Guys – Match your shoes right

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Walking into a room you can create a positive impression with your style and confidence. Your dress speaks for your personality. But the whole smartness can be wiped out in a fraction of second, if on the second look your shoe makes you look odd one out. Just as our clothes, shoes are also an important part of overall personality. It is important to match the right kind of shoes with the right dress. Wearing right shoes not just enhances the look and style but is also vital for comfort.

For traditional occasion or for formal business meeting, for a weekend trip or for an adventure outing shoes does a lot more than just protecting the foot. A shoe gives balance and adds style to the whole look. A shoe guide is there to help you select the best shoe. Colour, shape, size and quality of shoes are important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the shoes to be worn for a particular occasion.

Match your shoes right

For official occasion when men trend to wear suits, a formal shoe goes as the natural choice. Whole cuts, medallion toe whole cuts, cap toe bals and perf toe bals are the best shape and design to go with formal dress. Black and brown are the most preferred colours. These shoes in shades of black and brown will never go wrong to impress upon the client in any business event and are best suited for all the official occasion.

Match your shoes right

For men who are going for job demanding them to always follow formal dress code, can go for plain toe bluchers, monkstrap, wingtips, longwing design. These designs goes well with formal dress and at the same time are extremely comfortable and best partner of your foot for long working hours.

On a long weekend trip and for young people opting for casual wear there are multiple options to choose from. Loafers, classic sneakers, classic high top, slippers and camp mocs are few options to choose from. To suit perfectly with your best attire, shoes can be matched with the colour of the dress or one can go for neutral colours like brown, black or white.

Match your shoes right

Men need to worry as much as women to get the right match of shoes .A sports shoe, desert boots, sneakers, formal black shoes, brown boat shoes and  lace up brogue are a must have as they could be matched with any dress and occasion. Bright colours are very much in vogue and make a statement of its own. For the youth it’s a sign of their young energy and vibrant spirit. Be bold enough to break out from the neutral shades of black and brown and try out new shades in shoes.

On formal occasions, not just shoes, but socks also need to be perfectly matched. Although socks are not much visible but a mismatched colour of socks quickly stands out and could become a centre of attraction that can cause a lot of embarrassment. So it’s better to make one’s own shoe style and not leave any chance to make a good impression.