Autumn Homecoming

Have you switched from air conditioners to just fans? Well then folks, autumn’s knocking your door and throwing signs of slowly switching clothes BUT wait! We have got to keep up with the trending styles so here’s a sneak peak into a few trends of this fall. Don’t miss them out and we wish you happy shopping spree.

What’s the best thing about this season? Your make up is not going to leak anymore as a little chill breeze travels by.


They just don’t seem to go out of fashion, yet again denims are trending (denim shorts, denim jeans, denim shirts or denim jackets, denim dungarees, denim on denim).Hey? You just saved yourself some extra money for MORE CLOTHES!

denim trends, 2014

Add Ons: Scarves (refer to “#Different styles to wear scarves”) ; watches, accessorize.

(Image 1 – displaying an infinity scarf)

**Infinity scarves are the most worn scarves in autumn and winters and this trend is similar to last year’s.

How are you sporting the Flannel?

flanel shirts

Flannel shirts have hit the town with various looks. You can try the knot (Image 2) or carry it like the casual conventional. Flannel look is peppy and gives you to choose from a wide variety. You can also mix denims and Flannel together and complete your look.

Rompers calls it’s elder brother (Yes! Jumpsuits are here)

Carry the casual look with simple jumpsuit. Here is a demonstration of a jumpsuit that you can wear this Autumn.


It’s an easy look yet you add basic make up and highlight it with a good matte lipstick to complete the look. (rust colored floral jumpsuit by Pratima,extreme right, straight from #Lakme fashion Week)

Girls, time to take out those midi’s:

Yaya it’s that month of the year when you can freely walk around in midi dresses.

midi skirt, dresses

You can wear midi skirts with full length tops or even three fourth length tops, or you can go for midi dresses. This season you can achieve a cute and stylish look or a stern and spicy look.

Add ons: Handbags, glares, hats, watches.

Jackets 🙂

Long printed jackets and blend coats are in for this season, they can go with all your attires. Be it Indian or Western look.

long jackets

You can get such Indian jackets online(, or in FabIndia stores.

Long ivory and wine jacket with thread embroidery you can wear a Potli purse with your attire to “Indian it up”.

Potli  Indian it up

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