It’s a hidden fact but the truth is your choice of underwear tells a lot about you. And we all ladies accept the fact that we love lingerie shopping. And the one we prefer give a glimpse of our personal mantra and style. This is a girl’s secret identity and is only seen by his partner. Whether she prefers comfort briefs to sexy or lacy panties, every girl’s panty preference gives a lot of insight into the kind of woman she is. A man can only explain that how much a woman look sexy with nice underwear. So, here Fashion trends and tips come up with latest styles which will help you and will also states what your choice of underwear says about you.

Boy Shorts


Boy Short Panties

Image Courtesy- Hewearpanties

What it says about you? : Choosing boy shorts, you are a cool, chill and a sporty girl. You always want to wear what is comfortable. And any day Superman excites you more than those family drama serials. You have that boyish factor in you. Fun loving, innovative and easy-going is what defines a girl who choose boy shorts.

Your celebrity Match Blake lively and Sonakshi Sinha



Thong Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- Aliexpress)

What it says about you? : Sexy woman is all I can say about who wears thongs. They make man go crazy. Always speak what’s on your mind and are straight forward.  You are aggressive and sometimes you might turn into a bad bitch. She’s a girl who don’t give a damn what others think about her. She is happy the way she is.

Your celebrity Match Beyonce and Kareena Kapoor

G Strings

G Strings Style Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate.com)

What it says about you? : A sexy woman who decides for herself what she wants to do in her life. This girl is free-spirited and dirty in bed.  You feel more comfortable with men, their company is what you find happening. And the one who always have fun in life, by keeping herself busy in hangouts or parties, that there is no room for tension and problems. They are the latest underwear designs in trends.

Your celebrity Match- Miley Cirus and Poonam Pandey

Granny Panties


Granny Panties

(Image Courtesy- Fashionista)

What it says about you? : This type of girl doesn’t try to be trendy and that old look is what she chooses for underwear. This choice clubs perfectly with rocking puffy, skin-fit dresses and super high-waisted pants. They make you look thin and take your tummy in to give a sexy look. This girl is very innocent and did not expect this meeting to end with sexy times.

Your celebrity Match- Alia Bhatt



Bikni Style

(Image Courtesy- mirror.co.uk)

What it says about you? : She will prefer doing anything for herself rather than doing for her man. You are a bit impatient and can’t tolerate if someone is talking senseless. Made for beach and not for that closed office. You are naughty and romantic but no one can take advantage of you.

Your celebrity Match- Jemima Kirke and Kangana Ranaut

Boxer Briefs


Boxer Briefs

(Image Courtesy- wheretoget.it)

What it says about you? : Confident and mature girl.  You think big. A very good and loyal friend who is always there for help. A girl who always does what she wants. You keep your head high in whatever you do.

Your celebrity Match- Deepika Padukone and Nicki Minaj

Sloganned / Words Briefs on butt

Sloganned Panties

(Image Courtesy- dhgate)

What it says about you? : She is the perfect pinky girl. Who goes from everything pink from clothing to electronics. You are fun and great.  She love pets and just wants to look cute.

Your celebrity Match- Katy Perry

So I hope, you got an idea what to shop depending on your choice and personality. Share your views in comments.

Happy Undies Shopping Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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