Man’s beard and facial hair trends for 2016

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Who says fashion is only for women , even men have the right to look the best. As time passes fashion changes from clothes to hair and the same goes for men’s beard style. They also keep experimenting with their looks from time to time. Here are some new entries into the fashion fiesta.

Let’s look out for some of the out of the league beard styles for men :-

  • The shorter long beard :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

For those who have extensive facial hair growth , this style will perfectly suit you guys out there. While it might take a lot of patience to let your facial hair grow completely but when things will work out, it will be completely worth the wait. It will give you a little rugged look, the beard will follow the shape of the face and the bottom of the beard lies two inches below the chin.

  • The short beard :-

The short beard

If you want a in between look varying from a coarse and long beard to a subtle look , then this short beard look can completely justify your needs. Short beard would not require a lot of grooming and trimming, so it would be easy to take care of them.  A short beard is a versatile style, it gives you a rugged and smarter look altogether. The shape follows the face’s angles and the beard is kept close to the cheeks.

  • The mustache: –

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

Mustache suits most of the men out there, giving them a gentlemen look. There can be various twists which you can bring out in your style. For this style you need to have a more pronounced growth on the upper lips.

  • The stubble :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

For men who don’t want overgrown hair on their face this is something to look out for. Let your hair grow till it gets itchy and see that the growth follows on your bone structure and don’t trim in that area , rest you can wet shave everything else.

  • Sideburns :-

Man’s beard and facial hair trends

Also known by the name sideboards , side whiskers and mutton chops. Side burns suits most of the face shapes but totally go for ones with long faces. Once you get a growth of almost two weeks shave off your neck and face taking care that you have to leave behind a good bunch near your side burns, followed by trimming off your burns to our desired length and finally cleaning off the bottoms of the burns.

I am sure you would certainly try some of these beard styles till you find the best for you.


Bollywood inspired fashion looks for 2016

Bollywood has is what we all look up to for fashion trends. The Manish Malhotra lehenga that Kareena Kapoor wears or the Sabyasachi dress that Deepika adorns is what everyone else also wants to wear. Bollywood has been the biggest trendsetter and today we bring you the biggest Bollywood trends for 2016.

  • Bold red lips

Bollywood Fashion

One of the biggest trend of 2016 is red lips. All celebrities are happily taking this trend to red carpets and we love it. Simple and elegant dresses with bold red lips is what celebrities are wearing for the fashion events.

  • The cape trend

Bollywood Fashion

One trend that has been a big hit is the capes. The celebrities are making a style statement with this trend everywhere. Be it the cape over saree or cape suits or cape jackets. Bollywood has loved the cape trend and we give this trend a thumbs up too. 

  • Pretty pastels

Bollywood Fashion

Pastel colors are in this season. With Marsala being the color for last season, we saw Marsala on everything. From Marsala lips to Marsala dresses but this season is all about pastels and nudes.

  • Boot cut jeans

Bollywood Fashion

Skinny jeans are all out now because the boot cut jeans are back in fashion. Get your 80’s look with boot cut jeans. Our Bollywood celebrities are happily taking this trend forward and are spotted in funky boot cut jeans on airports and shopping trips.

  • Fringes

Bollywood Fashion

If you have been thinking of what haircut to go for off lately, it is the fringe trend that is back in vogue. Fringes are what all celebrities preferring these days. Fringe trend is the biggest hit for the season.

  • Face baking

Bollywood Fashion

With contouring and highlighting being the biggest trends for 2015, 2016 is all about baking. So if you are thinking of pots and pans full of foundation, you need to understand baking is a technique of makeup and our Bollywood industry loves it. 

What you will never throw out from your closet

“You don’t wear half of this stuff. Just throw them away.” Mother said.

Not happening Mom, I won’t throw any of my stuff whether I wear it or not.”

I am sure every girl can relate with above conversation because I surely do. Be it a 13 year or a 25 year old, we, girls, are really possessive about our clothes. However some of the things are absolutely requisite in our wardrobe.

Throw out from your closet

Beginning with Chambray shirts and plaid up button, these can be wrapped around your waist or can be casually worn as jacket and shirt and they go with jeans, slacks or skirts.

Throw out from your closet

Another necessity is the denims (light or dark), they can be easily dressed up or dressed down. A white crisp shirt in your closet can be layered under sweater or dress and are thumbs up professional as well as a go out look. One item that’s certain in every girl’s wardrobe is black denims; it goes with every color including black itself.

Throw out from your closet

Whether for warm and stylish winters or the summers, your wardrobe should certainly have some basic color scarves to keep you warm or save from heat. Ready to travel and a basic that always comes handy with everything is a tunic sweater. It keeps you warm enough and comfortable moreover it gives a presentable look.

A leather jacket (preferably simple in black, grey or neutral color) All you have to do is throw it on your outfit and its done.

Throw out from your closet

Summers are coming along, you need to keep printed dresses as prints are always in year after year. I love the long maxi skirts which can be paired with tank tops and can be worn as dresses too.

