Men’s Hairstyles To Rock In This Festive Season

Men are always on the search of upcoming hairstyles to stand out among the peers.  Starting from celebrities to an average guy, everybody is on the lookout for the kind of hairstyles people are moving towards.

Short Sides and Brushed Up Top

Men’s Hairstyles

This is the popular hairstyle among college boys. It has long brushed up hair at the top and short at the sides. It looks great on boys with round faces as the brushed up top part gives the illusion of a longer face and short sides won’t round out the face. It is ready to party hairstyle.

The Side Part

Men’s Hairstyles

The hairstyle works well for men but works best with long hair, long enough to sweep over one side either on the left or the right.  This hairstyle is best suited for busy men as it takes very less or no time to make a perfect look with this hairstyle. It is a great style for men looking for a sleek and suave look.

Angular Fringe

Men’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle is also an emerging trend among models in the fashion industry.  This angular fringe hairstyle refers to a hairstyle with top layer long and cuts at an angle and sides tapered off.  It looks good on all face shapes but is best suited for round faces.

Caesar Haircut

Men’s Hairstyles
This is most suited hairstyle for short hair and is easiest to maintain. The spikes are easy to make with a small amount of dabbing gel and can be achieved in a matter of seconds. This style is highly recommended for men with the square face and best suits on formal.

Side Part Pompadour

Men’s Hairstyles

The side part pompadour has been a very famous hairstyle in fashion history and is making a comeback.  This hairstyle can be achieved with hair of various lengths.  The hair can be kept long or short at the top according to the length.  It looks both casual and trendy but at the same time it can be brushed back to look business ready.

Fade Cut

Men’s Hairstyles
This is the most classic go to look hairstyle in 2015. Fade cut refers to hairstyle with longer hair at the top and sides and back hair are tapered off to give a clean look without losing the style.  It is messy but clean and gives hair a thicker look. It’s an ideal choice for men who wants a unique style  suiting on every outfit.

Undercut Variation

Men’s Hairstyles
Undercuts are so in trend in 2015.  This hairstyle comes with endless possibilities like choppy side part, tapered backs with various disconnections and fades. It is best suited for guys who are going for more trendy or hipster look.

Medium Length Messy Hair

Men’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle is best suited for men with a broad face and  bit long hair to give a messy look. It works wonders for men with wavy hair. It suits on all kinds of outfits but looks best on casual.

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