Matte Lips : The Latest Trend

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Matte Lipsticks

Smooth velvety Matte Lipsticks are the latest trend this season. The colors are vibrant and bold without any shine or glitter with creamy finish. These lipsticks have a lot of color pigment that’s why they are long lasting and provide extra richness to your lips.

Lipstick shades which are trending these days:



Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai wearing L’Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Lincoln Rose R516.

A red lip color instantly transforms your look. It oozes just the right amount of attitude and power; giving you the feeling you can conquer all.


Taylor+Schilling+18th Annual Webby Awards

Taylor Schilling at the 18th Annual Webby Awards sporting matte orange lip color

Orange lip color seems to be the flavor of this season with most of the models celebs wearing this nice fruity color.


Trendy Matte Lipsticks

Emma Watson wearing Berry shade in Matte

The bold berry matte lips are trending these days. These are very versatile and look great on almost all skin tones. This shade has the ability to make your face glow without making it appear vampy or too dark.

PURPLEJoan Smalls Dark Blue-Purple Lipstick

Joan Smalls flaunting Estée Lauder’sDark Blue-Purple Lipstick

Its a very tricky color to wear but Joan Smalls rocks the look.

All these colors are available in different variations and hues. You can choose a lipstick color according to your complexion and rock this trend.

Tips to Wear Matte Lipstick:

Prep your lips:

Matte lipstick tends to sit in the cracks and lines of your lips therefore always prep your lips before applying the lipstick. Get rid of dead peeling skin by ex-foliating your lips. You can make a home-made scrub by mixing sugar and olive oil. Apply this on your lips in a circular manner and rinse with warm water to get soft lips. One of the drawbacks of matte lipstick is that it can make your lips dry therefore it’s better to moisturise your lips with a lip balm or cream before applying a matte lipstick to get a smooth finish.

Apply Concealer:

Apply concealer all over your lips to get the real shade of your matte lipstick.

Outline your lips:

To get a neat and clean finish use a reverse lip liner to outline your lips. A reverse lip liner is a colorless liner that stops your lipstick from bleeding without adding any extra color. If not you can use a normal matching lip liner.Draw an outline of your lips with a lip liner, and then fill in the entirety of your lips with the liner to make a base for the lipstick. If you want your lips to look bigger make an outline slightly outside your lips.

Apply the lipstick :

Apply a smooth, even coat of lipstick on your lips. Don’t pucker your lips to spread the lipstick instead use a lipstick brush for an even application.

Remove excess lipstick: 

Put a tissue paper between your lips and press them gently to remove extra lipstick. Also clean the corners using a concealer or an ear bud.

Check and reapply:

Most of the lipsticks fade after four to six hour. Therefore it’s better to reapply lipstick every few hours if you are wearing. Keeping your lipstick fresh will keep your look sophisticated and classy rather than sloppy.

As bold bright lipstick is a statement piece, keep the rest of your makeup toned down.


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