Can you think of an article which is very useful and at the same time a great fashion accessory for women? Yes, you are right, it’s a handbag. A woman’s handbag serves both purposes. It’s useful for carrying daily items like wallet, keys, mobile, makeup, safety pins etc. and it’s a great fashion accessory which accentuates a woman’s outfit and style. You can easily match your bag with shoes or nails to make a style statement. Though a woman can never have too many of bags, following are the different types of bags every woman should have:

Shoulder Bag: It’s one of the most popular bags amongst women. It goes with both formal and casual attire. It generally comes with one or two straps to be carried over the shoulder. It’s a great bag for daily use.

shoulder bag

Tote: It’s a multipurpose bag and can carry lots of stuff.  You can use it for shopping, going to beach, carrying a laptop and documents. It comes with one compartment, two adjustable straps and opened up top or one zipper to close at the top.

Tote Bag

Satchel Bag:  Its rectangular shape, flat bottom and well organized compartments make it apt for going to office. It has one or two handles and generally has a flap or zipper for closing. These are available in different sizes you can pick a size that suits your need.

Satchel Bag

Hobo Bag: It’s a crescent shaped bag with a slouch at the center. They are generally made with soft material. They look great with maxi dresses, capris and skinny jeans.

Wristlet: If you want to keep your hands totally free it’s a bag for you. It’s a clutch shaped bag with a small strap at one side, which can be tied at your wrist. It’s a great bag for going to a night club.

Clutch: It’s a small rectangular strapless bag that is carried in a hand. It generally has enough space to carry money, mobile and lipstick. It’s generally used for going out in the evenings.


Party bag: These bags come in variety of styles like mini clutches, pouches etc. These are generally shiny and embellished with sequence and stones.

Party bag

Cosmetic bag: It’s a must have bag for every woman. It organizes your entire make up stuff at one place. It comes in various sizes and styles. It’s better to choose a size that can easily fit in your bag.

Tips for buying a handbag:

Hand bags play a major role in the way you look; great care should be taken before buying one. You should always consider your body type before buying a hand bag.  Small and petite woman should go for small to medium sized bags with short straps as large bags with long straps can make you look small. Curvy woman should go for boxy bag and avoid slouchy and round bag the opposite is true for slim woman. Woman with pear shaped body should go for a bag with small straps like satchel and woman with apple shaped body should go for a bag with a long hip length strap.

Taking care of your hand bag:

You should always keep your hand bag in a drawer or closet to protect them from dust and sunlight. Leather bags should be stored in cloth bag and should be filled with paper to retain their shape. You can use a wet cloth or the purse cleaners available in the market to clean your hand bag.

Looking at the variety and styles of bags available in the market, you can easily find an ideal hand bag that complements your personal needs and style.

Share with us the style of bag you like…



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