Aqua Exercises- A new way to lose weight for youngsters and 50 pluses

Aqua Exercises

Exercising is less troubling when you’re in a pool of splashing water. It is something that not only rejuvenates your body, but also helps your mind release stress. Aquatic workout being easy has proven to be more fat burning and healing.  So dive into an all new workout routine and feel the difference.
Below are 5 aqua exercises that will help you with overall body tone.

  • Leg Raises :-

Holding on to an edge of a wall, lift your leg sideward, till you observe pressure on your side thighs. This will help tone your lower thighs.

  • Water abs :-

You can put on a tube for support and let your body float, henceforth lifting both the legs together as well as simultaneously. This will help build strength and tone the waistline and upper body.

  • Jogging :-

Water jogging is one of the easiest but effective workout for weight loss and muscle tone. It is necessary for you to be hydrated before you start water jogging.

  • Flutter Kick :-

Holding on to the edge of the pool, let you body float. Kick you leg upward, feeling pressure on your waist, love handles and thighs and calves. This exercise replicates swimming pattern, and helps you with an overall body tone.

  • Cross Knees to Elbows :-

Bring your elbow down across your body to meet your opposite knee, holding your core tight and then switch sides. You can also bounce on your toe a little to enjoy it more.
The best part about pool workout is that it is safe and easy for the people of age-group above 50. It would not only help their muscles get stronger but also help them stay fit and flexible with their regular body movements. A lot of physiotherapists recommend pool exercises for the senior citizens.

Basic health and fitness tips for water exercises-

  • Make sure you are hydrated.
  • Avoid eating heavy before or after the workout.
  • Let your diet compliment your workout plan.
  • Take care of the safety while going deep in the water.
  • Best workout can be done under the supervision of an instructor.

Famous Clubs for Acqua Exercises

Latest weight loss exercises
can be exercises can be learnt best and practiced under the training classes that goes on in the following clubs of few metro cities in India-

Lifestyle Swim and Gym
Vasant Vihar, Delhi
Budget- Rs 2500-5000
Offers- Gym, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Swimming, Aerobics and Yoga
Phone- +911133107518
You can also book a trial session.

Micky Mehta’s 360 degree gym.
Offers short term and regular courses on Aqua Aerobics
Phone- 9820094323, 23804621
For more info

Deccan Gymkhana
Next to Shyadri Hospital, Pune
Offers swimming and all sorts of Pool Workout training
Phone- 020-2567 5994, 020-2543 0071
For more info visit-

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