Everything Guide for Winter Care

Winter Season brings along a hoard of skin and hair problems. The cold weather and dry wind add up to a difficult season which not only makes the skin rough but also damages the hair leading to hairfall, dandruff and itchiness. The difference in temperature inside and outside also evaporates skin’s natural moisture resulting in patches of dry and oily skin. These problems cannot be cured by only rubbing lotion; instead a routine winter care regime should be followed to get rid of skin and hair problems.
These beauty tips for winters should be religiously followed to get beautiful skin and hair.

Deep Cleansing:

Winter Care

Good cleaning always leads to good skin. In this season, non-comedogenic cleansing oil which does not block pores and also doesn’t make the skin greasy should be used. The anti-aging properties in oils help tighten the skin. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and before going to bed with a facial toner which restricts the moisture of the skin from evaporating.

Good Food:

Winter Care

The quality of skin and hair highly depends on our diet. The food we consume should contain extra antioxidants and plenty of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 and. Nuts and fruits increase the blood circulation in the skin which makes it smoother. It is advised to keep drinking water throughout the day to keep the body hydrated from within.

Enzyme Peeling:

Winter Care

It is often required to get rid of old dead skin cells in case of dry skin. The dry cells don’t allow moisture getting in the skin and makes the skin extra sensitive. Enzyme peeling works chemically by removing dead cells and makes the skin less prone to winter problems.

Lip Care:

LipCare 1

Taking good care of lips in winter season is essential as the skin on the lips is thinner than any other part on the body. They get chapped easily and needs to be moisturized all the time. Scrub using lemon and sugar helps to avoid dead cells.

Hot Oil Hair Massage:

Winter Care

The hot oil massage for scalp and hair can do wonders in winter season. It helps in regaining the lost hair moisture and also leads to smooth and bouncy hair after a wash. A mixture of warm oils like almond, olive and coconut can give maximum benefit.

Honey for hair and body:

Winter Care

Honey and egg are very beneficial natural skin care products. A mixture of honey, lemon juice and rose water for skin and a mixture of honey, banana and olive oil for hair help to prevent all the winter problems.

Fashion tips for personal care:

Winter Care

The chilly winter air sucks out all the moisture from the face. It is advisable to shield the entire face by wearing scarves. Forehead must be covered with a hat or cap. Hands should be protected with gloves and body with heavy jackets, blazers and coats to protect from the UV rays which cause sun damage even during cold weather.

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