Take care of your skin with these simple tips on Holi

Holi tips

As the festival of colors peeks at us from just around the corner, the preparations for it start with a big bang. Right from invites to dresses, everything is to be prepared for. In times like these tips can be heard from all around- “don’t forget to apply coconut oil”, “use only herbal colors”, “cut long nails and wear dark nail paint”.  But still no amount of tips can ensure the safety of your skin. And yet we try. Here are some of the uncommon tips to take care of your skin this Holi

Holi tips

Cover your body with clothes as much as possible. This is as to prevent the seeping in of the toxins too quick. Full sleeved thick Kurtis and leggings work best as an outfit. Make sure it looks good though.

Holi tips

  • Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Using Lemon to scrub yourself in your post Holi rituals may result in a color-free skin the next day.

Holi tips

  • Chemicals + Water + Sun = So much tan. Apply a layer of sunscreen over your coat of moisturizer to prevent the body from tanning or absorbing toxins.

Holi tips

  • Multani Mitti is popular as an absorbent as well as getting rid of dead skin and giving your pores space to breath. Thus it makes a perfect face pack for the post Holi relaxing time.

Holi tips

  • Another lovely alternative as a face mask is a paste you can prepare at home by mixing curd, sandalwood, turmeric and white flour. It is sure to freshen your skin the right way.

Holi tips

  • Do NOT use hot water for the shower after your Holi rituals. Hot water is capable of demoisturizing your skin and making it dry and lifeless. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Holi tip


  • In case of worst case scenario, if the color is absolutely stubborn, one can dab a little bit of kerosene oil on the color to bleach it out. Although too much of it may make your skin dry.

Holi tips


  • Beware of itches. As soon as you get an itch, it is recommended to rinse the affected area. If it persists, call a doctor. An itch is a way for your body to tell you that the toxins are active in the particular area and that you should do something about it right away.

Holi tips

  • With color dust being everywhere, it is very difficult for it to be prevented from entering your eyes. Hence after cleansing the rest of your body, be sure to use rosewater as natural eye drops to relax the eyes.

Holi tips

  • We cannot stress that enough, and neither can anyone else. Moisturize before getting out of your house. Moisturize after exiting your shower. And keep moisturizing every time your skin starts to feel dry.

Holi tips

  • A quick bleach pack would also help you to remove some stubborn color.

A very happy and colorful Holi to you!!

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