5 New Year’s Eve Party Looks that Compliment your Favorite Drink

The New Year’s celebration is still on. It is that time of the year when the party animals get the real voila! Time to party and say bonjour to 2016. Drinks are something that is embedded to any party and all of us have a specific binge on certain stuff so why not try some latest fashion trends that compliments your favorite cocktail.

Here are some dazzling New Year party eve’s outfits in trends that will make you dazzle equally as your cocktail.


Party Looks

This drink is a perfect combination of energy and class and nothing compliments it better than


A red skin fit tunic would be an ideal choice to compliment champagne and a blood lips shall be an icing on the cake. Since the color itself is a style statement, fewer accessories would let the dress speak more. So ladies paint it red!


Party Looks

Vodka is a favorite amidst many. It is elite and has the spunk.

A ‘simple yet stylish’ look would perfectly blend with this colorless cocktail and take you on a high. You could play with your hair do to add the spunk and pencil point footwear would be ideal to highlight it even more.


Party Looks

These small ones are the party bombs, small yet power packed!

Some short attire would be a bang on for these shots. The pick could be a skin fit mini skirt with a crop top or a fit top. Since tequila could get you really high it is better to avoid long drapes because you may simply want to burn the dance floor after a few tequila shots!


Party Looks

MARGARITA, wow the name itself is so feminine. A sari would be the correct hit with this drink. “Saree for a New Year’s Eve bash, are you kidding “, if this is what you just struck you then look at this ladies.

A sexily draped saree can make you look ethnically the sexiest of the lot. But remember it is a New Year bash so keep the accessories soft and minimal.


Party Looks

Beer is a casual and hep stuff so attire that would suit this would be a chick look.

A casual look with a bright denim shorts with a shirt will be good to go. You can also dress it up with a coat to enrich the look.

When it comes to parties we all embrace the feel of being the highlight. But, it’s cool to be stylish than be the fashionista! To look stylish you need to be in what really makes you comfortable and remember to wear the biggest jewel, your attitude. These fashion trends and tips will surely pave way for a fashion brimming New Year!


Nice crisp cold winter has arrived! Boots are the latest trends for women’s fashion. What I love about boots is that they not only make us look stylish but also keep us warm. You can easily choose from a wide range of winter boots as they are available in variety of styles from ankle to knee length and materials like leather, canvas, rubber, fur and swede. Although there is no limit to the variety of boots you can add to your closet, it’s wise to invest in one pair of good quality boots in black or tan color, as they will go with most of your outfits. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to wear your boots for long hours, make sure that they are comfortable. Following are some of the must have boots:

Ankle Length Boot or Booties:

Winter Women's Boots

Image Credit: divinecaroline


They are the latest winter style in women’s fashion. Ankle boots are available in wedges, flats, stilettos, kitten heels etc. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, pants, long flowy dresses, skirts and mini-skirts. Though these boots look great with each attire, don’t try to wear them with knee length dresses as they can make you look short. But if you have to, you can wear your knee length dress with high heel ankle boots. You can also make your legs appear longer by wearing the same color leggings as your boots.

Calf Length Boots:

Winter Women's Boots

Image Credit : Gorgeautiful


Calf length boots are the classic winter boots. These boots go well with jeans and leggings. You can tuck your skinny jeans in them or wear them under your boot cut jeans or even pants. One thing to keep in mind while buying these shoes is that they should not look too wide at the calf and fit snugly. They can also cut your height at the calf so if you are short then buy a pair with high heels to look taller.

Knee Length Boots:

Winter Women's Boots

Image Credit: Gorgeautiful

If you want to make a fashion statement these are the boots for you. These boots can be worn with almost anything and make you look taller and elegant. But if you are short than buy a pair without any horizontal embellishment as they can make you look short. 

No matter what your style is, a great pair of boots can always add to your style in winter women’s fashion. So tell us what kind of boots you like or would love to have…