Winter is on and we ladies get excited what to try for this new season. We have for you some beauty tips for winter that will make you beautiful and will also get you a chance to win Makeup Kit. Go for a natural no makeup makeup look and mail your winter makeup tips, pics or videos at and like our page to win.

Natural look is all about a perfect skin and fresh glow. There are the days when you don’t want to be ‘too done’ rather keep it simple and go for a natural look. It’s always in style, no matter at what time of the day you put it; day or night. And to make your “no makeup makeup look” pocket-friendly ShopClues brings you a range of makeup products with offers and discounts. Follow these simple and quick steps on makeup ideas in winters before you step out in this cold weather:-

Step 1: Clean your face with a face wash or cleanser:

Winter Makeup Tips

It exfoliates your skin and makes it look fresh. Apply a moisturizer to warm up and even out your skin. Grab this deal from Shopclues where you get these beauty products with upto 30% discount. You can also use a liquid foundation with a dewy finish. Always apply moisturizer and foundation with a sponge. Instead of foundation you can even go for a BB cream.

Step 2: Use Concealer With SPF:

Winter Makeup Tips

To cover up any flaws on your face use a concealer with SPF between 15 to 30, which you can again get on Snapdeal as well. The trick is not to use it too much. For blemishes, dab a bit of it, blend it well using your fingers, and build up coverage in thin layers. For dark circles, apply it smoothly under your eyes, and then gently pat with a finger to blend.

Step 3. Go for an Oil Absorbing Powder:

Winter Makeup Tips

If you feel that your face is too much shiny, go for an oil absorbing face powder. Swirl on foundation in a circular motion, this will give an undetectable mask and not a powdery look.

Step 4: Natural Blush:

Winter Makeup Tips

To go for a natural blush on your cheeks. Apply Cream blushes in warm peaches or pinks. Gently blush it only on the apples of your cheeks. Always make sure that the edges are perfectly blended out.

Step 5: Curl your Lashes and apply Mascara:

Winter Makeup Tips

Curl your lashes with a curler to give your eyes a fresh, awake, defined look and just swipe them by giving one coat of mascara which is easily available on Snapdeal and other ecom websites.

Step 6: Natural Eye Shadow:

Winter Makeup Tips

Apply a light color or neutral eye shadow that enhances the look of your eyes. You can even go for a soft, brownish touch. Go easy with the shades because the look should make people notice your eyes not your eye shadow.

Step 7: A Brighter Lip-Color:

Winter Makeup Tips

Now choose a lip-color that’s just brighter than your natural lip-color. It will complement your natural skin tone. You can even go for a lip balm or gloss.

So, ladies here is a quick video from us.

Now its your turn, go ahead to mail your winter makeup tips or makeup pics or videos at and like our page. The most useful and lucky one will get the chance to win a makeup kit. Don’t forget to like our page to enter the contest.

Best Lip-shades for winters

Winter comes with a hot and sexy looks. This sexy look is enhanced by the shades you choose for your clothes or makeup. Lip-shades are one of those choices to be made carefully in winters to keep your glamour on top. This fashion tip for winters will surely help you chose lipstick shades in trends through beauty and fashion blog.


Pink Blush

Best Lip

Pink Blush is a light pink color with mauve shade. It is a medium toned lipstick and also easy to apply. It gives a glossy look and has no shimmers. The key ingredients of this lipstick are Aloe Vera and jojoba.  It stays for long hours and even after fading it leaves a pinkish tint.  It suits to all skin tones.


Bruised Plum

Best Lip

Bruised plum is dark red color lipstick with fine pink shade and ruby micro-shimmer. It’s a shade best suited for a classy party look. The color stays for five-six hours and it goes on opaque.


English Rose

Best Lip

This color gives a rich and moisturized look to the lips. It has shimmers and the texture is smooth and creamy. The color is a fine rosy pink color which goes on everybody from fair skin tone to dusky skin tone. It lasts for five-six hours and also fades evenly.



 Best Lip

It’s a dark and deep burgundy color with a brown shade. It goes on opaque and has a frosted finish. It goes no opaque and does not settle on lip lines. Its metallic version gives a gorgeous look.


Creamy Fuchsia

Best Lip

As the name suggests, this lipstick color has a creamy texture with a perfect mix of pink and little purple. It gives a vibrant look and may not go on all skin tones. It applies well on the lips and lasts long. It has a nice finish and strong pigmentation.


Flaming Orange

 Best Lip

This is a beautiful orange color with a coral hint. This color gives  a smooth and  creamy texture. It imparts a glossy and healthy look to the lips. It has shimmer and the intensity of the color can be enhanced by applying more number of shades. It has good pigmentation and also doesn’t leaves stains on the lips.


Earthy Brick

Best Lip

The velvety matte of this earthy brick lipstick gives lips a lustrous look. It’s a perfect blend of red and dark brown color. It gives a soft, creamy, buttery texture which can be applied easily on lips. It goes on opaque and one swipe of the lipstick gives a perfect color shade. It stayed long for almost 5-6 hours but is leaves stains.


Berry Pink

Best Lip

Berry Pink leaves a unique pink color on the lips. This color suits to all skin tones. It is not a very bold color can be worn for a casual outing. Two or three swipes are required to enhance the intensity of the shade. It has a perfect shiny texture and doesn’t leave stains. It has a slight shimmer and can be used instead of using lip gloss.


Cherry Red

 Best Lip

This is the most amazing shade for the people with fair skin tone. The bold red color gives a stunning look and has good pigmentation. It has cocoa butter content which gives prevent the lips from getting dehydrated. Please share some more makeup ideas for the season with Fashion Trends and Tips.