Diamond Jewellery

The strikingly beautiful and scintillating diamond jewellery has never failed to impress any woman till date.  Diamond jewellery is evergreen. It’s timeless and signifies glamour, luxury and indulgence. An exclusive solitaire ring or a dazzling diamond pendant, can add sparkle to your outfit.

Diamonds have an interesting history. They were first discovered in India around six thousand years ago. At that time, people believed that they have amazing mystical powers. They were the symbol of power and courage and suppose to have magical healing powers.  Greek emperor Alexander the Great brought them to Europe from India. The origin of the name diamond is from the Greek word adamas which means indestructible.

Jewellery designs keep on changing but great thing about diamond jewels is that they are eternal pieces and never go out of style.

Latest Trends in Diamond Jewellery

Colored diamonds:

Diamond Jewellery

Naturally colored diamonds are a rage these days. Jewelry made with pink, sparkling yellow, brown or champagne diamonds gives a unique personalized look. The color of the diamond is determined by the components present in the mines. Like rare blue diamond is the result of boron chemical component present in the diamond mines.

Classic designs:

Diamond Jewellery

This year jewelry pieces which have vintage look are quite popular. Most of the modern diamond jewelry designs are inspired by the traditional designs. An antique jewelry piece can instantly make you stand out of the crowd. So if you have a diamond necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet gifted by your mother or grandmother, it’s time to wear them.

Floral Patterns:

Diamond Jewellery

Floral motifs in jewelry are trending for quite some time. Beautiful rings, earrings, pendants are available in intricate floral designs inspired by roses, tulips, sunflowers etc.

Celestial Shapes and Charms:

Diamond Jewellery

Heavenly shapes like moons, stars, sun signs and good luck charms such as four leaf clover, horse shoe etc. are quite popular with younger generations.

Different Metals:

Diamond Jewellery

Platinum is still the mostly used metal for diamonds but diamond jewelry in different shades of gold is also trending.

Another prevalent trend which getting popular day by day is  the wearing of diamond rings by unmarried women in their right hand to celebrate their independence and success.

Tips to Buy Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewellery characteristics

Today spectacular range of diamond jewelry is available, but selecting a right kind of diamond can be an overwhelming experience. To buy quality diamond jewelry you need to take in to account the 4C chart i.e. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. It’s a universally accepted standard for grading diamond created by GIA  (Gemological Institute of America) in 1950.


The cut refers to the proportion, symmetry and polish of a diamond. It has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty. The brilliance of a diamond depends on the precision of the cut.


Most natural diamonds comes with a tint of yellow or brown color. Therefore white colorless diamonds are rare and more valuable. Diamonds are graded on a scale of from D i.e. pure, colorless to Z  light tint of color.


Diamonds contain impurities known as inclusions. The clarity of a diamond is checked under 10x magnification and it’s measured on a scale of 11 grades, which are flawless, internally flawless, VVS1, VVS2 (very very slightly included) VS1, VS2 (very slightly included), SI1, SI2 (slightly included),I1, I2, I3 (Included).


Carat is the metric to measure the weight of a diamonds. One carat is divided into 100 points, so that a diamond of 50 points weights .50 carats.



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