Fashion trends keep on changing but some trends are evergreen like Winter Coats for women. Best thing about coats is that they go well with both Indian and Western wear. You can easily wear them with Sarees, Suits, dresses, Jeans and slacks. A well fitted coat brings out your personality and at the same time makes you look elegant and stylish. So take out your coat and wear it and if you don’t have, invest in one this season. You can choose from a wide range of coats available in the market.Following are some of the popular coats:

Trench Coat: 
Once used by British Army Officers, Trench Coat is now one of the most stylish and popular coats available in the market. The classic trench coat is water resistant, Khaki, double-breasted, belted and has ten buttons.


It is also available in variety of colors, styles and fabrics like gabardine, wool-polyester blend etc, which makes it apt for both casual and formal wear. Trench coat is great for early winter and if it’s made of water resistant fabric then you can wear it during rainy season also.

Pea Coat:
In the old times, pea coat was worn by sailors and American Navies. A traditional pea coat is navy blue in color and made of wool and double-breasted. It’s also available in other colors and designs.


Important thing to keep in mind while buying a pea coat is that it should be of the right length i.e. just below the hip and should be well fitted.

Cape Coat:
It’s a sleeveless top coat. If you want to look glamorous this is the coat for you. Traditional cape coat was hooded, short from the front and long from the back and was to be tied at the neck. Women used to wear it on the dresses which normal coats would crush or hide.


But now you can choose from variety of available styles like with or without hood, poncho, belted, without belt, shawl and fabrics.

Parka Coat:
It’s a warm coat, originally worn by Eskimos.


It usually comes with a detachable fur hood and for extreme cold conditions you can also go for fur lined parka.

Wrap Coat:
It’s warm a chic coat which you can wear like a robe. It’s available in variety of styles and fabrics. Best thing about a wrap coat is that it flatters all the body shapes.

wrap coat