on every man on earth.

  • Baseball Caps

Spring season accessories

If you’re a street wear fan then oversized, new era- style fitted baseball cap is perfect for you. While the cap adds to your fashion quotient it also protects your charming face from harsh sun rays. However stylish it may be, but never accompany it to your office otherwise you may end up looking like an errant teenager.

  • Slip on shoes

Spring season accessories

Maintain casual, relaxed and laid-back look with lace less slip on shoes. Range of materials for spring and summer shoes have endless options with the latest styles and shapes which provide a comfortable and polished finish. You can further lighten up your shoe affair with the sand-colored or white kicks.

  • Bracelet

Spring season accessories

This season ID bracelets made from metal are very much in and even adds to the masculinity of the wearer. Layering your wrist with different types of leathers and beads also works really well. You can also choose woven wax linen bracelet adding personality to your outfit further.

  • Watch

Spring season accessories

If you are sporting a bold bracelet, the look can be balanced with the classic style watch. However hippy is your look the watch can dial it down giving an impression that you still value punctuality. If your attire is on the formal side a gold watch can be the best option. Gold has been in glory for centuries and will be in fashion for decades to come.

  • Backpacks

Spring season accessories

Can you afford to forget your laptop? The answer is no. This creates an indigenous need for backpack. The coolest backpacks to flaunt off in your office for this spring must be of soft leather. Just be cautious about putting your backpack on the delicate tailor made shoulder of your blazer. You can opt for a denim backpack on the lazy weekend to lighten up your outfit.

Pamper yourself this summer

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Tired of giving excuses about your tanned skin to friends and relatives? The harsh sun rays are taking away all the charm and glow of your skin making it essential to shield your skin. In summers, skin becomes scruffy and loses all its moisture which paves the way to tanning, pre-aging and brown spots. Following are some of the refreshing advices to keep your skim plump and healthy.

  • Scrub the tattered skin out

To get that desired gleam in your skin the most important thing is to scrub the dead skin and cleanse the pores which lead to black heads. Although there are many scrubs available in market but its best to avoid chemical and exfoliate the impurities out of your skin with the natural way right from your kitchen cabinets.

Pamper yourself this summer

  • For those having normal to dry skin applying oats pack can be very useful. Mix spoonful of oats and curd and then apply this pack on face. After the pack gets dry rub the pack with few drops of water and then wash it off. Your skin will not only be deeply cleaned but also moisturized, de-tanned and rejuvenated.

  Pamper yourself this summer

  • Wearing a sleeveless and a wide neck shirt in summer can lead to embarrassment because of the patchy skin which is an unwanted gift by the sun. Bequest your body with this scrub pack which can be easily made at home. Take a spoon of red lentils (masoor), spilt dehusked black gram lentils (dhuli urad) and rice. Soak the three in raw milk for 1-2 hours and then grind it. Add honey, few drops of lemon and rose water in the mixture and you can apply this pack on your face as well as body. After leaving it for few minutes gently rub your skin with few drops of water and then finally wash it off. You will be surprised by the result and using this pack once a week can lead you to baby soft twinkling skin. Using a toner after exfoliation followed by a moisturizer is essential for maintaining the healthy glow. You can pat your skin with rose water frequently to keep the pores closed and your skin enlivened.
  • Sun Protection

Pamper yourself this summer

Avoid going out in this rising temperature especially between 11am to 4pm. Remember whenever you go out apply a sun screen 15 minutes prior to your date with sun. Your sunscreen has to be of SPF 40 and above protecting you from UVA and UVB. In case you forget to apply sunscreen, after coming back immediately massage a slice of tomato on your skin. This will not only invigorate your skin with vitamins A, C, E, K and B6 but will cool down your sunburns. With regular use you can also reduce acne scars and its appearance. 

  • Keep an eye on what you drink and eat

Pamper yourself this summer

Your external skin is the mirror of your internal health. Therefore it is very important to maintain healthy habits avoiding fried food and alcoholic drinks. Eating lot of fruits and sprouts will not only keep you hydrated from within but also replenish your body with vital vitamins and minerals nourishing your system. Drinking 4-5 litre of water daily is vital for your body and shining skin. If you are addicted to tea and coffee double your water consumption.

Perfect eye liner (hacks and designs)

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Looking at all those Cosmo magazines and those Oh So perfect models! One can’t miss out those eyes

Staring back at you with their perfect eye liners. The sultry eyes, flawless cat eyes, Scotch tape stencils to those near perfect Almond eyes. Here we share a few tricks and techniques so you too can get those flawless eyes:

Monolid eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

Start off with a thin line at the inner corner, when lining your top lash line make a thick arch. So when you open your eyes you would have that perfect size line. We recommend using liquid or a gel liner.

