The festival of colors, love and joy, HOLI is at your doors. HOLI signifies the triumph of good over evil, the onset of spring, the end of winter, and for many a festive day to enjoy with friends and family, to forget differences and mend broken relationships.

holi festival of colors

Hope you have made all the preparations like buying natural colors, water guns, balloons and gujiyas. But the most difficult thing is to decide WHAT TO WEAR? on Holi. On Holika Dahan, one day before the HOLI women can wear traditional ethnic clothes like saris, salwar kameez, lehengas and men can wear kurta, payjamas to get into the festive mood.

Tips on What to Wear on HOLI:

It’s better to wear comfortable clothes like jeans, shorts,t-shirts on HOLI

Wear White:

The splash of colors looks best on white. So wear white or clothes of lighter shades on Holi.

Wear Old Clothes:

No matter how much you wash and try to clean your clothes, Holi colors are not easy to clean. So it’s better to wear old clothes which you can discard after playing Holi.

Wear thick clothes:

Avoid wearing clingy, transparent and deep neck tops.

Wear Rubber Footwear:

Wear rubber or bathroom slippers or canvas shoes to stay comfortable because leather shoes or slippers will get ruined in the water.

Wear a Cap or Scarf:

Tie your hair and wear a cap or scarf to protect your hair.

Use Nail Art:

Show your artistic side by using colorful nail art on your nails. Here is a video of nail art by Julie Ventura which I liked on youtube

Be Safe:

Play Holi with your family and friends, avoid going to overly crowded places,don’t accept drinks or food from strangers.

Protecting your hair and skin is very important during HOLI.pply oil to protect your hair from damage caused by harsh colors and apply cream or Vaseline on your face to protect your skin.

Tips to Remove Holi Colors:

Try to play HOLI with natural colors as synthetic colors can damage your hair and skin. As most of the people play with synthetic colors, removing colors from skin and hair is essential.


Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the excess color and after that apply egg yolk for 30 minutes and shampoo your hair.


Wash your face with a face wash. Make a pack with  2 table spoon of calamine powder, few drops of honey and rosewater and apply it on your face till it dries and wash it off with cold water and apply moisturizer.


To remove Holi colors from your body make a scrub with 1 tbsp sandalwood powder, 1 tbsp rice flour, 2 tbsp. wheat bran, with some poppy seeds, few drops of honey and a mashed tomato. Scrub your body with this homemade scrub to get back to your clean and glowing skin.

You can also use Papaya to remove colors from your face and skin.

Play Holi with natural colors and have a safe and colorful Holi!!!!

color of holi


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