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The way a man carries his suit tells a lot about him. But when a man carries a Check suit, it tells a lot about his metro sexuality, the poise and the charisma. With the right kind of plaid and texture, you can carry your own look and create your own style. Slim fit check suits are back in fashion to give modern look to a classic style. Perfect for all types of occasions, be it, wedding suit, business suit or a smart casual wear. Alternately, one could just wear the jacket of the suit or just a check blazer with a plain shirt and solid coloured trousers. Read on to find out more about different check suits and the right combinations that go with it.

Corporate wear:

Check Suits Fashion

When it comes to office wear, dressing well becomes an everyday struggle, so here we’ve put together, no-effort-needed, check suits for office wear. Keep your basics right and suit up tailored slim cut suits and blazers, Oxford shirts, chinos and trousers, finally give it a jolt of colour in the form of printed ties, socks and pocket squares. For a more subtle look keep the shirt white, tie dark and solid with simple dark laced-up shoes.

Business Casual wear:

Check Suits Fashion

With business casuals you can expand your style and the use of colour. Get rid of the tie, sporting a button up below your blazer looks incredibly sleek and sophisticated. Wear your suit pants as trousers, doesn’t matter if it is of different colour than the blazer, pairing them with a solid oxford shirt and finish the look with a sweater of the season or with that chunky shawl cardigan.

City Prep wear:

Check Suits Fashion

This look is full of mix and match, the right kind of texture without that weighty feeling. This slim fitting with textured line suit helps you get rid of same old blue blazer + khakis look. Give it a try with sharp navy suit jacket along with your patterned suit pants. Same concept, but with fresher execution.

Casual Friday wear:  

Check Suits Fashion

Casual Friday is a time to wind down and get ready for the weekend. What better way than to dress up in your comfy casuals where you wear a suit, but doesn’t feel like a suit. You can pair it with a t-shirt, with a thin layering cardigan, and a pair of classic white sneakers for that subtle yet elegant summer look.

The weekend wear:

Check Suits Fashion

Feeling a little adventurous, then opt for the sporting checks or the window paned checked blazers. Make sure it is trim enough, so you can wear it with just about anything, including a t-shirt, jeans, and hooded sweatshirt.

With the new trend of patterned fabric in men’s wear, one can breathe a vestige of fresh air to the otherwise monotonous suits. With a variety of prints available in checks, stripes and windowpane, you get to experiment with colours, textures and the look, make sure to opt for that slim cut with versatile look.

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