Pieces to make you look chic even in basics

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I often hear girls talking about what’s in and what’s not in the fashion industry and follow it blindly, fashion is suppose to be use as a guide and not an obligation. It’s necessary to look above trend and understand the body type. Blending your own style with trend will make you stand out and feel good. Now that, it’s established that fashion is not uniform for everyone and a simple change can enhance your look, let’s merge basics with different pieces to get a stunning look. Rolling sleeves differently, pairing right jeans or adding accessories like scarf or necklaces are all going to help enhancing the look.

Fashion trends and tips

Blazers have always been more on the side of formals or seen as a part of uniforms but it’s time to flash your graphic or plain t-shirt combine with Jean short along with a blazer to get a casual yet classy look. Alternatively a blazer will look impressive over a dress just don’t forget to wear a nice pair of stilettos and carry a shiny clutch. You are good to rock any party with it.

Basic shirts are found in every wardrobe and sadly are used for office and office only, not any more, mingle these shirts with printed skirts or pants, carry an over sized clutch to make you ready for a date. Wait! There is more, these printed skirts will go just fine with basic silk top along with a sling bag. This will definitely prepare you for a day out with your girlfriends.

Casual dresses have always given a monotonous look which can be easily changed by adding subtle accessories like necklace, bracelets, a slim belt or even colorful bangles. Don’t blend them all together as less is always more. Attractive yet subtle way of accessories will give you a stunning look.

Fashion trends and tips

Handbags are very handy from huge to sling to clutch, all the types help you look stylish and are useful to keep your personal items. It’s a win-win situation.

Intelligent style play can help you get multiple look with one piece of clothing. This statement is absolutely true when it comes to scarves. Get ready to wrap yourself in pretty prints, fluorescent, strips, plain, knitted or multicolored scarves I can go on and on about it but I guess you got the idea.

Fashion trends and tips

Scarves are best to warm yourself in winters and add style in summers. It can be worn in different ways to enhance your casual attire, over a dress or simply to your work dress.

Create your own style by being innovative and being confident in your own skin. What matters is how you carry yourself in the outfits irrespective of trends. Create your own statement and shine!


The freezing temperatures and cool air can’t stop us from experimenting with our looks and styles. So, ladies! Get ready to get dressed in the most elegant way, as we have brought some fantastic mix and match options for dressing, that will make you look effortlessly chic and make your winters classy and will keep you warm. Now here are some lastest fashion trends for women on how you can pull together different items in the most stylish way.

Women Winter Collection

You can also choose from the variety of collections from an ecom website like Snapdeal.com, Jabong.com, Koovs.com, etc.

Leggings Pair-up

Women Winter Collection
Image Credit:(dramatizebyaamra)

Tight leggings must be a part of every wardrobe. The reason being, it can be clubbed with different types of clothing. Like these black leggings can be wore with over-sized coats, paired with ankle lengthy boots that will make you look classy.  Or you can just go for sweatshirts and sneakers with a muffler for a casual look.

 Scarves Styling

Women Winter Collection

Image Credit: Trendin

Go for printed or simple scarves from Jabong.com. They give a very elegant look and also keep you warm in cold. Pair them with a simple tee, a cool cardigan and ripped jeans. Add sports shoes to this for a funky look. You can even tuck your scarf, under a belt over a plain tee. This way, you’ll be warming up those legs while looking simply adorable.

Evergreen Leather Jackets

Women Winter Collection

Image Credit: lacafele

Leather jackets are every women’s first choice and never go out of fashion and this winter, Snapdeal is offering you, to choose from these unique styles. You can go for different colors according to your choice. Pair them with over striped top and leather pants to give an elegant look. You also go for a nice pair of big fuzzy boots.

Boyfriends Jeans in Fashion

Women Winter Collection

Image Credit: Bodacious

Go for boyfriends jeans with long boots and a shirt and put your hair down. You are all set to fight the freezing temperature outside. Add muffler to this look if required.

Styles in Ankle Booties

Women Winter Collection

Image Credit: divinecaroline

If you want to wear a dress, just add ankle booties and a blazer to it. If you’re going out in daytime, wear sunglasses that best suits your face. Also try out winter tunics, they can be worn as a dress or you can add leggings to it.

