Dresses that make you look slimmer

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Dress defines the personality of a person; it helps create the first impression. So wearing the right dress at the right occasion is very important. A perfect dress is the one which compliments your body and makes you look smart and confident.

look slimmer

Black colour is one such colour that hides all the excess body fat with ease. Black is never out of fashion and a low black dress can never go wrong. A black dress is a must have in every women’s wardrobe. It makes you look thinner and attractive.

look slimmer

If a person wants to look slim without having to go on a dieting spree than wearing an over sized crop top over a palazzo, or a skirt will skilfully hide extra ounces of our body. It will give an airy feel and look. It will not just make you look slimmer and fabulous but is also comfortable.
Wearing prints needs skill. Right kind of prints and stripes are great in masking the weight of the body. A printed top matched with another printed shorts or short skirt is the safest bet to look slimmer.
A top which is fitted on the top and swingy on the bottom help vanishing extra weight on our belly and waistline. It could also be termed a balloon top and could be worn with a jeans or formal bottoms. It is best suited as a casual wear.

look slimmer

A midi-length skirt teamed up with a loose shirt is a good way to make a statement. Geometric patterns on the skirt, bright colours add beauty to it and also hide weight.
To hide that extra ounces on your hands that makes them look muscular, a person can option for elbow length tops that are tailored to make arms look slim. But during summers if you want to go for sleeve less then design it craftily. Instead of sleeve less opt for kaftan sleeves which have extra cloth looking like a sleeve and hiding your arm muscles but are very airy and the material does not stick to your hand like a proper sleeve.    
Another trick to be hailed as a saviour for hiding our weight and making us look slim is the technique of colour blocking. In such a technique the dark colours like black are used in making that part of the dress that falls on waistline or upper arm muscle or on chest and the rest of the dress are made in soft colours. This is not just classy but beautiful. A smart way to hide the area that often make us look embarrassing and at the same time makes up for a beautiful, eye pleasing dress.

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