With this winter approaching, all you know for now is either you are getting fatter or you have less winter clothes to adore. There are so less options for you and your wardrobe is fixed with the same old shades of blue jeans and black jerseys. And you are so scared of going outside the home that you consider to be wrapped around in that quilt of yoursand start enjoying the warm surroundings of your comforter than that of your friends.

Here, we bring to you this fashion and lifestyle blog which has the DIY designs incorporating all the latest fashion trends for women options using your pair of old cloths.

  1. Do your jeans


With a multitude of jeans, one often gets bored with the same solid or shaded blue and black jeans. Let’s work with those jeans. Use anXacto knife which can be used to scrape the old jean of its fabric leaving a shredded texture. Now there can be use of either a cloth of your favorite color which we are going to knit at the back end or using a fabric marker of your favorite contrast color to jeans to color the shredded part of the jeans. The other thing that you can do of your jeans is to layer it up with lace or pearls or beads in a pattern so that it blends with your outfit.


  1. With your sweatshirt

With your sweatshirt

Continue your DIY techniques by working on those sweatshirts. So are you bored of that sweatshirt? Take your sweatshirt, lets say its gray in color. In the mid section of the sweatshirt, make horizontal cuttings and on the backside you can sew any solid colored cloth. It would give you a break from your normal clothing style.


  1. Craft your coats


When you have plain coats and other outfits of which you are so pathetically bored wearing it for eternity, you don’t want to wear it for any occasion and have piled it in the collection of other unused clothes, you can apply these techniques that would add dimension to your coats and blazers and give you an authentic look. You can use pearls and stitch it over the collars like this or create a lining or craft a shape, for example, polka dots, under which you can stitch the pearls. The other thing you can do is pick up that garbage CDs and DVDs which are not of any use, cut them in triangle shape and decorate the pockets, sleeves or collars.


  1. Make your own woolen skirt to pair up with that woolen stockings


The last technique that we are going to bring up is the crafting a woolen scarf into a skirt. You can follow the steps shown in the figure which can be used to style. The otherway is using an old pair of solid or patterned sweatshirt with a deep V-neck and wrap it around your waist. The steps can be followed as below.


Thus, these styles can be used anytime which would not only bring a style to your look but will also be cheap to your pockets.