Must Have Footwear

Our face is symbolic of our appearance but our footwear too plays an inevitable role in portraying the essence of our personality besides protecting our feet and complementing our garments. Women shoe department unlike men’s shoe department comprises of multiple options to choose from. There is a wide variety of alternatives available for all possible occasions for women.

Women Footwear
The basic must have is a pair of black and brown ballerinas. These look absolutely perfect with Indian as well as western garments and at the same time they provide immense comfort too. Other than the essential blues, blacks and browns one can also opt for different colors that complement your outfit like floral and neon colors.

Women Footwear

Heels and wedges are another style of footwear that looks stunning with short dresses, short-skirts, long skirts, maxi dresses and even with Indian churidars. There is also elaboration in designs of the heels, peep toes and stilettos are few of them. Peep toes are usually not preferred for formal occasions; hence wearing them to office should be avoided. Stilettos might look very attractive but at the same time they have the capacity to affect our body posture and can cause pain in ankles, therefore an essential tip is to buy comfortable footwear. Remember, we dress for ourselves not for others.

Women footwear

With the advancement of time, there has been a dramatic shift in the taste and preferences of women buyers who prefer to wear shoes as compared to pain giving heels and this is taken by the manufacturers as an opportunity to be further explored. And today women have a wide range of shoes as well. Starting from sports shoes to casual and office shoes there is an array of options. All the major brands associated with men formerly are now well renowned for their women range as well. Loafers and shoe bellies are some of the casual options for women that look stunning with a pair of jeans and even provide complementary comfort to the feet. Similarly the office collection highlights the leather shoes that look so elegant and feminine. The bootleggers are a part of semi formal attire. If the weather supports one should go for bootleggers as they look very classy.

Women Footwear

Indian Kohlapuri style chappals are yet another essential which can make you look prodigious. This style is adopted by various shoe manufacturing brands hence now kohlapuris are available in all possible colours. But the charm of the traditional and authentic kohlapuri chappals is epitome of exquisiteness. A nice kurta with kohlapuri chappals and a bindi can do wonders to your look.

Whatsoever the occasion may be, every girl should possess at least one pair of the above mentioned footwear. Our foot lays the foundation of our appearance hence a positive impact can only be created with a wise decision of apt footwear for ourselves. But just don’t forget to not to ignore the comfort factor as well because mere flaunting is a deadly motive and can cause inverse consequences like a foot injury due to shoe bites etc. make an intelligent choice and keep looking stylish.


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