How men can create a style statement

One perceived notion regarding the term fashion is that, that it is related to women but this old school of thought is currently not applicable and practical because fashion today has a much wider scope and it inculcates the dressing style of men and kids as well. In other words, we can say that every person who has the sense to look presentable is fashionable.

dressing style of men

But a major concern for all men is what to wear? As mentioned earlier all the major brands and stores primarily focus on women as their prospective buyer and often ignore the needs of men. So I will today enlist the major concerns of men that plunge in their minds as personal grooming and professional success are interlinked to one another. Firstly, they face the problem of not having much variety and unlike women they cannot wear a same garment differently supported by accessories to make a style statement. But in reality there do exist a wide range of options. Talking first of formal wear, men can go for some unusual still decent colors to stand out on the professional front like camel color, purple, baby pink, bottle green etc. paired with a nice pair of contrasting trouser.formal wear mens

Do keep in mind to not to look flashy and retain the formalness of the attire. A lot can be done with the footwear as well apart from traditional office black shoes one can put on loafers of colors matching their shirt. While talking of accessories for men, a leather sling bag is a must to attain the desired formal look. Backpacks too look trendy but at the same time they might get a little boring. If you wear spectacles, try experimenting with the frames and this will reshape your facial features. My personal advice for hairstyle during this hot and humid weather would be to keep them short because the major aspect of looking good is based on the strong foundation of shoes loafers office bag hairstyle

Similarly, if we talk about informal look men can choose from thousands of styles as per the demand of situation, in this summer-monsoon season, men can pair a t shirt with nice pair of  shorts which could be denim or cotton with amazing range of trendy footwear like floaters, crocs, sneakers and even bootleggers look cool. For an evening party or a get together, men can wear a nice shirt with jeans or pencil fit trousers. Short kurtas also look very classy and are also unique in itself.

men in t shirt with shorts floaters crocs sneakers

Watches, bracelets and sunglasses are some add-ons which can be taken into consideration as well. Fashion does not create us, it’s what we choose for yourself and one we can look presentable only if we are comfortable in the clothes that we wear. You should dress for yourself and not to please others. So keep on exploring your personal style quotient and reflect your true identity through your style and always remember that your best garments are your confidence and bright smile.

bracelets and Watches for men


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