Almond eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

It is advised to follow the natural curve of your eyelids. Increase the thickness of the eye liner as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Almond shaped eyes are perfect for winged eye liner.

Downturned eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

Downturned eyes are like Almond shaped, but only with a little downward tilt at the outer corners. To give it a more balanced or symmetrical look, opt for cat eyes or wing tips. Make sure you move upwards as you approach the outer corner of your eyes. Make it thin, with subtle wings and a dot of highlighter.

Round eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

Line the outer edges of your lash line to make your eyes look a little longer. Alternately, you can choose long winged liner look. It is best advised to apply liquid liner on your upper lash line, at the inner corner from where your iris starts, all the way to the outer corner. Remember, it’s all about that elongated wide eyed look.

Hooded eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

Are due to the folding over of the lid, which causes your eyes to look smaller. You would want to make your eyes look bigger with eye liner, start by applying thick liner at the outer corner of your eye, towards the lash base, continue the same between the roots of your lashes. We recommend using dark gel or pencil liner.

Close-set eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

With close set eyes, it is best to focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Using a soft eye pencil, apply a thin line at the inner corner and make it thicker at the outer corner, taking the line a bit longer than your lash line. Make sure it’s at its thinnest in the inner corner near the tear duct, as this emphasizes the closeness of your eyes.

Wide-set eyes:

 Perfect eye liner

With wide-set eyes, you want to focus on the inner corners of your eyes, to make your eyes seem closer together. Start the line by your tear duct, and avoid extending it past the outer corner of your eye, extending or thickening the end will only draw your eyes further apart. Smudge pencil lengthwise at the bottom for a night-outlook.

Protruding eyes:

Perfect eye liner

In order to push back the lid space, we recommend applying a thick liner on the top lash line. To get that balance apply shadow to the bottom lash line and then add liner.

Bold is beautiful

Remember that girl next door? Don’t traumatize others by being just a boring simple girl whom everybody misses out to notice. Rather be a virtue to girl power by being bold.

Turn your Lips into bomb:

Bold is beautiful

Lips express a lot about you even without letting your tongue make a move. So why not dress up your pout with bold colours as that of sexy red, juicy orange or bright fuchsia. Don’t act reticent by applying those natural and lighter shades rather gravitate into darker colours and leave your lips super pigmented. What you further need is a lipstick that is creamy, hydrating and has a little bit of shine. There is a misconception of applying a matching lip liner as that of lipstick. Please don’t do that sin while choosing these shades rather define your lips with the liner matching you lips. If you have thin lips then choose brighter shades instead the darker ones. Keep the rest of make-up minimal with the gaudy pout so that you don’t end up looking like a clown. Soft lids and bright lips are always a winner.

In your Eyes only:

The Eye liner

Bid adieu to using only black eye liner. Experimentation is fun and don’t hesitate in using the turquoise blue, aqua green or the colour you have been drooling in. They look so pretty and flattering making make-up cool and easy. You just need to select the right colour which compliments your eye colour. If you want a steady control you can choose a pencil liner over liquid or gel ones. To avoid looking kiddish with the coloured liners, your liner should be intact with the lash line and should be cleanly applied. Further complete this look by applying a subdued lip colour and look gorgeous even at daytime. 

Dramatic Eye shadow

Bold is beautiful

For getting that celebrity look, what your make-up bag must have is a bright eye shadow. So girls step out of the comfort zone and try purple, pink, green, peach and other vibrant colours and pop up your lid. Complement this look with the matching blush and highlight your eyes further with black liner and mascara.

The Rock star Girl look

Bold is beautiful

The hypnotizing eyes along with unfearing bright red lip colour can be killer. Be audacious and try the cat eye look by stretching your eye liner towards the outer corner of the eye making a cone. You can apply a thick line of glossy black eye liner or a fine line doing the job, these moderately bold eyes are ready to go with anywhere. Just be cautious that the liner hugs tightly with the lash line and there is no skin peeping in between.

Smokey seductive eyes are very much in vogue so go on smudge kohl eye liner on your lashes and also on the bottom line and further oomph the effect by picking fuchsia pink Popsicle for lips.

So go on girls be chic and cheerful and don’t let anyone overlook you.

Guys – Match your shoes right

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Walking into a room you can create a positive impression with your style and confidence. Your dress speaks for your personality. But the whole smartness can be wiped out in a fraction of second, if on the second look your shoe makes you look odd one out. Just as our clothes, shoes are also an important part of overall personality. It is important to match the right kind of shoes with the right dress. Wearing right shoes not just enhances the look and style but is also vital for comfort.

For traditional occasion or for formal business meeting, for a weekend trip or for an adventure outing shoes does a lot more than just protecting the foot. A shoe gives balance and adds style to the whole look. A shoe guide is there to help you select the best shoe. Colour, shape, size and quality of shoes are important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the shoes to be worn for a particular occasion.

