Trends that changed the world for better

Change is inevitable. We have been hearing that nothing is constant but only change. Sometimes change can be for good. Let us have a look at the trends that changed the world.

  • Bye, Bye Minis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Minis have paved way for maxis. As fashion evolved, skirts and dresses became longer. In 1990’s, skirts and dresses replaced casual outfits and hip hop culture. British Designer Mary Quant, a pioneer in Mini skirt, describes it as a way of rebelling. As fashion changed, minis changed to Maxi’s.

  • Punk Fashion:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

The punk scene in 1970 included hairstyle, cosmetics, jewellery and clothing. Punk lovers were usually found flaunting unkempt and messy short hair, torn or tattered tees. This was their way of making a statement.

  • Power Dressing:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Dressing in 1970’s saw a new style also called as power dressing. This dressing saw women and men wearing business suits. It also suggested a way of authority when working in a male dominated profession. Though this trend no longer exists, but it is still popular in a fashionable way.

  • Handbags:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Gone are the days, when handbags used to be vanity bags with built in mirror. In 50’s and 60’s handbags became a fashion statement rather than need.70’s, 80’s and 90’s saw two types of handbags mainly for work and for outing. Today handbag is all about designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Prada among other designers.

  • Haircuts:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

20’s and 30’s saw short hairstyles for women. Women in 1940’s wore their hair under the hat or tied it in a bun. Women also wore scarves and hats or turbans in 1960’s. Men wore bowl cuts like beetles. In 1970, there came an evolution in men’s hairstyles in the form of Mohawk, punk or colored hair. Today women like to keep long tresses with middle parting or wavy hairstyles. Men are seen experimenting with their hairs like spiky or conservative office look and long braided hair look.

  • Bikinis:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

One thing that evolved for the better is the swim suit or bikinis. During World War II, fabrics were rationed and women in Europe used to wear bath suits that just showed enough skin at the waist. One piece bikini was transformed into two pieces and over the years there are designer swim suits for all sizes.

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Fashion is incomplete without the right shoes. Shoes have undergone drastic changes since decades. From high and wide heeled shoe to lace up boots in 1920’s, shoes of all types jazzed up the fashion scene. In 1960, black slip on boots made with faux leather was quite a rage.

  • Accessories:-

Trends that changed the world for better fashion

Accessories have always been a must have item in every women’s closet. Lace accents, feathers, cloches and turbans have been a popular accessory for women. Men used fedoras, golf caps automobile caps, panama hats as fashion statement. 

Fashion trends have made a style statement over years. Trends make you and style defines fashion. Trends will come and go but it is important to be comfortable in our own skin.


The world today demands something more of everything, therefore merely dressing up n wearing appropriate apparel is not sufficient but rather you need to leave a mark in the mind of the viewer by complementing your garment with alluring jewellery. Gone are the days when one used to strictly follow strict jewellery trends to match up with the style of others, but now is the time to stand out and become the trendsetter.

fashion trends and tips bridal jewelery 4

One can mismatch colours, shapes and styles and use their own creativity to create a style that best defines their true personality.The latest noticeable and acclaimed trends in jewellery are the mismatched earrings, hued brass necklaces, neck chokers, multi coloured bangles, big pendants, fore finger rings, dangling earrings, bold head gears, anklets and gold jewellery.

fashion trends and tips jewelery

Like I already said that true fashion has no definition and one should always come up with their own innovative combination and add up a hint of confidence, surely this will work out for the best. Talking of earrings first, one can explore various amalgamations by using mismatched colours, symmetries and shapes. The dangling earpieces have also been widely appreciated since these add up to the feminity and subtleness.

fashion trends and tips bridal jewelery 3

Moreover wearing earring in single ear also looks classy and different. Similarly when we talk of neckpieces, chokers have become a huge trend, along with this girls also look stunning when they create a bold statement by wearing elaborated pendants. The simplicity of a dress can be contrasted with any hued brass pendants. The head gears is the widespread trend amongst masses, they represent the indo-greek culture and look very classy. If paired correctly one can do wonders by flaunting this lavish form of jewellery.



Gold coloured accessories are also preferred since they denote royal connotations to your overall outlook, the evergreen combinations that can never go wrong with golden jewellery are black and white dresses. These two extremes can make anybody look lavish and royal.

fashion trends and tips bridal jewelery 1

The multi-colour bracelets that cover one third of the arm look superb with casual tees and denims, these bracelets can either be in spring colours like lavender and shades of pink and yellow or even neon colours. Mismatching is the new mantra for this spring-summer season.

The most essential and initial fact to be kept in mind in order to look stylish and trendy is that beauty is a state of mind which could only be achieved if we have the confidence to carry our self well and when we believe in the beauty of our untamed  and crude soul.