Say YES to Makeup !

If make-up has been a big NO NO for you and your only go to everyday look has been an eyeliner/Cole  which seems to complete all your looks (yes! Them all!).

Lunch dates with girlfriends: Yayay!

Work: yaay!

College: Yaayy!

Parties: Yaay!

*looks around*

make up 1

It’s time you give you inner conscience a voice through a natural yet new look.  Ever heard of makeup that doesn’t look made up? I am sure you have but never tried it on. Try a neutral flawless skin everyday make up, proceed to see what more we have for you beginner’s :)

To begin with, your dressing room needs a few more additions for you to get the “No Make up- Make up” look.

Newbies, tight on a budget? Fret not, here’s a kit which will help you achieve your natural look.
This kit is by benefit- “how to look the best at everything” exclusively available at Sephora (Visit Promenade and grab your kit today!) [Worth: INR 2350 only] and trust me this kit is an investment as it lasts for more than 6 months if you’re a beginner.
I have personally tried this kit and I really like it which is why this is my recommendation to all you guys. However, if you wish to go for some other brands then you can choose Indian brands like Lakme or Maybelline.
*Tip: Remember to buy quality and test your skin before you make your purchase. Cheap make up products can ruin your skin and scar them post usage(can also lead to blemishes, acne etc)

benfittbenefitt2This is what this kit provides you:
A. Primer
B. Foundation
C. Concealer
D. Powder

You can buy foundation brush and eye make up from L’Oreal or Lakme(If you’re looking for cheaper options in these two areas)

Wash-Moisturize-unfold! – Get your new natural look now

To brief you up on the steps:
Step 1: Moisturize-  Wash your face and apply moisturizer, it will act as a skin protector and will reduce the chances of your skin coming off, keeping your make up intact.
Step 2: Apply primer- Primer is the base of any make up, it will keep your make up last longer.
Step 3: Foundation- Choose carefully, buy a foundation that blends with your skin tone and looks natural. For achieving a flawless skin tone, apply on cheeks, forehead, chin, nose then buff it with a brush.
Step 4: Concealer: Next step is hiding those blemishes. A concealer is a must to ensure en even skin tone.
Step 5: Highlighter/Bronzer- A lot of people tend to confuse bronzer with a blush or choose to go for either of the two.

P.S: Bronzer and Blush aren’t substitutes. Blush highlights cheek bones while bronzer is meant to give a contouring effect.

Step 6: Blush- Put and let the brush rolling. Remember to dab a little, you don’t want the barbie doll look in the first go.

Step 7: Eyebrow pencil- Brush those brows and get the shape you want, you an go for whatever suits your face, sharpen the look with the pencil.
Step 8: Shadow, Liner and Mascara- Apply eye shadow on the crease of your eye, blend it well then move into applying a liner and get beautiful eyes. Use eyelash curler and then apply Mascara.
Step 9: Gloss it up!- Keep it simple and use a lip gloss.

P.S: Since you’re a beginner and don’t want to look caked up I advice you to keep the quantity of whatever you apply to minimal.

It’s easy and it’s trending. So, what is today’s look? ;)

Men’s Health and Fitness

Disclaimer: If lazying around is your workout, sleep walking is your running into slimmer self and bread is chapati for you then reading this blog might cause you to face reality and at no point do we take charge of the overwhelming reaction that readers can have post gaining knowledge about a newer world. We advice readers to hold a box of tissues and wear their sneakers.


Boys, it’s time to start maintaining that body which refuses to hit the gym. If you’re a beginner and have been adding kilos like grating cheese on pasta then it’s time you begin with some home workout to shed that fat. It’s probably your first step to coming in shape.

Make sure that you do these exercises continuously for increased effectiveness.

Beginner Phase I:

Table 9280923

Here’s a workout table |Follow the below mentioned routine for faster results|


Just for referral, ensure your postures are correct- 


Bollywood celebs have come out of their houses and unlike the old times they are sporting their characters from their movies. Penned down right from their closet to FTT. Check out what they are wearing and their inspiration from their upcoming movies. This can be your look too! So what look are u planning to carry today? #ootd :)



Celebrity turned stylist (for himself) Ranveer Singh joined the crew of Finding Fanny during their promotions.

He was seen wearing alloy orange pants with multicolor sweater. He added a blazer along with an ivy cap to complete his look. Ranveer singh has been popular for his experimental looks. This one is mix of casual & semi formal yet made him outshine the rest of the crowd.

trendy 667


Look from the movie Haider which is up for release on the October,02,2014. He is wearing T-shirt and formal pants along with a black jacket matching his pants. Shahid Kapoor is sporting a porkpie hat which is adding grace to his look in this picture which seems to reflect introspection.


His second look is again from one of his upcoming next where he is putting forth a casual look wearing denims with a causal tee shirt and a jacket. His footwear (wearing:sneakers) is a reflection of a classic “outing with friends”. To make the look a game day he has added a baseball cap giving finesse to his everyday look.

Screenshot_2014-09-12-12-48-12trendy 110


This is Ranbir’s look from #Tamasha. This can be a part of your everyday look too. He is wearing a white shirt with Mirrorshades sunglasses. To this same look he is wearing cinnamon colored pants and instead of shades he has completed his look with an ivy cap.



Teashades sunglasses have been trending for quite some time now but this time our very own Arjun Boney Kapoor has himself experimented with this look. He is wearing a bottle green colored ganji and is sporting a night look.



Varun Dhawan walks the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week 2014 and looks stunning in a well-fitted suit. His mirrorshades sunglasses matched with the color of his pocket square which added that extra oomph factor to his walk.

This fall you can experiment these looks and play with various hats/shades combination. Don’t overdo it and lastly, don’t forget to wear a smile.


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