Men look smart and stylish in suits. The conventional power suit for men has been reinvented many times.  This season’s hottest trend for men is “Short Suit”.  It means you should be easily able to cup your hands under the hem of your suit jacket. Short suit jackets look great with the slimmer, trimmer suit style. They make you look tall and handsome.

men suit

Following are the essential points to keep in mind for buying a good suit:

Perfect fit:

The suit which does not fit right is not worth wearing. The suit jacket should hug your shoulder and not droop. It should be nipped at the waist, as it will make your shoulders look strong. Try a size smaller than your actual size while buying a suit.

Lapels and buttons:

Slim Lapel Suit for men

No matter what your shape or size is you can never go wrong with a low two button jacket with slim lapels.A two button suit jacket creates a V shape and makes your upper body look longer. If you are very tall then you can go for a three button suit.


Look for traditional pockets with flaps, slit pockets without flap don’t look good.


Don’t ignore the back of your suit jacket.  Some Suits come with center vent and some with side vents. The side vents look better on short men as they create the illusion of height.


Suit Jacket Sleeve

The sleeves of your court jacket should not be very loose. The length of the sleeve should end before a quarter or inch of your shirt’s cuff, so that it is visible.


The length of the pant should end at your ankle, so that it should not cover your shoes. Pants with cuffs look good with all types of fabrics.


The cotton and linen suits are appropriate for summer and tweeds, flannels, and corduroys are good for winter.

Places to buy:

You can get your suit custom made (bespoke suit)or buy from a specific brand outlet, retail store or online. Buying online is a good option as you can browse through a number of brands of your choice from the comfort of your home and decide without any time constraint.


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