Items that will increase the life of your clothes and shoes

Well, the changing times have led to burgeoning in the rate of changing fashion trends. Earlier people used to invest in clothes and shoes because the fashion currents did not flourish at contemporary rates. This constantly changing fashion has given rise to cheap quality clothing being manufactured at a rapid speed. Especially, the youth always wants to stay updated in terms of fashion, they keep a check on what they adorn and how they appear. Style and fashion has become an imperative part of our lives and so, they sometimes compromise with quality over quantity.  This means that we need to take a little extra care of the clothes and shoes bought of a comparatively inferior quality, which actually is not a Hercules task.

If, you want to expand the life of your wardrobe rather than having to replace it in no time again then look around your home and you can find ample of stuff to assist you in the same task.

Some of the easy methods that do not cost big bucks to increase the life of your apparels and footwear are given below:

Wash with Care, Fashion Trends and Tips


The fundamental and most common tip for giving long life to your clothing is keeping a few simple points in your mind while washing them. Always follow the color separation method, wash light, dark and white colors in turns. This might take a little extra time but it’s worth it. Also, turn them inside out before putting it inside your washing machine. Avoid dryer whenever possible, it squashes your clothes and depletes their luster and shine. Other than that, always read the washing instructions carefully mentioned on the label.  In addition, wash them in cold Water because that also helps in increasing the life of your clothes.

Cleaning Regime, Fashion Trends and Tips


Your footwear needs time to time cleaning. Wash or dry-clean your shoes at least once in a week. What’s the most important is, do not forget to read the washing/cleaning instruction that are usually tagged along the shoe or any label placed inside the shoebox.

Use Alternatives, Fashion Trends and Tips


Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes, pants or shirts for two consecutive days. Let your footwear and clothes air out. It is an important step because it helps in keeping them odor free.

Clothes on a washing line, Fashion Trends and Tips

If you plan to wear the same set of clothes again without washing, which happens usually in case of woolen wear, then make sure that you hang them out of your closet in open air for an hour or two. Once the body odor leaves your clothes, it is equally important to fold them in a proper manner before setting them in your wardrobe. The same rule applies to your shoes; let them rest out of your shoe-rack for some time after wearing and before placing them in the rack.

Just try these tips and let us now in comments if any one of them worked for you or if you have some other tips to share.