Which Mehendi best defines your love

Mehendi ceremony is a special ceremony during marriages and an artistic activity for girls during festivals. It involves the gathering of all the women of the relatives who draw artistic and meticulous designs on their palms, forearms and feet. You could find many designs of various types on fashion and lifestyle blog. Mehendi is typically made of Henna which brings out the color on the skin. Mehendi has a deep traditional significance in the Indian culture. It’s an Indian saying that if the color of the mehendi on a bride’s hands is dark, it signifies the deep love of the ‘to-be’ couple. The color also signifies the love and understanding between the bride and the mother-in-law. It’s a belief that if the color of the mehendi stays for a long time on the bride’s hands, it is auspicious for the newly married couple.

Now let us take a look at the different types of mehendi designs that women and brides like to draw these days.


1. The Classic Bridal Mehendi – This mehendi design is one of the most favorite mehendi designs with ladies and girls for marriages and other ceremonies. There is no doubt in saying that bridal mehendi looks the most graceful of all the other mehendi designs.


2. Arabic Mehendi – This mehendi design is the second most preferred mehendi design of women off late. The design looks elegant and is not as heavily creative as the bridal mehendi design.


3. Pakistani Mehendi – The Pakistani mehendi design is a complex merger of the Arabic and Indian bridal mehendi design. This design is also detailed like the Indian bridal mehendi and is worn my women during marriages and special occasions. Even little girls apply this design on festivals like Eid.


4. African Mehendi – Just like the Arabic mehendi, the African mehendi design is not very detailed and is a combination of simple geometric shapes consisting of shapes, lines, squares and dots.


5. Bracelet Mehendi – This type of design is a new trendy fashion mehendi seen on the wrists of women these days. This mehendi does not need a special occasion and can be worn with ethnic or traditional outfits.


6. Tattoo Mehendi – This type of design is usually drawn just like a tattoo i.e. on the back, the side arm or the calf of your leg. The tattoo mehendi is a good alternative for a temporary tattoo which can be worn on the skin for a few days and then be replaced by a new tattoo design.


7. Fancy mehendi – This mehendi is a kind of a tattoo mehendi but with a lot of color and glitter. Young girls these days like wearing fancy mehendi which go well along with their glittery cholis and traditional lehengas.


8. Foot Mehendi – This mehendi is drawn on the foot. The design need not be too heavy like the bridal mehendi but a simple Arabic design looks very graceful.


9. The diamond studded mehendi – This mehendi is a combination of the bridal mehendi along with a decoration of stones, beads and artificial diamonds studded over the mehendi design.


10. Colored mehendi – This mehendi comes with a range of colored cones that can be drawn on your hands and feet during marriages and other ceremonies.

This fashion blog on the different types of mehendi designs offers an insight to know the significance of mehendi in the Indian culture along with beautiful mehendi designs.


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