Match your looks with your age

The thrilling teens –

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style As teens, you can bring the most excitement, just by the way you dress up. Trying funky neon color crop tops, with high waist skirts would go best with your age. Cool denim jackets paired up with your favorite cartoon character T-shirt would never be a bad idea.
Hairstyle Teenage is a trial age. You can easily pick a hairstyle that fascinates you, as well as change your look according to your choice. A perfect hairstyle idea for girls would be shoulder length dinky layers. And boys, you ought to try those perky spikes.
Footwear Collection A pair of your favorite color shoes is something you have to have in your wardrobe, guys.  Other than this, heels have always been captivating! Isn’t it, young ladies?
Accessory you may carry Hand bands and watches, be the most common accessory for young boys. And girls, you might feel compelled to try everything from your mom’s wardrobe, but why not keep it simple. Matching earrings and a cute hand accessory would always be your decent partner.
Grooming Tip Fortunate teenagers! You look naturally groomed.

The blossoming twenties-

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style This is the time where your apparel speaks for you. A pair of denim and tops for casual, dresses and maxis for night parties and an A line skirt and shirt for formals is a nice idea. And boys, enough of those funky pants, get yourself in decent denims or soothing chinos.
Hairstyle Ladies, try fringes for wide forehead and high pony to flaunt your beautiful jaw-line. And the basic hair look for men is always in the latest fashion trends for men or women.
Footwear Collection
A formal ballerina/shoes, party wear stilettos/floaters is a must in this age.
Accessory you may carry-This is something you can experiment with. Try those colorful bangles/bands and stone jewelry/pendants as something new. 
Grooming Tip
Ladies, you must have your eyebrows done every fifteen days. Men must trim their hair, beard and moustaches for a gentlemen look.


The civilizing thirties-

Latest fashion trends

Dress up styleSelect suits over semi formals, keep is easy and lock it up. Ladies choose elegancy over mere beauty; turn up sophisticated by picking up kashmirisarees, shawls, knee length kurtees, loose maxis and evening gowns.
Hairstyle Cut out on experiments. Choose your best and stick to it. Change is slightly with your apparel.
Footwear Collection Formals ought to be the backbone of your wardrobe
Accessory you may carry-Pick stones in earrings and putting on a pearl necklace always gives a rich look.
Grooming Tip Manicure and pedicure are must for men and women of this age, other make up tips for men or women include regular moisturizing and skincare.

The evergreen forties

Latest fashion trends

Dress up style- Dress as per your body type. Loose will always make you look better. Choose simple colors and less vibrant patterns.
Change it and lock it for your forties.
Footwear Collection Pick the ones with soft cushioned soles, focus more on comfort and health rather than fancy.
Accessory you may carry-A decent watch with a comparatively slim belt, pearl jewelry and rings could suit you anyway.
Grooming Tip
Try on those anti-aging creams to hide fine lines and soft wrinkles.
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