Latest summer trends for girls/women

Voila people, I know that you are already perspiring but the hot and humid weather is not the only cause behind this, maybe the ladies out there are sweating due to the irksome task of deciding the best summer outfit for themselves. Surely, I understand that when the temperature is about to hit half century and the earth is heated up like a tandoor, one has no desire to dress to impress, rather everyone should make it a point to feel as comfortable as the can to beat this heat. But should we compromise with our good looks just to make ourselves comfortable? My task it to provide you with some clothing solutions that will make u look gorgeous and at the same time will beat the heat.


The most crucial fact often ignored by all is that beauty is what you feel from inside, hence to look beautiful one should always feel beautiful. To look picturesque in these summers every girl should initially abandon all blacks, blues and greys during day time. It’s a scientific fact that dark colours absorb heat whereas lighter shades such as whites, yellows, fuschia and nude tones reflect the sunlight. After choosing the colour palate, the focus should be upon the fabric. Surely, synthetic garment is not an intelligent choice.

One should have thorough knowledge of their body type, a lean body can carry almost every outfit with ease, be it tube tops, crop tops, t-shirts or jump-suits. The main problem arises for the “pear shaped bodies”. The heavy lots should refrain from wearing baggy clothes and even body hugging apparels as well.


No need to feel bad about those few extra calories u have stored, as a little extra is always a bonus, you can look for dresses like tunics, cotton-Kurtis (not forgetting to pair it up with jhumkis), horizontal striped t-shirts, floral printed/ plane shirts.


All this can be paired with summery leggings, jeggings, capris and even shorts and skirts. You just got to feel like an artist and creatively match your garments with one another to make your wardrobe a masterpiece. Skirts alone can do wonders to your look, there are so many different styles, shapes, colours and prints.


My personal favourite is the pencil shaped skirt with a long slit paired with a contrasting spaghetti top along with some good accessory and not forgetting a pair of sunglasses.


Also there are so many substitutes to a pair of jeans such as trousers, plazzo pants, capris and shorts which are not only more comfortable but in my personal opinion look more stylish.


So why to fuss over those tight mass of cloth when you have so many exciting and beautiful options handy.

 What are you waiting for ladies, hurry up, get set for these summers in a totally redefined mind-set and new ideas for your wardrobe in your mind. But don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to ban the harmful rays of sun that could hinder your saga of getting ready for this weather. Remember, if you got it you gotta flaunt it.


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