Reappearing Traditional Patterns

The Winter Season is on its verge to start and let’s agree on this point, one should never welcome seasons without style. This winter, Fashion trends and Tips brings to you collections which are inspired by the traditional patterns that are remix of contemporary and classic in style. These latest winters fashion style has been contemplated to bring you the coolest designs ever. From the Miu Miu, wherever the runaways showed a whimsical way to wear off a snakeskin leather pockets on the thick leather coats to the Chanel’s lady-like subtle twist on the traditional clothing.

Here is the list of top 5 runaway styles that is going to be your fashion mantra for the season.

  1. Chanel
    Winter Dress

Chanel has an amazing capability of turning anything simple and sophisticated into ‘sexy’ and ‘sophisticated’. The perfect example would be the effortless twist by tailoring on the checkered shirt suit.

  1. Rodarte
    Winter Dress

A perfect combination that would go on any day and could be your personal style, a checkered coat with velvet collar, skin tight adoring leather pants and sunglasses.



  1. Alexander Wang
    Winter Dress

The one and all inspiration of the old times, these tartan  patterns which was put on by the Wang runaways models was inspired by the Scottish Clan tartan dresses.

  1. Marc Jacob
    Winter Dress

Bringing on the traditional lady-like version using the checkered coats for the season but a twist brought for the fast city life by bringing it to life using leather accessories.

  1. Miu Miu
    Winter Dress

Miu Miubrings the styles that are designated to be bold enough to play with the colors and python trimmed designs.
This Winter Season 2015 has been designed to bring the bold outlooks on the checkered patterned cloth styles of dresses, coats, blazers and shirts. You could find more winter fashion trends for women on this fashion and lifestyle blog.


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