Find the right hair color and coloring techniques

Changing your hair color can give you a fresh new look and is quite exciting. It takes enough courage to make a drastic change in your looks and when you do, make sure that you made the right choice. However, coloring your hair is certainly not a great deal but taking the right decision will help you like your new hair color. There are several easy tips already tested and observed that will help you opt for the best option.

In this blog, there is compiled new trends and new hairstyle color for you. You might be in notion there are no major changes when it comes to hair color trends but there is a prominent modification in the application of color. At the moment, natural looking ringlets with a “pop” of color are what significant hair-color trend is for the year – 2015.

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If you are scheduling an appointment with your stylist for a new hair color, ensure that you check out the trends that are mentioned here for the best possibilities. Also check out the celebrity hair-color and get inspirations to find the perfect match suitable for your skin tone or hair type.

Hair color, Fashion

Balayage – If you are a hair-color fanatic, then this is for sure that you might have heard of the “balayage” technique. It is the latest hair color technique that has been united with “ombre” coloring and is referred to as “blended ombre”. It is basically a highlighting technique that was initially originated in France and is characterized by painted highlights that are almost similar to the natural color of the hair, thereby producing a more regular color transition in the strands. This method can create the flawless sun-kissed effect on your hair!

Hair color, Fashion

Ecaille or tortoiseshell hair– It is evolving as the topmost hair color trend for 2015. It has been in demand for some time, but has now taken over ombre technique and stepped into the center stage. This highlighting technique provides a gorgeously contrasted assortment of colors with its usage of dark and rich caramel tones along with some bright golden highlights.

Hair color, Fashion

Babylights- This name might sound quite funny or weird, but babylights is hot-favorite amongst supermodels and celebrities. In fact, it is an ideal kind of hair color for spring or summer due to its use of light hues and color tones. It works really  well for the warm weather months is because it  makes the hair look as if the sun lightened it and it is all about subtlety. With babylights, the highlights blend more with your base color as the smallest bits of hair are partitioned out to be colored. Most of the color that shines through is almost your natural hair color. A little well placed babylights can also make your hair-color more dynamic and your hair healthier.

Hair color, Fashion

Soft Reds- Basically the hair color trends for this year- 2015 are fluctuating towards more of natural looks, vibrant reds are being outshone by softer red tones like auburn, or reds with a slight hint of gold.  Also, you can take inspiration on this particular hair color from the top Hollywood celebrities like Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Isla Fisher and even Kate Middleton.

Hair color, Fashion

Golden highlights– Golden Highlights whether bold or subtle, add dimension, interest and warmth and seem to be a mainstay in the hair color industry, regardless of the trends. So, if you are in dilemma as of what to do, ask your hairstylist if golden highlights will work for you!

So, Which of these hair color trends are you excited to try in 2015? Share with us…


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