Jeans have universal appeal. People around the world across all age groups wear and love jeans. They have widespread popularity because they are durable, comfortable and of course they make you look cool. Jeans are identified with American culture and dressing but they were originated in Genoa, Italy. Only in late 19th century, they arrived in America.

Since 20th May 1873 when the patent to use rivets on waist overalls was granted to Jacob W Davis and Levi Strauss & company, jeans have been reinvented n number of times.They were first known as waist overalls and were worn by the laborers and workers, because they were sturdy. In 1886 Levi’s put a label on the jeans with a picture of two horses pulling a pair of jeans in opposite directions to showcase the strength of denims. In 1930’s they became popular with cowboy movies and during 1940s war American soldiers started wearing them as their off duty outfit. In 1950s James dean popularized them in a movie Rebel without a Cause and made them a symbol of a teenager’s rebellion. From 1960s onwards Levi’s named them as jeans and people started to accept them and by 1970 jeans became popular casual wear. In 1980’s wearing jeans became fashionable and well known fashion designers started making their own designer jeans.

Now jeans are available in different cuts like boot cut, straight cut, fits like slim fit, loose fit and rise high, mid, low waist or ultra low waist and in variety of washes such as stone washed, dark, classic and acid wash. Denims never go out of fashion but every year new style becomes popular like last year skinny and colored denims were trending and this year boyfriend , mom’s  and embellished jeans are making a come back.

Following are the latest trends in jeans:

Boyfriend Jeans:

 Kate Beckinsale,Kendall and Poppy Delevingne in boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend is basically any style of women’s wear that is inspired by a corresponding men’s wear. The origin of boyfriend fashion is borrowing and wearing a boyfriend’s clothes. This trend was made famous by Katie Holmes in 2009 when she was seen wearing Tom Cruise’s jeans. This fashion has come back and it’s going to be one of  hottest trend in denims this year.

Tips to wear Boyfriend Denims:

Make sure that your boyfriend jeans have a cuffed bottom. If it does not have a cuff, fold up your jeans from the hem. Wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a white tee to get a casual look. You can also team up your jeans with a tucked in top, blazer and heels to get an informal look. You can also accessorize your boyfriend jeans with a nice belt.

High Waisted Jeans:

highwaisted jeans

High waisted jeans also known as mom’s jeans were quite popular in 1980’s. This year most of the Hollywood celebrities  were seen sporting high waist silhouette. This indicates that Mom’s jeans are going to be one of the hottest trends this year.

Tips to wear High Waisted Jeans:

The most important thing is to look for a pair that fits you well. High waist jeans go up to your natural waist and look great with tucked in or slim top and high heels. The best thing about high rise jeans is that it accentuates your waist and hides the muffin top.

Embellished Jeans:

naiomi watts and sarah jessica parker

Embellishment like sequins, rivets, beads, embroidery adds glamour to the pair of your favorite jeans and makes them ideal for formal occasion. This was a popular trend of late 1980’s -90’s but this year again celebrities like Naomi watts and Sarah Jessica Parker were recently spotted wearing jeans with embellishment.

Distressed Denims:

distressed jeans

Distressed or destroyed jeans are type of jeans which are made to look like they have gone through wear and tear. Like jeans with holes, shredded or ripped  etc. You can wear them to make a bold style statement.


20 thoughts on “JEANS ARE FOREVER

  1. I have always been surprised by the universal appeal of jeans. It has stayed in fashion for centuries. You have shared some fabulous pictures to reveal the same facts. Thanks for sharing such an informative post on fashion. Fashion trends may change but jeans will always stay as an eternal fashion wear.

  2. I agree with you, jeans are really forever. It really doesn’t matter which kind of jeans you pick, all of them are equally impressive. They are the most timeless piece of fashion. Anyone can wear it and be sure that it suits him.

  3. Jeans truly are the most comfy thing you can have in your wardrobe and club it with anything possible Tees..Tanks…kurtis…short kutis..everything 🙂 loved the post. and these days I am super addicted to the ripped ones 😉

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