Match your shoes right

For official occasion when men trend to wear suits, a formal shoe goes as the natural choice. Whole cuts, medallion toe whole cuts, cap toe bals and perf toe bals are the best shape and design to go with formal dress. Black and brown are the most preferred colours. These shoes in shades of black and brown will never go wrong to impress upon the client in any business event and are best suited for all the official occasion.

Match your shoes right

For men who are going for job demanding them to always follow formal dress code, can go for plain toe bluchers, monkstrap, wingtips, longwing design. These designs goes well with formal dress and at the same time are extremely comfortable and best partner of your foot for long working hours.

On a long weekend trip and for young people opting for casual wear there are multiple options to choose from. Loafers, classic sneakers, classic high top, slippers and camp mocs are few options to choose from. To suit perfectly with your best attire, shoes can be matched with the colour of the dress or one can go for neutral colours like brown, black or white.

Match your shoes right

Men need to worry as much as women to get the right match of shoes .A sports shoe, desert boots, sneakers, formal black shoes, brown boat shoes and  lace up brogue are a must have as they could be matched with any dress and occasion. Bright colours are very much in vogue and make a statement of its own. For the youth it’s a sign of their young energy and vibrant spirit. Be bold enough to break out from the neutral shades of black and brown and try out new shades in shoes.

On formal occasions, not just shoes, but socks also need to be perfectly matched. Although socks are not much visible but a mismatched colour of socks quickly stands out and could become a centre of attraction that can cause a lot of embarrassment. So it’s better to make one’s own shoe style and not leave any chance to make a good impression.

Men’s grooming products that actually work.

Want to lure a girl in your college or office? Well, then all you need to do is simply pay attention towards your grooming. Studies have shown that attractive men are more preferred by women. Gone are the days when only women spent time pampering themselves and their skin. So men stop being diffident and try these varied products of grooming available in the market.

Gillette Classic Sensitive Skin Pre Shave Foam

Men's grooming

If you have a sensitive skin and avoid shaving frequently due to the side effects of shaving cream then this one is for you. Classics are always favoured and with simple feather light smell you would not go anywhere without shaving.

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling shaving foam

 Men's grooming

This foam is very gentle on your skin and gives a cool finishing feel every time you shave which is heavenly in summers. The light bluish foam gives adequate glide to the razor while the mild fragrance leaves you refreshed.

Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming Kit

Men's grooming

Hair are loved by all but its presence in wrong places and in wrong lengths can be a big goof up. Today is the era of well groomed men and women like the one who are up to par from top to toe. Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming Kit can be answers to all the trimming needs which arise from time to time for men. This waterproof multi groomer comes with eight attachments which helps you get the ideal stubble and trims any area of your body. You can also get rid of your hairy nose with nose clipper attachment. So take this one with you on travel and tours and body hair would not disappoint you.

Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm

Men's grooming

Nivea After Shave Balm has 0% alcohol therefore you will not feel any burning sensation which are common with the after shave lotions. It relieves from instant skin burns which are created by the razor. With prolonged use, you can augment your skin’s softness and glow.

Garnier Acno Fight Face Wash for Men

Men's grooming

Who said that acne scare only girls? Men are equally tortured and using this product you can fight the six signs of acne reducing the chances of getting attacked by zits. It clears oil and dirt and with its micro beads it also clears the black heads.

Loreal Men Expert White Active Oil Control Charcoal Foam

 Men's grooming

Loreal Men Expert White Active Oil Control Charcoal Foam is reply to skin whitening, skin clarity banishing acne all in one. Its charcoal content cleanses your skin deepest pores giving you anti spot skin and its zit-zapping salylic acid stops existing and future eruptions.

Vaseline Extra Strength body and face lotion for Men

 Men's grooming

Regular use of razors makes the skin dry and unhealthy. This lotion provides a no-greasy 24- hour protection Moisturizers even the severely dry skin. Vaseline men skin care provides the apt amount of hydration making your skin give a hearty glow of health.

Listerine Coolmint Mouthwash

Men's grooming

However good looking you are but you would not go far if you have a smelly mouth. This one is amazingly effective on bad breath so if you are planning to eat raw onion or garlic in lunch but you are having a hitch because of the bad odour it causes then carry Listerine Coolmint Mouthwash in your pocket.

Clinique skin supplies for men Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel

Men's grooming

Today we spend most of our time on laptops and mobile phones which is very taxing for eyes leading to dark eye circles. This Anti-Fatigue gel is an instant booster in relieving eyes by its cooling effect and reducing dark circles. Therefore this one is must buy and ladies you can also sneak into his grooming kit for this one.

So men, If stress and pollution is freaking out your skin then try these products as the answer..