Squeeze into your “Closet Jeans”

“Closet Jeans” changes closet? – Yes! I am talking about the pair that doesn’t fit you now and your closet has been sheepishly hiding it away from you or probably by now you have made up your mind to discard it soon.

If the thought of “Flab to flat” has struck your mind each time you went shopping then you’re suffering from Zero calories burnt syndrome. ZCB syndrome mainly starts in early twenties and continues to stick to one’s daily regime until a strong motivation (Cousin’s wedding becoming “OMG so fat YOU” by peers and aunts) attacks that person’s will, leading to a sudden chain reaction which results in voluntary body movements and the procrastination comes to an end.


Fret not, here’s an easy way out to slimming down:

Know your trouble areas before you begin your workout, make sure you target your troubled areas and then start your workout. Cardio is a must before you begin to come in shape.

Let’s start with a T.E.N Minutes work out! 10- T.E.N :O


3 minutes – STRETCH IT OUT

#30 toe touches

#5-6 times Sun Salutation sequence (popularly known as “Surya Namaskar”) is the best for stretching [Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor have followed Sun Salutation sequence and lost pounds like water from tap]

Here’s a demo:

Stretch triceps, scapulae, quadriceps & calves

Beginner Phase 1


2 minutes Maggie? Nooooo…   instead go for 2 minutes Abs workout



2 minutes jogging- “plug in and roll”

Right music is a must for a workout. Make sure you plug into rock music which keeps you going.


Keep this workout rolling for 5 days and then switch to Beginner phase II – Each work out needs to be continued for 5-6 days before you make a switch to a higher level. Here’s a schedule for you, simple and gradually the number keeps increasing. Note: The basic workout remains same, only figures change. You can add challenges to your work out whenever you think you are getting used to the routine.

exercise schedule

Lastly, When in doubt – PLANK IT OUT ! 🙂

** Inner thigh workout: