Your prefect nude look

With spring circumventing the corners, nude look is much adored! From workplace to club hopping to the Saturday night hangouts, this look is an impeccable statement. The minimal-do look is easy to wear but, to get the perfect chord you need to melange the palette with a lot of intricacy.

Check on what needs to be added to your beauty kitty to get the perfect nude look -:


The foremost move is prepping of the base that leaves you even tone. Since it’s nearly no makeup look, going perfect with the base is a demand. Apply just as much required to cover the blemishes and pick what almost blends with your skin tone.


Gals go bold with the eye brows! Use an eyebrow pencil to shape it well. This makes it well defined and adds to the look.


Enhance the eyes really well! Volumize it with a mascara and shape it lush with a liner. Go mellow with the shadow and you look stellar. The eye shadow can have a little shimmer but, remember only little. Some also prefer the smoky eye wear and it adds the perfect zing to the look too.


This is one place where you could go bold! Using bold shades like blood red, black etc gives the perfect outlining and finesse to the complete look.


This look is often done with a lesser brown shade but, that’s not necessary. Pick a shade that resembles your natural lip shade, it could range from a matte baby pink to rosy brown. If you sink in with a matte shade make sure you use a moisturizer inclusive one or just finish it with applying a lip balm. Another call could be to just use a natural shade gloss as the crux is to just go light with the make-up.


The look is so classy and peppy at the same time! One must go subtle with accessories as well so that the look does its shootout. This does not mean any jewels, just go minimal with it.

The nude look is simple yet bold!

Playing minimum with the shades is what this look is all about. It is simplicity at its best but, one needs to be well versed with its keynotes.


Nail Art has become a CRAZE these days and no doubt it’s one of the easiest ways to jazz up your look. If you have been wanting to try Nail Art, but avoiding it because it’s too difficult to try at home, then Think Twice.. Yeah that’s right!  Its really simple, all you need is a little bit of CREATIVITY and you can easily try polka dots, flower patterns, dual-tones, glitters and many more awesome patterns, that too without any fancy tools 🙂

Polka Dots:The ultimate classic and perfect for the beginners..

Things you will need :

Base coat, Nail polish colors-Black, White, Silver (or any other colors which you like) Top coat, Toothpick or a Bobby pin & Scotch Tape

FLower, Rainbow,Sqaure, Mouse and geometrical designs:

Things you will need:

Base coat, Nail polish colors-which you like, Top coat and a Toothpick or a bobby pin

Party Nails #1: Apt  for the parties and special occasions

Things you will need:

Base coat, Nail polish colors -Pink, Glitter, Silver and Top coat

Party Nails #2:

Things you will need:

Base coat, Nail polish colors -Blue, Chunky Glitter, Silver, Toothpick, Star studs and Top coat

Tips for the NAIL ART

  • Prep your nails with a nice manicure. If you have very short or bitten nails then it’s better to use artificial nails as you need space for the design.
  • Always start with a base coat to protect your nails, it will also help the nail polish to stay longer and will prevent it from chipping. Let it dry completely before starting with the nail art
  • Apply light color as a base and use the dark color for creating patterns or vice versa
  • Use stick-on stones or stars for a nice effect
  • Use nail polish remover to clean any polish application mistakes
  • Finish with a top coat to protect the nail art

So what are you waiting for, get ready to show off your ARTISTIC SIDE with NAIL ART 🙂