Welcome the Monsoon with Style !

rainy day

After hot summer months monsoon showers have brought a great relief. The weather has become pleasant and nice, landscapes have become lush green and scenic beauty is at its best. But stepping out during this time and looking good can be a challenge especially if you have to travel daily to your college or office. Don’t worry! following tips will help you brave the monsoons with style and comfort:

What to Wear:

Splatters from the muddy rainy water can easily ruin your clothes therefore one should be careful about what to wear during this season. Opt for light weight comfortable fabrics like nylon, silk, blended cotton (e.g. rayon & cotton) as they dry fast and don’t lose their sheen. But avoid sheer clothes as become transparent after getting wet. Long flowy dresses, kurtas and skirts easily get soiled in this weather therefore it’s better to wear capris, knee length dresses and skirts. You can also wear short kurtis with leggings.

what to wear


During Monsoons puddles of dirty rainwater are quite common and they can easily ruin your leather and suede foot wear. Go for rain boots/ gumboots as they are waterproof and don’t get damaged by water and dirt. You can also wear plastic sandals and flip-flops as they are durable and easy to clean. This is also a best time to wear footwear which you are planning to discard. If you want to wear your leather sandals or high heels you can carry them separately.


Rain Gear:

Pick a nice colorful umbrella and a raincoat to protect your clothes and brighten your days. You can also wear a trench coat to look stylish.


Handbags contain paper money and other important documents, so it’s better to carry waterproof handbags. Water resistant bags in vibrant colors and bold prints are trending these days.

Make up:

Opt for light or waterproof make up. Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation or use only face powder as a base. Avoid mascara, liquid eyeliner and gloss lipsticks as they can get smudged easily. It’s better to use waterproof mascara, pencil liner, cream blush and matte lipstick as they last longer.


Bright funky accessories made with beads or plastic are great for rainy season as they don’t get tarnished like the metallic jewelry. Instead of wearing too many accessories, opt for one statement necklace or a bracelet.


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