Bold is beautiful

Remember that girl next door? Don’t traumatize others by being just a boring simple girl whom everybody misses out to notice. Rather be a virtue to girl power by being bold.

Turn your Lips into bomb:

Bold is beautiful

Lips express a lot about you even without letting your tongue make a move. So why not dress up your pout with bold colours as that of sexy red, juicy orange or bright fuchsia. Don’t act reticent by applying those natural and lighter shades rather gravitate into darker colours and leave your lips super pigmented. What you further need is a lipstick that is creamy, hydrating and has a little bit of shine. There is a misconception of applying a matching lip liner as that of lipstick. Please don’t do that sin while choosing these shades rather define your lips with the liner matching you lips. If you have thin lips then choose brighter shades instead the darker ones. Keep the rest of make-up minimal with the gaudy pout so that you don’t end up looking like a clown. Soft lids and bright lips are always a winner.

In your Eyes only:

The Eye liner

Bid adieu to using only black eye liner. Experimentation is fun and don’t hesitate in using the turquoise blue, aqua green or the colour you have been drooling in. They look so pretty and flattering making make-up cool and easy. You just need to select the right colour which compliments your eye colour. If you want a steady control you can choose a pencil liner over liquid or gel ones. To avoid looking kiddish with the coloured liners, your liner should be intact with the lash line and should be cleanly applied. Further complete this look by applying a subdued lip colour and look gorgeous even at daytime. 

Dramatic Eye shadow

Bold is beautiful

For getting that celebrity look, what your make-up bag must have is a bright eye shadow. So girls step out of the comfort zone and try purple, pink, green, peach and other vibrant colours and pop up your lid. Complement this look with the matching blush and highlight your eyes further with black liner and mascara.

The Rock star Girl look

Bold is beautiful

The hypnotizing eyes along with unfearing bright red lip colour can be killer. Be audacious and try the cat eye look by stretching your eye liner towards the outer corner of the eye making a cone. You can apply a thick line of glossy black eye liner or a fine line doing the job, these moderately bold eyes are ready to go with anywhere. Just be cautious that the liner hugs tightly with the lash line and there is no skin peeping in between.

Smokey seductive eyes are very much in vogue so go on smudge kohl eye liner on your lashes and also on the bottom line and further oomph the effect by picking fuchsia pink Popsicle for lips.

So go on girls be chic and cheerful and don’t let anyone overlook you.