Are You Celebrating International Men’s Day?

It’s the time for men to celebrate. International men’s day has given men a reason to recognise value for men in society. International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19th November, i.e. today. Are you celebrating? If yes, then tell us in comments, how?

Fashion trends and tips have come up with few manly activities you can try on this day.

Wet shave

  • A Wet Shave: Pampering oneself is what everyone loves, be it men or women. A Significant joy of wet shaving can be felt on skin when scented shaving soap and cream is used. This completely rejuvenates you from within.



  • Quad biking: It’s a fun and adventurous activity to do specifically through valleys, forests and mountains. The best part to enjoy this sport is no previous experience is required; a basic training is good enough to have a ride on quad bikes.



  • A Big Night Out: It’s a day for you guys to fly like a pigeon released from cage. Plan a night out in a night club or your friend’s house to enjoy a fun time and collect memories.



  • Son and Father: Fathers can celebrate this day in a different way with their son. Sons can organise a surprise party for their fathers.


Is Scott Disick A Changed Man?

  • Gift yourself a new suit: If you want to feel more special, then get measured for a suit. You can even visit a fashion store to get ideas of latest trends and hence design a suit. Encourage a designer within you.

Celebrate your day guys and have fun. If you have some more ideas to double your celebration then drop your ideas in comments.


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