Knits on-the-go

Women Winter Collection

Image Credit: aol.com

Knits are the to-go option for winters. The knit set comes in various variety you can go for shimmer or printed and simple knits and many other, paired with a nice pair of shoe. You can go for a bun or open hair whatever suits you the best. A simple yet trendy look is the wish of every woman. Go for an adorable chunky sweater, it is comfortable and looks adorable, match it with the bright scarf. Pair this sweater with black leggings and boots.

All-seasons Animal Print

Women Winter Collection

Image credit: heeyfashion

Animal print is a print for all seasons now. Try out animal print leggings with ethnic shoes. It might sound odd, but just dress it up and see yourself in the mirror you will amazed  with this amazing look and combination. Just follow this link and know what’s trending this season

Pleated Mini Skirts

Women Winter Collection

If you want to try something different for a party or date, go for a pleated Midi skirt and cardigan weather. Pair them with classic pumps and neck scarf. Your look will surely make you look unique and stylish. Don’t be surprised if other party-goers are jealous of you! You can look for the affordable prices for the same at Koovs

Happy Mix and Match Winters ladies!!! If you have some latest winter women’s fashion, please share in comments or join us at Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.


Scarves are the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both men and women. They are available in wool, silk, pashmina, polyester blend, cotton etc and in variety of designs and shapes like square or rectangle, long or short. Though they can be worn throughout the year, winters are the time when we actually cannot do without them. Thick knitted or woolen scarves are great for winters. No matter the kind of scarf you wear, it adds to your style and make you look smart and trendy. A single scarf can be worn in different ways and can transform the way you look.

Following are some the popular ways to wear a scarf for both men and women:

how to wear a scarf


Video Credit: Nordstrom
The European or Slip knot:

This is the classic way and a popular way to wear a scarf. Fold the scarf in half, put it around your neck so that the loop is on your left side and the two ends on the right hand side. Pull the two ends through the loop and adjust the knot.

The Pretzel Knot:

Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck so that the loop is on your left side and the two ends on the right hand side. Pull first the one end through the loop to the left side and then pull the second end from the loop to the right side.

The Infinity Knot:

Put the scarf around the back of your neck, the two ends should be hanging in the front. Tie one corner from either side to each other. Twist the tied end pull it over your neck and adjust it.

The Cow Girl Style Knot:

You need a square scarf for this knot. Fold the scarf diagonally and tie a knot behind your neck, adjust the scarf and then bring the both ends in front and tie a knot on the left hand side.

The Side Knot:

Fold the scarf diagonally and bring the scarf around the back of your neck and tie the on the left side, in the front.

The Classic Knot:

If you are using the square scarf fold the square scarf diagonally and then fold it again and collect it in your hand, put the scarf around the back of your neck, make a loose knot from the left end pull the right end of the scarf from the left knot and adjust the scarf.

Kimono Knot:

Fold the scarf rectangle. First tie the both ends of the right hand side and then tie the both ends of the left hand side. Drape it over the shoulder and put your arms through the holes and wear it like a kimono.


how to wear a scarf for men

Video Credit : MaennerStyle
The Simple Drape:

Just put the scarf around your neck and see that both sides are equal on the front side.

The Classic Once Around:

Put the scarf around your neck so that it drapes longer at the right side and shorter at the left hand side. Take the right side of the scarf from the front bring it round the neck so that the both sides of the scarf are equal.

The Chest Warmer:

Drape the scarf around the neck so that the both sides are equal. Now bring the left end to your right side and right end to your left side.

The Ascot or Cravat Knot:

Wear the scarf around the neck. Put the right end over the left end of the scarf. Pull the right end from the underneath loop. Place the right end over the left end and adjust the scarf.

The European or Parisian Knot:

Fold the scarf in half; put it around your neck so that the loop is on your left side and the two ends on the right hand side. Pull the two ends through the loop and adjust the knot.

The Fake Knot:

Drape the scarf over your shoulder with the right end longer than the left end. Make a loose knot at the right end and slip the left end through it and tighten the knot.

So get ready to JAZZ UP your outfits with scarves…