Throw out from your closet

Since denim makes us hot so it’s time to shift to capri cargos which goes with shirts, t-shirts both.

Throw out from your closet

Cannot forget to mention classic white sneakers, they are comfortable and always go with  every outfit.

Throw out from your closet

Another must is black pumps, you can wear them in summers, winters or fall, can be worn with denims, dress, shorts or skirts.

Throw out from your closet

I definitely can’t buy dozens of sandals to match with my outfits so that brings me to nude sandals as they go with every outfit and give a classy look.

Wait! Am I forgetting something, yep it’s totes, they are very important, throw your laptop, make up and all basic or non basic items in it and comes in handy while travelling. Brand or no brand, a tote is a must in your closet.  Also stock some subtle accessories to mingle your simple look and make it stylish.

These are some of the items that will keep you up with the weather yet stylish.

Take care of your skin with these simple tips on Holi

Holi tips

As the festival of colors peeks at us from just around the corner, the preparations for it start with a big bang. Right from invites to dresses, everything is to be prepared for. In times like these tips can be heard from all around- “don’t forget to apply coconut oil”, “use only herbal colors”, “cut long nails and wear dark nail paint”.  But still no amount of tips can ensure the safety of your skin. And yet we try. Here are some of the uncommon tips to take care of your skin this Holi

Holi tips

Cover your body with clothes as much as possible. This is as to prevent the seeping in of the toxins too quick. Full sleeved thick Kurtis and leggings work best as an outfit. Make sure it looks good though.

Holi tips

  • Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Using Lemon to scrub yourself in your post Holi rituals may result in a color-free skin the next day.

Holi tips

  • Chemicals + Water + Sun = So much tan. Apply a layer of sunscreen over your coat of moisturizer to prevent the body from tanning or absorbing toxins.

Holi tips

  • Multani Mitti is popular as an absorbent as well as getting rid of dead skin and giving your pores space to breath. Thus it makes a perfect face pack for the post Holi relaxing time.

Holi tips

  • Another lovely alternative as a face mask is a paste you can prepare at home by mixing curd, sandalwood, turmeric and white flour. It is sure to freshen your skin the right way.

Holi tips

  • Do NOT use hot water for the shower after your Holi rituals. Hot water is capable of demoisturizing your skin and making it dry and lifeless. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Holi tip


  • In case of worst case scenario, if the color is absolutely stubborn, one can dab a little bit of kerosene oil on the color to bleach it out. Although too much of it may make your skin dry.

Holi tips


  • Beware of itches. As soon as you get an itch, it is recommended to rinse the affected area. If it persists, call a doctor. An itch is a way for your body to tell you that the toxins are active in the particular area and that you should do something about it right away.

Holi tips

  • With color dust being everywhere, it is very difficult for it to be prevented from entering your eyes. Hence after cleansing the rest of your body, be sure to use rosewater as natural eye drops to relax the eyes.

Holi tips

  • We cannot stress that enough, and neither can anyone else. Moisturize before getting out of your house. Moisturize after exiting your shower. And keep moisturizing every time your skin starts to feel dry.

Holi tips

  • A quick bleach pack would also help you to remove some stubborn color.

A very happy and colorful Holi to you!!

Pieces to make you look chic even in basics

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I often hear girls talking about what’s in and what’s not in the fashion industry and follow it blindly, fashion is suppose to be use as a guide and not an obligation. It’s necessary to look above trend and understand the body type. Blending your own style with trend will make you stand out and feel good. Now that, it’s established that fashion is not uniform for everyone and a simple change can enhance your look, let’s merge basics with different pieces to get a stunning look. Rolling sleeves differently, pairing right jeans or adding accessories like scarf or necklaces are all going to help enhancing the look.

Fashion trends and tips

Blazers have always been more on the side of formals or seen as a part of uniforms but it’s time to flash your graphic or plain t-shirt combine with Jean short along with a blazer to get a casual yet classy look. Alternatively a blazer will look impressive over a dress just don’t forget to wear a nice pair of stilettos and carry a shiny clutch. You are good to rock any party with it.

Basic shirts are found in every wardrobe and sadly are used for office and office only, not any more, mingle these shirts with printed skirts or pants, carry an over sized clutch to make you ready for a date. Wait! There is more, these printed skirts will go just fine with basic silk top along with a sling bag. This will definitely prepare you for a day out with your girlfriends.

Casual dresses have always given a monotonous look which can be easily changed by adding subtle accessories like necklace, bracelets, a slim belt or even colorful bangles. Don’t blend them all together as less is always more. Attractive yet subtle way of accessories will give you a stunning look.

Fashion trends and tips

Handbags are very handy from huge to sling to clutch, all the types help you look stylish and are useful to keep your personal items. It’s a win-win situation.

Intelligent style play can help you get multiple look with one piece of clothing. This statement is absolutely true when it comes to scarves. Get ready to wrap yourself in pretty prints, fluorescent, strips, plain, knitted or multicolored scarves I can go on and on about it but I guess you got the idea.

Fashion trends and tips

Scarves are best to warm yourself in winters and add style in summers. It can be worn in different ways to enhance your casual attire, over a dress or simply to your work dress.

