Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the whine of them all?  If each time you face the mirror and anger gushes down your spine after seeing those breakouts and the shedding beauty then here’s a quick shot SOLUTION to your everlasting outcry about the damage caused by the prolonged Delhi Monsoon and to keep yourself PICTURE PERFECT..

Say Hello to Wet Wipes!

face wipes

With Humidity at it’s peak, it’s imperative that you keep your face clean to avoid the oiliness and spare yourself those unwanted pimples! Ensure you’re carrying wet wipes whenever you move out of your house.

Wash the Dirt Away  


Wash your face twice at least. However, don’t end up using too much face wash it might take away the essential oils from your skin.

DIY Face Pack: 2 Tbsp gram flour, 5 drops of lemon juice, half teaspoon of turmeric and 2-3 tbsp pf milk. Apply for 20 minutes and get rid of dead skin cells and oily skin.


Break the Myth: It’s widely believed that in cloudy season you can skip applying sunscreen – That’s a big fat lie -UV rays are equally harmful during cloudy days as sunny days – so do not forget to wear one unless you want to get sun tanned.

It’s Waterproof! : Tone down your make up to avoid breakouts and most importantly -switch to water proof make up, you don’t want to ruin your early morning efforts.

Oiling: Massage your hair with oil. If you have dandruff then use curd as a conditioner.


Shampooing: Shampoo your hair at least thrice a week for this season. Not washing your hair frequently in this humid weather can lead to many scalp problems and can cause a lot of hair damage- so basically you’re going to lose out on those beautiful hair.

Hair Style: Try different Monsoon looks with your hair. You can tie your hair in a neat bun or a smart ponytail or a braid and look stylish.

monsoon hairstyle

Do Not Tie Those Beautiful Tresses When Wet: Wet hair once tied causes a lot of damage (including but not limited to hair fall). Let them dry completely(also, avoid hair dryers)

DIY Hair Pack: Whisk two egg whites and two tbsp of olive oil.  Apply for 25-30 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. After that wash your hair with shampoo.

What’s on your plate?: Watch out on those unhealthy snacks – this is not the season to enjoy the roadside Pani Puri – you might just end up in a hospital. Spare yourself those skin problems (including – acne, blemishes, pimples) and choose the right food.

Welcome the Mosoon with Style!



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