Bandhgala, the classic Indian jacket usually worn by men, is the hottest fashion trend for women this season. This trend was started by the famous fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore, in his debut fashion show. He was way ahead of his times, when he made Mehar Bhasin walk the ramp dressed in a bandhgala jacket paired with breeches and shoes. Now twenty years later, this trend has become actually popular and most of the Indian fashion designers had made it a part of their Bridal Collection at Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013.

Bandhgala for women

The great thing about bandhgala is its universal appeal. It is one piece of versatile garment that can be paired with slim pants, leggings, lehengas, silk skirts, saris and is apt for any occasion. You can easily choose from simple elegant bandhgala jackets in dark formal colors to heavily embroidered and embellished ones in variety of fabrics and styles like achkan, angarkha, with or without collar.

Achkan bandhgala jacket:

Achkan styled jacket is a long knee length close fitted jacket, usually appropriate for formal occasions like wedding.

Angarkha bandhgala jacket:

Angarkha styled jacket is open at the front and tied on the front with the inner flap.

The most essential thing to look in a bandhgala outfit is that it should be well fitted at the shoulder and waist as even an inch more or less can affect your look.

Places to buy:

Ragavendra Rathore’s Stores

You can get Raghavendra Rathore’s custom made bandhgala jackets with breeches from his shops in Delhi and Mumbai.

Indian Roots

Indian roots also has a versatile collection of bandhgala jackets, tops and kurtas. You can buy them online from indianroots.

bandhgala for women

Bandhgala has a timeless appeal and looks graceful on women. I personally like  bandhgala jackets with slim pants for casual occasions  simple but at the same time stylish. Which style of bandhgala do you like ? share with us…. looking forward to you views….


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