Create your own style by being innovative and being confident in your own skin. What matters is how you carry yourself in the outfits irrespective of trends. Create your own statement and shine!

IIFA UtsavamAwards 2016


2016 has definitely started with a ton of gorgeous looks by stars all around. Along with some of the greatest fashion events in India, the IIFA Awards 2016 and the latest fashion shows in India, the stardom at IIFA Utsavam 2016 definitely made us drool with admiration for the stunning new dresses.

Some of the best dressed actresses at the IIFA Utsavam 2016 were Sharadhha Kapoor, DeepikaPadukone, Tamannah Bhatia, Charmme Kaur, Shriya Saran, Pragya Jaiswal, and RakulPreet. The event took great turns with some of the greatest wins of the Tamil Film Industry.

Following were the wins that graced the event with pride and honor:

Tamil Movies:

Best Picture – Arka Media Works Pvt Ltd – Baahubali -The Beginning

Direction – Jayam Raja – ThaniOruvan

Leading Role Male – Jayam Ravi – ThaniOruvan

Leading Role Female – Nayanthara – Maya

Supporting Role Male – Sathyaraj – Baahubali -The Beginning

Supporting Role Female – Ramya Krishnan – Baahubali -The Beginning

Comic Role – Kovai Sarala – Kanchana 2

Negative Role – Arvind Swamy – ThaniOruvan

Music Direction – AnirudhRavichander – Kaththi

Lyrics – Dhanush – Maari

Playback Singer Male – Haricharan – Baahubali -The Beginning

Playback Singer Female – GeethaMadhuri – Baahubali -The Beginning

Malayalam movies:

Best Picture – Suresh Raj, BinoyShankarath and Ragy Thomas – EnnuNinteMoideen

Direction – Lal Jose – Neena

Leading Role Male – Prithviraj Sukumaran – EnnuNinteMoideen

Leading Role Female – Parvathi Menon – EnnuNinteMoideen

Supporting Role Male – Aju Varghese – OruVadakan Selfie

Supporting Role Female – Lena Kumar – EnnuNinteMoideen

Comic Role – Vinay Forrt – Premam

Negative Role – Jayasurya – IyobintePusthakam

Music Direction – Rajesh Murugesan – Premam

Lyrics – Shabareesh Varma – Premam

Playback Singer Male – Vijay Yesudas – Premam

Playback Singer Female – Shreya Ghoshal – EnnuNinteMoideen

Along with an array of great performances from various stars, the IIFA Utsavam 2016 awards also started a remarkable history making journey for many unidentified artists, actors and unexplored talent. Being the very first IIFA Utsavam awards that gave awards to the southern film industries including Tollywood, Kollywood and many actors with a great talent, it has opened up an array of opportunities for young aspirers who one day wish to walk the mighty green carpet.

This IIFA Utsavam was graced by the presence of many well-known and looked up celebrities in Bollywood such as Kamal Haasan, Vivek Oberoi, the stunning ShrutiHaasan and many more.

The award winners had some of the most inspiring moments with great speeches and a humble attitude that gave us hope of seeing some more quality based work in 2016.

2016 has truly proven to be a year with a start full of colors, glamour and more amazing events to look upto!



What you wear in office has a great impact on your clients and people working around you. In this busy world and hectic schedule, no one thinks of a change in their office attire. There was a time when every professional no matter what business they are working in, generally put on a suit (black and white) each morning and follow that monotonous look in their office.Because those mono colors makes you look boring and safe, staid and dull. So, just follow these latest fashion trends and tips for men which can help you to try something new especially in reds and blues.


Guys it’s the right time to get out of those old stuffs of black and white; and have a change in color. Men can opt for the different shades of red as red enhances our attention to detail. They can also go for the blue color as men looks dapperly dressed in such attire. Reds and Blues are in the list of latest fashion for men.



Bags are no more only a girl thing today; thereare varieties of bags available to choose from for men too. Men should also go for the bags in which they can keep their necessary office things and when it comes to color they can go forblue as it looks decent as well as stylish, so grab the one which best suits your look!!



Tie should always be there in amen’s list particularly when they go for buying the office attires.As it looks very adorable and give you a professional look. You can go for red or the blue color as these color looks very attractive. Just imagine how classy it looks when you wear a red tie on white shirt.

Trousers and pants


When it comes to choosing bottoms for office, there are very less options available which suits the professional office look so now put those oldies black and white for a while in your wardrobeand go for the blue ones, there are different shade of blue available in the market.The color you choose creates an image of you. So make sure you create a positive one.



This is one of the complementary accessories which boys love to wear. It looks professional and also helps you to have check of time. Go for some new shades of watches like red or different blues. They look decent as well as stylish.

These are some of the suggestions that can make you feel good and fresh while going office. As the latest trendy look makes you feel confident and you will be able to work in a better way. So guys just try these different combinations of red and blue and let your colleague takes tips from you for various dressing and accessorizing options. Be the one who have his own style statement and let others follow you. So just mix and match and have a happy going stylish office life.